Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Snowdrops, Daffodils and Violets

I finally had a dry and warmish day to walk up through the wet ground on the hillside behind our garage and my carport to snap a photo of our biggest patch of Snowdrops on the property.  *LOVE*

This is the patch by the plum tree.  We have little patches of them all over the farm yard.  Thank heavens Dayle hasn't decided to fire up his Kubota riding mower as yet or he'd mow these down.  LOL!

Snowdrops are so sweet but you usually are not able to see the pretty center of the flower unless you turn one over.

There is nothing better than a swath of these little harbingers of Springtime.

I asked Caleb to snap a photo of the Daffodils that are nearing their bloom.  I'm excited to see the yellow flowers!

Caleb brought me in a Violet in bloom.. how cute is this?  :-)  Dayle actually planted this in a pot on the deck for me.

I had to hand wash my silk and alpaca raspberry pink kitty hat.  I wore it to a sleep study I had last Thursday in the hospital.  My friends, it was quite a difficult night for me.  They stuck electrodes all over my head, using this horrible waxy sticky stuff, electrodes near my eyes, mouth, chest, legs and a big band around my chest and waist.  They had me "sleep" without my sleep apnea BiPap machine.. I was so uncomfortable I could not sleep for literally HOURS, and when I finally did they found that indeed I still have severe sleep apnea and only then did they wake me up and hook me up to a machine.  THEN they woke me up at like 6 am and sent me on my way.. and my hair was filled with that sticky wax stuff and it got all over my hat so I had to wash it.  :-)

I thought you might enjoy seeing our Meeka.  My nickname for her is.. wait for it.. "fluffy butt".  Well, her tail is very fluffy!  Our son Shawn, her "dad", brought home a frisbee and everyone has been throwing it for her, boy can she run.  We need a new frisbee, though, as she can chew them up at a rapid rate.  

I'm off to swim today.. what are your plans for the day?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I can’t believe you already have things blooming over there on the westside. I remember when we moved Mandy to Portland in February and there were flowers blooming! I was amazed! We never, ever have flowers blooming until at least the end of April, usually May. I’m so happy with our days in the 40s and even a 50 now and then!
    That sleep study sounded terrible. I know several friends that have gone through them and none of them have been enjoyable. However they have found some issues so I guess it’s worth it.
    Meeka is a very beautiful dog. I’ve always loved shepherd’s. Dennis was bitten by one as a young child though, so he’s always been a little bit skittish around them.
    My plans for today? Well I’ve been doing laundry. I’ve washed all the bedding and I have a pile of ironing to tackle as soon as I get off the computer. And then I plan to just knit and make dinner tonight and that’s it. It’s turning into a cloudy, gray day today so it’s nice to stay home warm and cozy. I hope you had a great swim.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  2. The snowdrops are a wonderful sight as indeed are the daffodils. Sorry to hear about your sleep issues, is there something that can be done? Working on the kitchen are my immediate plans but I do get sidetracked so easily.

  3. Oh that testing for your sleep study sounded horrible and glad you back home happy with your hat all nice and washed ♥ Meeka is gorgeous and love your snowdrops, never seen one that close before cute. Doing a bit of washing here and off to city to get ready for minding little ones....then I will be tired lol

  4. Yes yes, I was noticing my daffodils this afternoon as I was walking up to my house. They are sooo close to opening! The sleep test sounds horrible, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Glad it's over! And Meeka is BEAUTIFUL! Reminds me of my parents dog. Is she full German Shepard?

    1. Meeka is from German bloodlines, yes, a purebred. She's really pretty.

  5. Snowdrops and Violets! Wonderful! We have some Daffodils and Iris blooming nearby and have spotted some beds of little golden orange flowers blooming along the highway and have been trying to identify them. We know they are not California Poppies, maybe some type of Calendula. I am amazed you were able to sleep during the "sleep study!" I remember Louis saying how difficult it was to sleep with all the techie stuff attached to him. Changing beds and doing a load of laundry and other chores and some exercises were on my schedule today :-) xx

  6. There is nothing more cheerful in February than a patch of snowdrops. I am sorry you had to go to the sleep clinic overnight, it does not sound pleasant. I hope you caught up on your sleep in the meantime. I am technically at work so will probably pretend to look busy for a short while longer. x

  7. Love your flowers! No sign of our snowdrops yet....guess winter is still here and Spring not in sight.

    sorry your sleep test was such a PITA. I've heard they are not fun.

  8. Teresa, I just love your blog! You always have beautiful pictures to go along with your posts! What kind of camera do you have??

  9. Meeka is stunning. Sometimes I want a shep so badly. Where did she come from Teresa? Im so sorry about your sieepless study. That is what they should call them. !!!! Please keep the flower shots coming. We are in for 5-8 inches of new snow tonight. I am thrilled the Olympics are on and I can stay in and knit between helping Fireman clear the snow! I had snowdrops at our last house , but none here. That's ok. THere is a quiet woodsy beauty here.

  10. Those flowers are so promising! I can't wait for Spring.
    So I have to ask, why in the world did you have to do a sleep study when you're already using a CPAP?( I have one, too). Not fun.

  11. Flowers already?!? (Squelching my jealousy. I DO like winter. I DO like snow. I'm HAPPY we have six inches on the ground with more to come. But snowdrops!!!)
    I've always wondered how anyone can sleep during a "sleep" study. Wouldn't it make more sense if they could develop a home test? The results might be more accurate.
    That is some lovely yarn in your hat - I hope all the waxy stuff came out!
    Meeka is absolutely beautiful. :)

  12. Your sweet flowers are beautiful and a great sign of Spring. So sorry to hear about the sleep study mess, hope you were able to rest up after you got home.

  13. Teresa, thank you so much for the picture of Meeka--she's clearly an aristocrat and a welcome sight in these difficult times. I live nearby, in Beaverton, and I love seeing your pictures of the Gorge and your place. As an artist, you have an eye for the perfect details, like the inside of a snowdrop, but you don't gloss over the tough parts of life. I find that comforting.
    My DIL just did a sleep study, and it sounded somewhat surreal, but I hope she gets some benefit, as she has never been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and this confirmed that it is a problem for her. But as you said, it isn't clear what happens next. I guess it helps to know you're not imagining your problems.
    So, thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us--it helps.

  14. I love the snowdrops. Such promise in them I made some from sugar paste a long time ago. The sleep study sounded dreadful. Hope they can help you. Anne x


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