Monday, February 26, 2018

Going Irish, Early

I know.. it's a bit early to decorate for St. Patrick's Day.. I know.. it's next month.. I know.. most people don't decorate for it.. but I DO! :-)  

Our little pot of Shamrocks from last year has done well in our den bay window so I moved it to the table and I love how it looks with my small collection of St. Patricks decorations.

I found this little pair of Irish children last year, aren't they cute?

The little girl holds a real woven basket filled with sparkly shamrocks.  :-)

And this little couple, I totally agree with their motto - Live, Laugh, Dance.  I have never been much of a dancer, even though I took classes when I was 12 years old.  But I can sing!

My little knitting bunny makes it to the St. Pat's table because her dress looks like it has green clover in the print.  :-)

And this green cream pitcher brings more "green" to the tableaux.  I'm going to pick some of my knocked down daffodils to put in here and hope they open up.

If you love plants, I can highly recommend having a pot of these darling shamrocks.  And this is the time of year to find them available wherever plants are sold.  Even in the grocery store!  They also bloom, the green one has delicate white flowers and the dark red ones have sweet pink flowers.

I love the lilacs on this cotton tablecloth.

This dining room sure does get a lot of use in this old farmhouse.  The kids eat all their meals here and all seven of us have dinners together.  :-)

Dayle was having a piece of chicken for lunch the other day and I grabbed my iPhone to snap a photo of all three dogs watching his every move.  And yes, each one got a tidbit.  Kristi is finding the whole thing rather comical.  :-)

Speaking of dogs.  Hayden got his "Joker" at LegoLand in CA, and Meeka had found it and begun to chew on it before it was rescued.  This has been sitting in my "to do" basket and I thought it was a good time to do some mending this weekend.  I must admit, it's not my finest stitching, but Hayden won't care.  I took this photo after I'd sewed up a hole in his chest, the fabric was not easy to hand-sew as it was printed with rubbery paint.

Hayden was pretty pleased that I fixed up his stuffed bad guy.

It's a swim day.  Last Friday when I was swimming, the pool guys came and had lots of pool chemicals in boxes to unload, so they propped the door WIDE open and were going back and forth.. and it was FREEZING outside.. literally freezing.  Here I was in a barely warm enough pool and the whole pool room began filling up with freezing air. I was so annoyed.  I kept asking them.. when are you going to close the door?  They said, we're almost done.  For a whole half hour.  ::grumble::

Hopefully they won't do that again today.  And thank you to Lorraine at MamasMercantile blog who played along with the sewing box challenge I posted on Friday.    ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely - so cheerful and Springy - just what we need!!

  2. I love your table decorations, especially the green jug. Our dining room has a green theme going on and I found a green water jug in December. It looked lovely on the Christmas table, but nowhere near as lovely as yours. I'm going to look out for shamrock plants that I can keep in a pot like you. Good idea.

  3. I have my crocheted shamrock garland and my Irish cross hanging on the kitchen island and my little knitted bunny is out too! So you’re not the only one decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. :-) Well, I was going to take on your challenge, but unfortunately our computer had to go to the computer hospital at Best Buy on Saturday. Who knows when we’ll get it back and I can’t blog on my iPad or iPhone. We’re hoping it will be ready sometime this week. It picked up some sort of a virus.
    That’s too bad about those delivery guys at the pool. That was very inconsiderate of them especially knowing there were people in the pool swimming. Love the picture Dale and the dogs. That’s what Chloe does at our house too whenever we eat. I admit, I have done it. I always give her a bite. Have a wonderful day Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I love your table all dressed for St. Patrick's Day! The little boy and girl are so cute as is the bunny. The shamrocks are so charming. I really need to pick up a pot of them this year, since you said they last that long---I had no idea. The picture with the dogs made me laugh out loud-so cute! Have a nice week. ♥

  5. Such a beautiful tablescape you have created. You always have the loveliest tablecloths, too. That's the cutest photo ever of the three "little" dogs. Enjoy your week dear friend. Pat xx

  6. You are an inspiration! The decorations are lovely...I have been wondering what decorations to gather down here for Carolyn. Love the photo of the dogs admiring Dayle's chicken :-) Hope you had a good swim. We spent the afternoon at medical appointments and are watching a Father Brown mystery on PBS now. Who dun it??? xx

  7. Oh no Teresa that would have been horrid at the pool brrrr.....Those doggies lol
    Always always love all your decorations for year round fun xoxo

  8. Your table looks so pretty Teresa...the little decs look so sweet together. I did smile at the 3 dogs picture. I hope you have a warmer swim today."The beast from the east"is threatening the UK at the moment. It is sub zero and heavy snow is forecast although I have woken up to clear paths this morning. Keep warm xxx

  9. I loved all your fun decor and the photo of the dogs made me smile. I enjoyed your little sewing box challenge, such fun.
    We bought the train as an unfinished project so Gerard is finishing off some of the areas and setting up the electrics.

  10. Like you little ornaments! Here in Wales we celebrate St David’s Day on 1st March. Its a lovely day! The little girls wear Welsh costumes to school ......pretty skirts, aprons, shawl & Welsh hat. The boys usually wear. Welsh rugby shirt. They pin the Welsh eblem ....usually a daffodil on their tops. Leeks are also Welsh emblems but not many wear them as they tend to smell a bit!! The children learn Welsh songs and poems etc and the local press usually come and take class photos for the local newspaper! A special day! Joan x

  11. I know many folks who decorate for St. pats. My sister decorated my mom's room in the nursing home last year and a few years before too with Irish things. My mom was 100% Irish. I think i've been a bit blue missing her. She wouldn't want that. She'd want me to smile at every I'll start with yours

  12. Hi Teresa. Love your St Patrick's Day decorations but the cream pitcher is gorgeous. The photo of the dogs with Dayle and Kristi looking on is great.Hope swimming is better this time. Hugs Anne x

  13. Love the dogs!!! Your tablescape is lovely!! St. Patrick;s Day is a big deal here in NEPA with parades starting in local towns this weekend and continuing for the whole month!! We have a large Irish population here in NEPA. I will be doing some decorating off St. Pat;s and will start it at the end of the week when I am off for a few days......

  14. I enjoy St. Pat's day and love the fact that you decorate for it. Our two dogs look much the same when anyone has food! lol

  15. I enjoy seeing all your different table decorations throughout the year. That knitting bunny is very cute. Buddy is such a good boy waiting for a treat. Our Quincy stole one of Oli's chips tonight and there was a huge crying session. At least it got him eating the rest of his dinner for fear that the dog would steal some more.

  16. Our little ones are starting to do the same thing although they have not had one scrap of people food. Still the smell must drive them crazy. Hope your swim went well and you were ale to stay warm. Hugs to you Teresa.


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