Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hazy Moon and Sea Glass Votives

So, the TV news told us about this super moon.. when did that become such big news?  I don't remember news people making such a big deal of moon activity until the last few years, or maybe I've just become more in tune to moon trivia.. but this one is supposed to be the "Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse".  So, I kept looking for the moon to come around our darned forest and show itself.  When it finally came around, the skies were filled with hazy misty *crap*.  So, the image below is the best I could get and it's not clear at all.  :-(

See the fuzzy halo around it?  Bah humbug.. by the time I went to bed the skies were misting and cloudy and you could not see it at all.  SO.. there was no way I was setting the alarm for 3:40 am to try to see the eclipse.  Pffft.

My dear husband and I both saw our doctor yesterday for our annual "wellness exam".  :-)  He was very pleased with my A1C was 5.6.. normal is 5.7!  So, he suggested I cut the dose on one of my meds.  He was also pleased on my 20 lb. weight loss and giving up SUGAR.  Then we headed out to a very late lunch.  We went to our steak place, Bumpers Grill, and he had the Osso Bucco Pork shoulder roast.  I had to laugh at it when it was served.. it looked kind of primitive with the bone sticking out of the top.  LOL!  Kind of caveman-like.

I had the filet with sauteed mushrooms, no potato, no bread, no croutons on my salad.  

Our waitress had the prettiest braided hair, I asked her who did it for her and she said.. herself!  I must say, you'd have to be pretty good to do that on your own head.

I found some new votive candle holders while I was perusing the internet, they are called "sea glass".. and you know how I love sea glass!  I got the candles at the same time and the name of them is "Tropical Waters" and oh my goodness.. they smell like you're on an island with the sea lapping on the shore and the faint aroma of jasmine and plumeria.  

I might have to have some fun with these and perhaps put some of my agates and sand on a platter and place these amongst them.  I will be sure to bring these the next time we take the trailer to the beach.  I got these from Partylite.

I have to head to the dentist soon.. it's like walking in front of the firing squad.  Are you like me when it comes to dental visits?  Then I'm off to swimming.   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I'm actually leaving for the dentist in just a few minutes too! My regular check up and I actually look forward to it. I have had the same hygienist for over 12 years now and it's always nice to catch up on her life and her two little boys. I love your new candle holders. They are so pretty. Congrats on your doctor visit. You are doing so much better than me. I have to cut out the chocolate. It's doing me in.
    We've had so many days of 40+F that I'm ready to head to the lake. No kidding. I'm so anxious to get to my trailer this year.
    Have a wonderful day Teresa. Hope the dentist visit was a good one.

  2. Yay for your good report at the doctor's!!! The candles are lovely and making dental visits are not my favorite activity. I missed the moon's performance this morning, but am enjoying visits with family and friends. We have played games, gone out to eat at the Red Grape yesterday for lunch [I had salmon on salad...yum], and been going through family photo albums. C is taking a nap now. I hope you had a good swim! xx

  3. I am thrilled that you did so well at the doctors and losing the weight, which I know is not easy. Love the pretty candle holders. I didn't fair much better with getting pictures of the moon.

  4. We had clear skies Teresa but the moon was soo bright that my camera could not cope! I must admit though I have seen "bigger" moons despite us being told this was going to look huge. You and are are old time moon gazers love came via my Mum. Well done re the weight are seeing the +ve of it now.Take care xxx

  5. Glad you got a good report at the doctors. You have worked so hard with your weight loss and it’s paying dividends. I wasn’t impressed with the super moon either. I agree when did the moon make such a big news story:). B x

  6. Well funny you should ask about the moon:
    We were clouded over at bedtime, BUT, I was up around 3 and noticed a huge bright circle on our bed. It enveloped my dear Fireman. I went over to the window to see the special moon. It looked ordinary to me, but the moonlight on our bed was amazing. Something I'd never seen before

  7. Congrats on the good report from your doctor and for cutting out sugar. That's a hard one!
    We missed the moon, nobody in our household was feeling very well and I have a hunch Portland was pretty overcast anyway. Happy weekend to you!

  8. Yuk I HATE the dentist lol good luck, but I do go every 6 months eek. Her hair is wonderful, wish I could braid. Great news for you at docs xoxo

  9. Happy new week Teresa! Loved the moon gazing last week! So glad you got a good doctor's report. Your candles are so pretty. Enjoy your week. xox

  10. Missed this post - busy with the Christening gifts. I missed looking at the moon!The candle holders are delightful. Your meals looked yummy. Anne x

  11. Dayle's meal looks like a volcano. I am so proud of you cutting back on meds and losing 20 pounds. Hooray for you!


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