Monday, January 22, 2018

Freedom of Speech - My First Rally

On Saturday I attended my first political rally and march in downtown Portland, Oregon.  I decided that I wanted to take a stand on what I feel is right. 

I began my peace activism during the Vietnam war, when I saw all of those wonderful young men sent there and so many were killed - 58,000 of our military - gone.  No one could really explain why we were there.. it seemed like such a senseless war.  

Dayle is such a good man, he drove me there and dropped me and my folding chair off and found a nearby parking spot to wait for me.  He even walked over to be with us for a while.  I met my younger sister Denise and 3 of her friends there.  I made the 2 florescent pink signs for us.  I must say, it was a great day of solidarity and I came away filled with hope for the future.

Dayle and Denise took turns taking a photo, this one she is behind me.

My sister was a favorite of the photographers and ended up being on the television news and in lots of photos I found on the internet!  :-)

These two little girls walked around the Terry Schrunk Plaza where many of us chatted with them and snapped a photo.  I am glad to see young Hispanic girls learning to stand up for their rights.

We rallied and marched in opposition of the man who is living in the White House and embarrasses our country on a daily basis.  This particular march was called the "Impeachment March".  All of these people came here to say, enough is enough, we need to remove this man from office who does not represent our country in a good light.  Who is bringing our world to the brink of nuclear war.  Who cheats on his wives, who bragged about grabbing a woman by her private parts because you can do that if you're "famous", the list goes on, you know it all or you should.  His disdain for people of color is obvious.  This is not okay.

This guy was in a wheelchair and he made the effort to come to this rally, several others in wheelchairs and walkers and canes came to make their stand too.

One of the highlights of this rally was this little girl.. some music was played and an old man was dancing.. this darling child came to the middle of the plaza and turned to look at everyone.. then she began to mimic the movements of the old man and raised her arms and did a slow dance.. everyone was charmed.

She is being raised to be involved.

Cute little darling.

I was one of the first people there but people kept arriving and filling the place.

One of the speakers at the rally, I did not get her name but she was from one of the countries that 45 called a "shit-hole country".  I simply cannot imagine a sitting president saying such things.  It has got to stop.

She had a powerful message, racism is not acceptable in our America, the "melting pot".

The guy in front of me had the MOST amazing photographic set-up, his iPhone was in a frame, and there was a big zoom lens in the front of the camera lens on the phone, it was all connected up to a battery pack in his backpack.  

The crowd grew and grew.. 

There were several other speakers, all beseeching us to fight racism and support each other's rights.  And to VOTE.  To get good people in office who will represent ALL of us, not just the billionaires in our country.  

I can only hope this administration that is tearing down our environment, inciting racism and division will be the call to action of the good people in our country to change things for the better.

And then the march began, and it was peaceful and strong and there were no arrests.  I made my way to the street where Dayle picked me up after the march moved north.  

We watched the local news and on KATU, there was my sister Denise carrying her sign in the march!  :-)

I know there are those who disagree with me on this, and to you, I'm sorry if it upsets you.  But I must speak my truth and shout out how I feel.   This is a chant from the march -- "NO TRUMP, NO KKK, NO RACISM IN THE USA!!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Yay, good for you!!!! We marched in the women's march last year, it was very inspiring!

  2. I hear you and support you Teresa x

  3. Fabulous! I am glad the march was such a good experience for you and your sisters. I am with you all the way. x

  4. Way to go, Teresa! I love your sign and Denise's sign, too.

  5. It is wonderful that Dayle is up and about and able to drive and that both of you and others were able to attend a peaceful demonstration to express your convictions! "Love Not Hate Makes America Great" is the truth. I am glad you declared it. xx

  6. Here in Kangarooland, it is alot easier to remove a leader who is not doing right by our country. We certainly don't have perfect leaders or government, but the minute the polls start sliding too far in the wrong direction for too long, the govt of the day removes the leader and sticks a new one in. Probably a little too easily, but at the other end of the spectrum it is astounding that in the USA the legislation doesn't allow for this unless the president has been charged with severe misconduct or a crime and that none of the bizarre, improper behaviour has so far warranted removing this puffball!
    When I visited NY last year, one of my favourite little souvenirs which I bought from a street vendor is a badge has a picture of a carton of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream on it with the flavour 'Im-Peach-Mint' written on it and the image of 45s head on the carton! Looks like you could have worn it at your protest!
    Good on you for attending and adding your voice to the growing chorus of peaceful protest!

  7. Thank you for this wonderful hopeful post. LOVE that your sis made the news. We work with the handicapped oN Saturdays at the barn, so we could not join a march. I was so hoping the crowds would swell and voices would join in change. Please, we need change

  8. You ROCK Teresa!!!
    I'm so glad you were able to attend. Every time I talk to someone who is in support of him, I shake my head at what they believe he will do when every time he opens his mouth hole, it's apparent he won't fulfill any of his 'promises'. My international friends still cannot believe he was elected.

  9. Thank you for marching! I marched in Chicago last year and it was wonderful to be there with so many positive, inspiring people. I was sorry I had to miss it this year. "This is what Democracy looks like!!" That is what we chanted - it was fabulous.

  10. Yep, it was a great day! I SO hope we get rid of 45 and his Republican Nazi Tea Party ASAP.

  11. I'm with you all the way and I do hope that everyone has woken up in light of what's happened over this past year. It truly is embarrassing and the entire world really is laughing at us and wondering what the heck is wrong with Americans. Attending the rally must have felt very empowering and hopeful.

  12. Well done Teresa! I believe any visits to the UK by this man will be met with loud protests.

  13. Fantastic,well done all of you.Just hope he never gets to visit here in the UK.Hugs xx

  14. Thank you all for your support!! It means a lot to me.

  15. Hello Teresa. Well done for joining in the March and standing up for your beliefs. I agree with you all the way regarding your President. We are still astounded that he was elected and at what he says and does. Anne x

  16. I just found your blog and what a wonderful post to find. You said exactly what I feel. I truly believe Trump is rotten to the core and the sooner he is out of office, the better for all of us!

  17. I support you 100%. Thank you for always speaking out.

  18. I'm new to your blog. While I couldn't be there with you, I'm behind you 100%!!!!! Thank goodness for all the people who speak out.

  19. I am late catching up this week Teresa. I am so thrilled for you that you went to the march and felt empowered and hopeful that so many people do care about the state of affairs in our country. Not just to women but to everyone. You and your sisters have my utmost respect. I agree with you in every way. It is horrifying to think it keeps getting worse, and yet it does.


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