Friday, February 9, 2018

Winter Berries, The Falls and Chinese Lights

We have a Nandina plant in front of our house, it's nickname is "Heavenly Bamboo" which is goofy because it's not a bamboo at all.  It is a pretty bush though and every winter brightens the garden with these eye-catching bright red berries.

This is the brick walkway up to the front door, which we rarely use.  :-)  The Snowdrops have spread completely in this garden bed.  We need a good pressure washing of the leaves out of this area and the picket fence, too!

The birds like these berries, too.

My sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls on Thursday.  It's amazing how many people visit even though the road is closed in front of the lodge and one has to walk in from the parking lot in the middle of the freeway lanes.

Multnomah Creek is running clear and cold right now.

You can certainly see where the fire burned, can't you.

Dayle planted the white wild Violet that Caleb picked for me the other day.  Sweet.

A snapshot of the pond and creek during the ravages of winter.  There is a lot of debris in the creek which we'll need to clean out.  

One of our Koi is showing itself.. I hope the rest of them made it through the winter okay.

We went to dinner, with our son, DIL and two grandsons last night.  This is the Dragon Palace which I think is gorgeous and it's lighted with LED lights that constantly change and now they've added these rainbow changing icicle type lights.  

See how it changes color?

It is constantly morphing colors, every color of the rainbow.  :-)  I had Shrimp & Chicken Chow Yuk.  No rice.  It was good.

I am off to swim this afternoon.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, doing what you'd like, whether it's relaxing or adventuring or creating.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your garden is very colourful. Love the red berries, so pretty and all the gorgeous snow drops. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  2. How lucky you are to have a beautiful nandina plant. I think it's so pretty in the fall too when the leaves change color. That chinese restaurant looks amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. Pat xx

  3. The Falls are beautiful any time of year. I hope you enjoyed your swim Teresa. I have been missing you.

  4. I love your pond area. I also love seeing the Dragon Palace. For us, something like that is an hour drive away.

  5. Nandinas are beautiful! My dad planted tons when I was a kid and I was so used to them that it took until I grew up to really see how special they are. I haven't planted any at my own home, but I hope to soon! I LOVE your coy fish! We are working on a small pond in our yard, but I doubt it is going to be big enough for coy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I have not seen the restaurant lights before! Pretty! I enjoyed seeing all the photos in this post and seeing some of what you have been seeing :-) We are getting ready to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Happy Weekend! xx

  7. Hello Teresa
    I've just enjoyed a lovely early morning coffee whilst catching up with your blog posts, it's always so comforting and lovely to sit a while with you and catch up with your news. I'm THRILLED to see your Woodland blanket looking very beautiful, what an amazing thing our crochet community is. I have loved how this blanket is connecting so many of us all around the world - thank you for joining in! Sending much love, Lucyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Pretty berries. It’s funny. We have never parked on the road by the falls. We always park on the freeway lot and walk through the tunnel. Those lights are pretty. I want to get some LED lights for the trailer. They are pretty pricey though. Did I tell you we made reservations for September at Beverly Beach? The plan is to take our little trailer for a week. Yippee!

  9. They are beautiful looking berries and a great feeder for the birds. A joy to see the falls, whatever the season they are indeed a beautiful sight. Hope you enjoyed your swim.

  10. I love your lighted shots. WOW. Just beautiful. Im happy for your Koi!!! I know you love them. Your house looks amazing. Your painting efforts really had great results Teresa!!! Proud of you for skipping the rice. I skipped the rice with our shishkabob last night too. Im fighting with a few pounds and am overly sensitive and harsh with myself about it. i'm taking a few days off of getting on the scale. I can get very sour when I move from my target and maintenance number. it is only 1.5 lbs but I terrified I'll gain it all back. So silly. It requires constant work for me. I know you understand!

  11. Beautiful berries and I loved the colourful lights at the restaurant. So nice you have lots of visitors to the Falls. Hope you are having a lovely weekend dear Teresa. xox

  12. I love your snowdrops. Mine are taller and come on a bit later. I should "note" that and get some different varieties next time the bulb catalogs arrives in the mailbox. My mini-iris's are going really strong with this lovely 50+ degree weather we've been enjoying.

  13. Your carpet of snowdrops is glorious Teresa, they are such pretty flowers. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal out. Enjoy your Sunday, hugs xxx

  14. WOW,great photos,love the colours on that building,is the food good too.Loving the Berries and snowdrops so pretty,it's freezing here.x

  15. The berries are so attractive. Hope all your fish have survived. Anne x


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