Monday, February 12, 2018

I Heart You and Presentation is Everything

Hello!  Are you all set for Valentine's Day this week?  I have to purchase some cards for my grandchildren and get them in the mail today, but I did get out my special Valentine tablecloth and dress the table a bit.  Well.. first we had to FIND the tablecloth which was an adventure in itself.  It turned up in the craft studio in a small bin.  It was not in the 2 places I stash tablecloths.  Then I got the idea to crochet a 2nd puffy heart so I did.  Then we couldn't find the bag of poly-fil which was a bummer.. you will not believe what I was desperate enough to use.. :-)

I spied on the carpet some poly-fil that had come out of a brand new dog toy that Meeka had dutifully ripped to shreds.  So, I asked my grandson to grab a bit of it for me.  LOL!  So, my red heart is stuffed with dog toy guts.  Ha!

I love these two little puffy hearts!  The pink is acrylic and the red is Cotton and Linen - CotLin from KnitPicks.  I got several little skeins of colorful hues in this for little projects.  It's really nice yarn.

If you'd like this pattern, give me your email address and I'll send you a PDF that I made up.  It's not my design but I can't find the link to the pattern I used.

I have a sting of little heart lights on my table.. they sure do give off a lovely red glow to brighten the long dark evenings.

I think a crystal glass candle holder is perfect for Valentine's Day.

I walked by the dining table last night and saw how the red lights were reflecting up into the glass and I had to go grab my iPhone to capture the image.

Ohhh.. shiny sparkly things!

I have to share something with you.  I have a favorite barrette that I use to hold up all my hair, it's made by Brighton.  I needed to order a couple more so I did.. and this is how it comes to you.  I'm thoroughly impressed with their presentation!  This is the box opened.

This is the card on top of the silk ribbon wrapped tissue paper wrap.

The barrettes were each in these bags!

The bags have this cute little saying in the bag..

.. isn't this adorable?

Here is the barrette.. and it's only $15!

I had to show you the 3 dogs, rare to be able to capture them all at once.  Buddy, Shelby and Meeka.  :-)

Buddy and I over the weekend crocheting.

It's getting bigger!!  :-)

OK, have to jet to my DAR meeting.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow! Lots of fun things. First of all, that barrette is beautiful and the packaging is amazing. Wonderful way to show your customers that you care. I thought you were going to say you put toilet paper in the heart. Dog toy guts are funny! Beautiful decorations and beautiful puppies. Lots of doggie love in your house right now.
    Blessings always,

  2. Your table looks so festive and pretty! Love your barrettes...I have a Brighton watch that I just love. Those puppies/dogs look so happy together.

  3. I love your little hearts. And, your tablescape is lovely. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Pat 💖

  4. I bet those dogs sure love hanging out together ♥ The barrette is beautiful and wow to that packaging and labels too. Another lovely table setting at your home ♥♥ enjoy valentines day oxox

  5. Your table is looking stunning, love the lights. I was so impressed with the packing and little touches for your hair barrettes, simple things certainly make all the difference.

  6. I LOVE Your long hair. I love your blog Teresa. Your home always looks warm and inviting. Hooray for Brighton and that price is very reasonable for the beautiful presentation. Im feeling badly about eating two big valentine cookies last night. They were so so good. But I have to be good.

  7. Happy valentines! Hope you have a lovely day, your hearts are very cute!

  8. I love that you stuffed it with the fluff pulled out by the dog. So funny! Your table looks beautiful! Happy Valentines Day! XXOO

  9. What a delightful post Teresa, full of "love"ly things. Enjoy your Valentine's day with your sweetheart xx

  10. May dis Valentine bless uz wid da cupid of love & warmth of romance.
    Happy Valentines Day my dear!

  11. Thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day decorations, your sweet Doggie friends and your pretty growing blanket! I am wishing you and yours lovely days! xx


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