Wednesday, February 28, 2018

More Waxed Linen Thread and Indoor Garden

After showing you my black and natural white waxed linen thread in my sewing box, I decided I needed a few more colors.  After googling for a ridiculous amount of time comparing prices I found some for half of the price they were on Amazon.  I got some nice primary colors.  I was chagrined that the sellers wrote in huge black marker on the bottom of the neat plastic containers.  This thread is a delight to use for hand-sewing.  It's strong and easily glides through the fabric.  I also love how rustic it is.

Each spool is inside these neat little boxes with a colorful label.  There is a little hole in the center of the lid where you pull out what you need for the project and snip it off leaving a little tail.  I just used the free online translator and guess what Fil au Chinois means?  "Chinese Thread"!  To learn more about this interesting thread, click HERE.

I also got some "White River Shell Buttons" while I was picking out the threads.  The seller is "Thackery" which has all sorts of interesting products.

Do you have house plants?  I got my green thumb from my mother.  She absolutely always had plants growing in our house.  In fact, this green Shamrock plant is from tubers that she gave me from her huge massive pot of them over 40 years ago!  So, if you want a long lasting and wonderful house plant I can highly recommend a Shamrock, the dark red on the left is the other color variety.

This is a new leaf on the plant that sits next to the Shamrocks in our den window.  It's a "Pin Striped Calathea" (thanks Google!).

My severely pruned red Hibiscus is leafing out nicely, but is mad at me and has not produced a flower in quite a while.  I put it in a much bigger pot so it might be putting it's energy in producing new roots?  Or I may need to fertilize it.  

The boy's garden continues to thrive, we've been dining on the lettuce leaves as they grow.  Wouldn't it be amazing if the green pepper and tomato plants actually produce fruit on the kitchen counter?

Dayle picked this Hyacinth up when he ran into the store when we were out yesterday.  I may, or may not have, hinted I wanted one.  :-)  He accompanied me to my annual mammogram yesterday and I also had to have a bone density test.  Ugh!  We consoled ourselves with lunch out afterwards.  

I need to put my nose close to this and see how it smells.  Do you have plants in your house?  My older sister does, my younger sister has not one single house plant.  But she is an avid gardener outside her house.

Kristi got this orchid a few years back and we have been amazed at how it's re-flowered.  

Kristi has used a bread machine that Shawn brought with him when he moved back home with us.  Yesterday it was white bread and today I am smelling the aroma of honey wheat bread baking.  Being low carb with fresh bread smells is not easy.  :-| Kristi has found 3 low carb bread recipes for the bread maker and is going to try making those for me.  :-)

OK, time to pack the swim bag and head off in the cold damp weather to descend into cool water and swim back and forth for an hour.  Can you tell I'm not feeling it today?  I hope you're having a grand mid-week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love your plants and threads! We are waiting for Carolyn’s CT scan because she has had some shortness of breath 😐... I will play word games while waiting xx

  2. Good for you for swimming, Teresa.
    I love houseplants and have three African violets that are doing quite well now. I also have a couple hibiscus that are wintering in my basement, but will be put outside when all danger of frost is gone. That won't be until May first! I also have peace lilies that love to vacation outside in the summer. Along with the philodendrons that's about it. I love your shamrocks and hope to see one in our home soon. Your red one is quite interesting. I've never grown orchids, but I really admire your's.
    Your waxed thread containers are beautiful! Have a great evening. ♥

  3. We sell Irish waxed linen thread by the yard at the bead store where I work - it does come in lovely colors. Very cool that you use it for hand sewing!

    Your flowers and plants are so beautiful. I don't have a green thumb for indoor plants, but Mr. M does. (I do better with garden plants.)

    Good luck with your low carb diet! Are you seeing some good results? My sister's been on one for a couple of years now and she really loves it. :)

  4. Loved the wax thread containers, very pretty. I do have a few houseplants but need to look out for a few more once we are back from our trip away. I must admit to not been strict about the swimming I am a little hit and miss. Hopefully, I will be stricter on our return, I know I won't have a problem in Florida.

  5. Your house plants are so pretty Teresa, I'm more like your sister, an avid gardener but very few indoors other than a few cacti. The Beast from the East arrived here in the UK and goodness the snow and cold is pretty dire! Keep warm hugs xxx

  6. Teresa, your interests and joy in life are contagious. I love seeing all the plants. I keep mine outside due to the cats. I see the wet deck and it is not great weather here today either. You and your swimming are great DO YOU KNOW THAT? And resisting bread in your house.....that's So TOUGH. Good for you.

  7. Your houseplants are lovely. We do have some inside - in the bedrooms and the living room. The largest is our fig tree in a giant pot. We move it outside in late Spring and bring it back in during the Fall. Soon it will be too large to lug in and out!

  8. Yes I’m definitely a house plant person. We have lots of orchids that seem to thrive in the conservatory. Love your shamrock plant that is a new one to me. You are so good to go out swimming in miserable weather. Enjoy the rest of your week. B x

  9. Your plants are all beautiful Teresa. You definitely have a green thumb of which I do not have. When I first looked at your new spools of thread I thought they were much bigger than they are. I was thinking to myself, “how is she ever going to use all of that thread?” And then I saw them in perspective to the buttons and realize I was mistaken, they weren’t nearly as big as I thought. I hope all your tests went well and congratulations on being done with them for another year.
    Blessings, Betsy

  10. Your plants are so nice Teresa. Most of mine are outside and I am afraid I have not been paying them much attention lately. The fur boys are keeping me busy when I am home which feels like it isn't very often right now. Your threads are beautiful. Say Hi to Dayle and enjoy that low carb bread that wonderful Kristi is going to make you.


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