Monday, February 19, 2018

Snow on the Daffodils

Just when we thought we were going to make a graceful (and warm) slide into Spring, Winter heard how happy we were and decided to come back and show us who's boss.  And it snowed.  Now I must admit, it was pretty.  And it still is!  But I hope all my budded things make it through this "weather event".  :-)

This is looking out the window of our den, facing the front yard.

Snowflakes are so hard to capture.. but do you see them?  Look closely!  :-)

The pond area.. poor daffodils are leaning under the weight of the snow.

The snow kept coming and overnight piled up pretty high.

The Chestnut trees loom dark against the gray sky.

Our grandsons built a little snowman on the deck.  :-)

Our adorable little Caleb stayed out playing in the now for a long time.  

Our son Travis snapped this image from his car as he made his way up steep Corbett Hill Road.  

Dayle just took my Lumix out and took a few photos of the snow this morning, the sky is clearing and the sun will melt the snow pretty fast, but it's still pretty for now.  This is our Walnut tree with each branch and twig with snow on it.

The front of the house with more snow.. and sunshine! 

I think the daffodils will make it, do you?

Daffodils 1, snow 0.  :-)

The barn Dayle built.  Almost completely by himself.  The kids and I helped raise some rafters while he nailed them down.  But he designed it, bought all the lumber and nails, the metal roofing and installed it, he built all the stalls inside for our herd of Nubian dairy goats, our 2 horses, 2 Angora goats and one black sheep.  :-)

And my dream come true, the red farmhouse looks charming in the snow, yes?

OK.. moving along.. how do you like the Valentine card I got for Dayle?  :-)

And here he is during our romantic dinner at Bumper's Grill.  We met when I was 14 and a freshman in HS and he was an "older man" at 16 and a junior.  I love this guy.

I had my favorite, the filet mignon with Bordelaise sauce.  I did splurge and had a baked potato and I must say, after not having one for over 3 months, it made the steak dinner sooOOoo much more delicious.  But I was back on the low carb wagon the next day.  I'm on one of those dreaded plateaus and the scale has not budged for a LONG time.  ::sigh::

Meeka visiting Dayle for a chest rub.  :-)

Dayle made a low carb meal for me this weekend.  Sauteed chicken tenderloins with mushrooms and a sliced perfectly ripe avocado drizzled with ranch dressing.  :-)

I took off the Valentine tablecloth and put on the new spring-y  one I recently got that fits the table now that we have more leaves in it due to having 7 people at the dinner table now.  :-) See the snow falling outside?

I notice that my red leaved Shamrock had a stem of pink flowers blooming.  Sweet.

Buddy on my lap and Shelby on her dog bed by the tv cabinet.

We have a pair of hummingbirds that are wintering over as in past years.  We have to be very vigilant that the feeder remains full as there is absolutely no other food for the little darlings to be found.  

Last but not least, darling little Paige, my younger granddaughter that lives far far FAR away in Ohio.  She's a real character and my daughter Amy posted this photo of her on Facebook.  How cute is she?  

I want to thank all of my readers that commented on my Call to Action blog post.  I remain steadfast in wanting to see the assault rifle ban re-installed.  Wish our country luck in having our legislators see the light and choose the lives of our school children over lining their bank accounts with NRA blood money.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The snow is so pretty, especially where the sun shines. I'm enjoying that at my house today but will be relieved when it melts. :-)
    Looks like you are getting a lot of good meals! Nice that your hubby cooks for you.
    We're tending to our hummingbird feeder, also. Don't know how those tiny creatures can survive here in cold weather.
    Enjoying your great photos...

  2. Look at that snow! In Portland no less. Of course we have it too. Sigh. I, too, had great hopes for spring. And camping. YOur pictures are sure pretty though. Your Valentine's dinner looks delicious. We stayed home and did nothing as Dennis was still sick. That's okay. He always spoils me anyway. Don't give up. Those plateau's aren't great but you'll get over it.
    Have a great day Teresa.

  3. Hello Teresa. I am all behind with visiting my favourite blogs - life :-)
    The snow looks very pretty hope daffodils etc survive!!! Your Valentines meal looks delicious as does the chicken dinner Dayle did for you. Gorgeous photograph of your darling granddaughter. I wonder if you have plans to visit them, or they you? We had our granddaughters stay over on saturday evening. Lots of crafting and some baking. Pizza treats for dinner followed by a movie with popcorn. Such fun but I was quite tired on Sunday afternoon :-) Hugs Anne x

  4. Your snow does look peaceful. I am not sure we will get anymore. We keep getting inches of rain. Soggy!

  5. Oh so many glorious pictures Teresa ♥♥ and happy Valentines to you all way over there xoxo

  6. Thanks for sharing your snow! Lis and Gary sent me a text video of snow falling at our house :-)
    I enjoyed reading your post! xx

  7. Gosh that looks cold but always so pretty Teresa, daffs are such hardy flowers, they will be fine. Keep warm, hugs xxx

  8. The snow looks so pretty particularly against your beautiful red home and barn. You are blessed with beautiful Grandchildren.

  9. So envious! Doesn’t the snow make everything look special. I dare say it’s annoying after a while but for a few day lovely. Make the most of it and stay safe. B x

  10. Your snow shots are so pretty - and you are right, your farmhouse looks beautiful in the snow. I love Caleb's hat!!

    Spring WILL come eventually. After some snow Saturday, we are supposed to be in the 70's today and tomorrow.

    Don't give up hope on your diet...there are always those plateaus that seem impossible to get over, but suddenly you will see a change again. Good for you treating yourself to a baked potato on Valentine's Day - I bet that was just so delicious.

  11. I really loved seeing all these pictures Teresa! Your house looks so pretty and you are right, the red does look great, especially against the snowy background! How clever and capable Dayle is to do all that building work. Lovely to see you both enjoying Valentines Day together still after so long X Have a great week xox

  12. You truly live in paradise with the lovely photos you shared. I love seeing newly fallen snow. Your grandchildren are so adorable! We have cold temps down here this morning in SoCal. I hope your week is off to a great start. Hugs, Pat

  13. I really think your daffodils will rock it. Your red house is so so cute always, but in the snow....especially! I LOVE your grandson's snowman. Children plus snow is usually a win win

  14. So pretty Teresa. We don"t get much snow here in South East England and when we do everything stops, the schools close, the trains stop running and the gritters come out on the roads when it's starting to thaw anyway! I bought some daffodils for the first time this week to remind me that Spring really is on the way even though it doesn't feel like it yet.


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