Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Winter Continues

It snowed on and off yesterday, it was very pretty coming down.  The temperatures hovered right around freezing, so it's not horrifically frozen, the pond is still ice-free, thank goodness.  Our son Shawn snapped the 3 next photos this morning when he arrived home from working the night shift and shared them with me.

The cars have lots of snow on them.

Right in front of the barn, it's kind of a parking lot.  :-)

This is the view from our master bedroom, we have French doors that open into our little forest on the East side of our property.  This one I just took this morning.

This was yesterday when the snow was lighter in the woods.

We have a big open spot in the woods that Dayle mows with the tractor occasionally.

This is from our bedroom window facing the road, see the new growth on the Quince bush?  Spring got ambushed by snow!

Snow on the garage barn, the chicken coop and the garden shed.  :-)

But happily the creek and pond are still flowing so the koi should be safe.  

The sun is bouncing off the snow into the house and it's very bright in here!  :-)

I have not ventured far from the house for the last few days and I'm getting my photos from inside out of the windows or from stepping out on the deck a few feet.  I am not interested in falling down in this snow!  :-)

Our little shed has a lovely cover of snow.  

The boys little growing garden is working out well, we're able to snip off the lettuce leaves to add to our salads.  The dill is getting big and the tomato plant has a nice heavy stem and the two pepper plants are doing well.

The dog and I have spent many an hour working on my crochet blanket.  This is the backside of the design, the other side is much prettier with a ridged pattern.  

This photo was shared on Facebook by a photographer named Tina.  Wow!

My sister Denise and her husband and their two traveling companions boarded this ship yesterday to head to the Panama Canal, neat, huh?  The leave from San Diego, California.  Then to Cabo San Lucas, Huatulco and Puerto Chapas, Mexico.  Then to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, through the Panama Canal to Cartagena, Colombia and ending in Miami, Florida.  Wow!

I will not drive to swim today due to the snow accumulation, and am not sure I will be able to get to the lodge to volunteer tomorrow, but possibly will.  Dayle and I are thinking of a little weekend getaway.  More on that later.  What are you up to?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love the color of your house in the snow! very pretty:) your afghan is coming along nicely and no you do not want to take a tumble in the snow. have a wonderful day.

  2. Hi Teresa - To me, snow is magical and I cannot remember the last time I experienced it. I enjoyed your mention of the quince. My grandmother had a beautiful one in Western Washington and I remember its beauty.

  3. Snow. I had heard from friend just over the WA border that they got quite a bit. I hope it hasn’t damaged all of your flowers and shrubs, it is pretty and I’m glad you don’t have the ice that we do. It was 3° when I went to the grocery store this morning. Nothing is melting here at all. Stay inside and stay safe Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Thanks for the lovely news and views from home! I am glad you are safe and cozy. It has gotten down to freezing here at night but up to the low 50s during the day. We got to stay cozy at home today, too. No doctor appointments! We have done some coloring in the book "Remarkable" by Margaret Feinberg. Your blanket looks warm and beautiful! xx

  5. More lovely photos thankyou. You are very sensible not going out in it. Best viewed from windows indeed. That Panama cruise sounds fun. I look forward to hearing about your trip away. B x

  6. Winter wonderland, so beautiful. The snow and your red house and outbuildings make for fantastic pictures. Not up to much here, I just recorded a brief lecture using a fuzzy voice setting and feel like banging my head against the wall because I have to it again... Ah well. On the bright side, it is sunny and not terribly cold here today and I am enjoying signs of spring. xx

  7. We had snow last Saturday, but the last two days were in the 70's! Now we are back to grey, wet and low 40's. This roller coaster ride is making me crazy!! You are smart to stay inside. Your snow pictures are lovely. I especially like that you have doors in your bedroom opening up onto your little wooded area - so pretty!

  8. My goodness just when I thought Spring was arriving in your corner of the world, snow hit again. Stay warm under that beautiful crochet blanket.

  9. I think that your photos are just lovely. I also think your sister looks like you!!!!!! Happy Get away to them My sister left for Hawaii today! We have a getaway in the works. It is very very dreary here this week. The horses and my knitting and the Olympics are helping tho!

  10. The snow looks very pretty. It is cold here and is set to go a lot colder. we are lighting the wood burner in the evenings! Hope all your emerging plants survive - hope mine do as well. Such beautiful colours you are working with. you are wise to stay indoors Teresa. Take care Anne x

  11. WOW all those snow pics are fantastic and all the red buildings look wonderful ☺☺
    Just looked after the 2 and 1 year old so now very tired lol and doing nothing today xoxo

  12. Brr that's pretty but looks very cold! We are having a cold blast here too but no snow as yet...Keep snug and have a lovely weekend xxx


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