Friday, February 23, 2018

Shaker Sewing Box

Greetings.  I think you all must be tired of my snow photos.  :-)  I ran across a photo of a wooden shaker box on the internet not long ago that was being used as a sewing kit.  I had all my stitching things in a zippered plastic sleeve and I thought.. hmm.. maybe it's time to get a proper vintage container for my needles, threads, scissors, thimble and buttons!  So, after a look-see on Etsy and eBay I found this sweet little handmade wooden Shaker box and now keep it nearby for sewing projects.

I have this cute little vintage needle holder, it's a reproduction but I love the children on the cover.  

I also have 2 little thread spools that I adore, I got one in white and black thread of waxed linen thread.  They come from Sajou where I got my pretty sewing scissors.

Inside my needle book is a rather hilarious mess, the metallic paper where the needle stay was coming away from the cover so I used some of my pretty washi tape for a homestyle repair.

I have an old glass tube with a few seed beads, a packet of tiny vintage mother of pearl buttons, my thimble, etc.

Here is my beloved sterling silver thimble, it has a sailboat on a lake, a stone bridge, mountains and a lighthouse with a keepers home.  *love*

The other side of the thimble.  I wonder where this was made?

My faux mother-of-pearl handled Sajou sewing scissors and my well-used and loved sterling silver yarn needle handmade by my friend Molly at Celtic Swan Forge where I get my crochet hooks.

Every time I take up a needle and thread I feel a connection with my ancestral womenfolk from my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and on back to the times when women sewed hides together with bone and rawhide.  How about a challenge?  If you're a blogger, will you share your sewing kit on your next blog?  What fun!  If you don't blog, can you describe what you use to keep your sewing things in and what you keep inside?  I saw this image on Facebook and grabbed it - how about these ladies for inspiration?

Dayle and I went to dinner at Tad's Chicken 'n' Dumplins last night, I got a kick out of this cast iron lamp base.  I was good and had shrimp prawns sauteed in garlic butter, a salad and zucchini.  

After being homebound for a while in the snow, I am going to venture out to go swimming today.  I just need to navigate through half a mile of icy road before the streets are clear of ice.  I think I can do that.  Have a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa, I am getting all caught up on your snow and all of your activities. I have a vintage basket that has sewing items in it and an old wooden sewing box with legs on it that holds other sewing items. you would think with these two items I would actually sew! Love your new Shaker box and of course all of your beautiful photos. Give Dayle a hug from me and have him hug you from me, too.

  2. Hello Teresa the sewing box is lovely as are sewing related items. My sewing box is not very old. There is all sorts in there. A thimble that did belong to my Grandmother - she taught me to sew - she was a tailoress. I also have her crochet hooks. Hope you enjoyed your swimming if you made it there. hugs Anne x

  3. Well that was fun! I enjoyed looking through your sewing box with you. I mostly use my sewing machine table for art orange, but maybe I’ll take some pictures for my next blog post and take you up on your challenge. I really like your scissors. I think they are beautiful. I hope you had a safe drive on the snowy roads. It’s supposed to snow here tonight, tomorrow and Sunday and then again Tuesday and next weekend. I just looked on the map and it looks like the snow is about 30 miles away from us now. Is it spring yet? Have a wonderful weekend Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Hahaha - me fit my sewing kit into a small box like yours? lol
    Well, my sewing kit takes up an entire room plus other spaces around the house and garage. I love vintage as it is so much sturdier than what you can buy today. Notions over a hundred years old still work perfectly.
    I loved looking at yours. We may get our replacement clerk within a month (from October!) and hopefully I'll be part-time again. (another sardonic laugh) and you and I will meet up at Tad's as they had a couple of items on their menu I could eat.

  5. Love your sewing box and all the old things you have. I have my Nannas silver thimble and a stitched needle holder ☺ My plastic sewing box was given to me on my 21st with my little elna sewing machine which lives at city pad. Here at home I have my Mums plastic sewing box. I do still love to sew when I can but we go away a lot as you know lol Lovely post Teresa and hope your journey out into the icy road went ok. I love all of your snow pics xoxoxo

  6. Fun to see your pretty and practical sewing kit! I had my travel plastic zipper kit out today doing some mending and I have been keeping it in a basket I brought from home. The basket is crammed with projects I hoped to work on while here :-) Hope your drive to swimming and your swim were safe and happy. xx

  7. What a beautiful box and the scissors were a delight, I have a Cath Kidston sewing basket that I keep some of my things in but actually as my outbuilding is yet to be converted into my craft space it is arranged as best I can on the landing. I will take some photos and share with you later today.

  8. How lovely your Shaker box is being used for all of your sewing notions! Mine is not that lovely--It's a 70's sewing hassock that has trays inside for all the necessary sewing needs. I must comment on that gorgeous thimble--so pretty. I'm here from Mama's Mercantile. She is a sweetie. Nice to "meet" you. ♥

  9. I've just read your blog for the first time and love the box you have found for your sewing things. I have lots of old bits and bobs but they are stored in a modern plastic baby storage box. I've just done a blog post about all the old but useful things in my kitchen.
    I'm going to add your blog to my reading list - hope spring come soon for you and for us over here

  10. I love the contents of your sewing box Teresa. I have several boxes and tins that I keep my sewing accessories in and it's made me think that I will look for a special sewing box and put it on my birthday list. The picture on the little girls sewing reminds me of a Mabel Lucy Atwell book that I had as a child (many, many years ago now!)

  11. This is a very interesting post, thank you for sharing. You've reminded me of a blog post that I shared over on 'Five On Friday' titled 'Wooden Things'. These were all wooden gifts I'd received to use with sewing, knitting and bobbin lace. Cathy x

  12. Aww that vintage box is darling. I keep a very few things in a mason jar with a fabric top . That's it for me. I LOVE your scissors handle. The connection with past and those scissors is great. Stay safe in this crazy weather.

  13. Lovely post Teresa and lovely shaker sewing box! The notions and cotton reels in old sewing boxes have always fascinated me....I love your wonderful thimble and pretty scissors. Hope you have a good week. Xox

  14. Beautiful box and I loved seeing the contents. I will try to get pictures of my stuff (there's a lot - lol). I have a round painted box that my grandmother gave me one year; old tins with spools of thread; the sewing cabinet my grandfather made (birds eye maple) for my grandmother and a (new) cabinet for my embroidery threads. Your Sajou scissors are beautiful. I have a collection of embroidery scissors as well (in a green glass flower frog). Thanks for sharing.


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