Friday, March 9, 2018

Modern Style Treasure Hunt

How did people find treasures before the internet?  Estate sales, antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales and.. where else?  Can you think of another way?  Facebook has a new thing called "Marketplace" and I've been perusing it of late.  WELL.. day before yesterday I spied a cut crystal pitcher at a very reasonable price.  All you do is click on the photo and it sends a message to the seller, which I did and after some back and forth messaging we agreed to meet her and buy it.  I'm so pleased with it!  It's around 100 years old and is beautifully made.

I can't imagine being the artisan who created these, that's a lot of crystal cutting!

And then there is eBay and Etsy.  Remember the violet bottle I got on the left?  WELL.. I was cruising around on the 'net and saw that these bottles originally came with a stopper with a crown on it.  SO.. I found one and got it!  I like the color of the violet better on the new one.

These adorable bottles were handmade of clay, then glazed and then painted with oxides.  The one on the left has the words painted on, the one on the right the words were excised after the bottle was dipped in glaze.  You can also find other pieces of this kind of pottery with sayings on them.  Called "Motto Ware".

I love the little crown stopper on this, this bottle is heavy and seems still full of violet perfume, but I unscrewed the little crown and nothing came out so I'm not sure why.

We have another restaurant in our rural community, alongside the Sandy River, called "Tippy Canoe".  It's been there for *ever*.  Several years ago a new owner purchased it and has specialized in seafood.  She used to have a restaurant in Newport, OR right on Yaquina Bay, but now only owns this one.

I ordered their shrimp "louie".  Oh my goodness, this was very good.  The shrimp was fresh and delicious, with fresh greens, sliced olives, mushrooms and a boiled egg, with grated cheddar and mozzarella.  YUM!

Here is the sign.  The Indian in a canoe on top has been there for years, but when Shirley bought the place she had a new sign made for below.

Off I go - I have a meeting to attend about a book being written about Vista House - I was asked to write my memoirs of my 15 years as executive director of the Friends of Vista House - which will be included in the book.  Then off to swim.  Busy busy!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fun! Love your little violet bottles - so cute. Your shrimp salad looks delicious! Love the name of the restaurant.

  2. Teresa, I adore that beautiful pitcher! I'll have to check out FB Marketplace. Or maybe I shouldn't! Your violet bottles are lovely. We visited Devon when we were in England. I must check out their history. Have a happy weekend. ♥

  3. I haven't ever tried the Tippy Canoe!
    But I did have crab three times last week.
    Another local marketplace is OfferUp. Comes as an app. There's a whole bunch of them. They all work about the same.

  4. I admire your pretty pottery, crystal, and the meal you had at Tippy Canoe :-) We got encouraging news from the doctor today. The CT scan shows improvement in Carolyn's condition! Happy Weekend! xx

  5. I’ve seen marketplace on Facebook but have never checked it out. Glad to know that it works and the people are honest. That salad looks amazing. I love shrimp Louie. I hope you have a wonderful weekend Teresa. Supposed to be a nice one over here.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. Very interesting to hear about your treasures. It's nice to know the history attached to things. Glad you enjoyed your meal it looks nice. Cathy x

  7. Teresa what an amazing find the jug is a delight. I hope you share your insert into the book with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. The motto ware was, indeed, made in Torquay where I used to live; I now live in the next town, just a few miles from where Devon Violets was produced, both by the company Bathes and also by Lowndes Pateman. Personally, I couldn't stand the smell, but the little bottles in which it was sold were very pretty.
    I adore that cut glass pitcher! That really is a magnificent piece of cut crystal.
    Never heard of shrimp louie, but it does look tasty.
    Margaret P

  9. Oh Teresa, I just love seeing the beautiful treasures you find. That crystal pitcher is so lovely. This past week I visited a new antique store and saw two similar ones. I should have asked about the price. And, the violet vases are so charming. We have your beautiful rainy weather here in SoCal this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Pat xx

  10. I always enjoy seeing the treasures you collect. When I was a child we used to go on holiday to Devon and I remember whole shops filled with Devon Violets perfume in lots of different decorative bottles, as well as lots of little violet embroidered sachets and handkerchiefs. I loved them all and have always loved violets too! Good luck with your memoir writing...I am sure you will be brilliant at doing it! xox

  11. That crystal pitcher is a magnificent piece of work - you certainly know where to find the treasures. I now have all my late mother's collection of beautiful crystal on display in my dining room cabinet and enjoy being able to admire it - rather than leave it in boxes in the top of my linen cupboard. How exciting for you to be asked to contribute to the book about Vista House. I reckon you'll have some interesting memoirs. Have a great weekend. xox

  12. Teresa, I'm happy for your contribution to the memoirs. How cool that they treasure you and askedyou! I love your crystal pictcher. At first imagined it filled with tulips, but then thought You really could pour milk or lemonade from it too!
    (also, the shawl in my post I LOVE. I was referring to another cast on of a different shawl that Irejected. Rest assured I love the blue Peace shawl!)

  13. Oh my goodness!! That crystal pitcher is gorgeous!! And that shrimp "louie" aint bad either. LOL Looks yummy....and it's named after my Yorkie. ;-)

  14. Teresa you are amazing with the things you find and buy. You know what....pauls uncle gordon lives in torquay devon england so amazing 😀😀 and that jug is exquisite ☺☺ Your meal yummo and we sure can find lower carb options out there. Wendy in Nz


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