Monday, March 12, 2018

Plum Blossoms and Wild Violets

I'm so happy that there are once again flowers to share with you!  We stopped at a grocery store on Saturday and while Dayle ran in to get a few things I used my iPhone to capture these photos of the plum trees in bloom in the parking lot!

There were a LOT of these trees in the lot.. it was beautiful to see them all pink.

And a blue sky, too.  Divine!

Do you have any flowering trees in bloom where you live?

These trees have red leaves and are pretty all summer.

And look!  The wild Violets are in bloom!  Seas of white and purple flowers in our farm yard and on the edge of our little forest.

A patch of white ones.

As you can see, the ground is not manicured, little branches blown out of the trees.  And many people don't even notice the Violets as they are very small on the ground.

My dear husband picked a bouquet for me to bring into the house.  It's fiddly work to arrange them as they're so small.

I just wish I could share the amazing aroma of these sweet little flowers.

I just love Spring when these little darlings bloom and I try to always bring in a bouquet and each time I pass the table I lift it to my nose and inhale deeply of it's magic fragrance.

It was so nice yesterday with blue skies and temperatures reaching 67 degrees F - so we all sat in the sunshine on the deck for a while - Caleb collected the eggs and showed them to me on his way into the kitchen.  We have a LOT of eggs in the fridge!  

The boys have spent hours on the trampoline over the weekend and in this photo Caleb is swinging and Hayden is on the trampoline with Buddy and Meeka!  

This morning I head to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting and then on to the pool for my swim.  And a new week begins.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a special thanks for those who take the time to leave a comment - your efforts are much appreciated!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How pretty Teresa and ...enjoy! xxx

  2. How lovely to see your flower photographs, it seems that spring is on the way. Lucky boys to be able to play outside too!

  3. Oh Teresa, Im am thrilled to see your flowering trees. I have to admit, I'm a big down with our dreary cold, weather. We had a few nice days and then BAM cold and snow . I am trying very hard to find ways to enjoy march thi s year. TOday: bought a lovely speckled skein of yarn at a yarn shop. Fireman said he'd drive me anywhere because we both needed to get out! Wed and Sat we are helping at the barn with a tack and saddle event, so that's going to be fuN!!!

  4. First of all, thank you for your comment on my post today. I really didn’t want to be a whiner, but was so frustrated. I was surprised by the comments of all the people who have had similar experiences at Best Buy. And they gave me my money back this morning! Yippee! They weren’t happy about it, but I persisted.
    I love all of the blooming flowers in your neck of the woods. Nothing like that here yet but it’s been a beautiful few days. I have the front door open and the sun is streaming in the windows. That is supposed to change starting tomorrow but I’m enjoying every moment I can. Have a lovely afternoon Teresa. Blessings, Betsy

  5. Those blossoms look lovely. We had a couple inches of snow today! Just crazy for this time of year. No school, but I won't complain!

  6. Teresa, those plum blossoms are gorgeous. I used to have a flowering plum tree in our garden, but it didn't make it through a storm. In our area forsythia and pear trees are beginning to bloom. I too love violets. They look perfect in your violet bottles! Seeing your beautiful eggs reminds me of lovely Easter eggs! Enjoy your lovely weather. We had snow showers this afternoon! ♥

  7. The Oregon Spring is my favorite season.
    I love your violets; here they are weeds! lol They don't stay put and jump into my good beds and take over.

  8. Gorgeous blooms! Thanks so much for sharing. I wish you were here to tell us what type of trees are blooming around us. There are a lot of white and a few pink. I wonder what the dogs thought of bouncing :-) xx

  9. There's flowering plum trees in town and other ones like tulip trees budding. I love you colored eggs. I think Erin's chickens are laying again. So maybe I can get some for Easter! Sat and Sun were nice and warm today with lively clouds on my way home from work tonight. Can't wait to see the tulips in a few weeks! x--x

  10. Wowo awesome pics Teresa and me having fun getting use to tablet typing while
    Away lol thanks for visiting me too friend xoxo

  11. Hi Teresa, I was just telling my husband that your violets are flowering, as I scrolled down to find your beautiful vases made in Torquay which is not far from me in Totnes. How wonderful that we are so far apart yet share the love of beautiful violets, I'm yet to see any here in Devon after our recent unusual deep snow from the Beast from the East. Best wishes Elaine

  12. Oh those plum blossoms are just DIVINE! And violets!! When I was growing up we had a white birch in our backyard and my parents planted violets all around it. Such a soft fragrance. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Hi Teresa, I just love reading your blog and enjoy your photos very much. I live in Portland so our weather and season are very similiar! Your photos and Attic24 lured me in and in mid February I started the Woodland CAL just in time for the snow! I've been enjoying curling up with it and crocheting during the cold days. Thanks again for your posts! Carol Cot

  14. Teresa, what lovely pictures, thank you for sharing them. It seems so many beautiful plants grow in your part of the country. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog, I've just started but I've been going back to read past posts, I'm currently reading the dread month of November 2016 when pigs finally did fly...haven't gotten to your reaction yet but if it was anything like mine, lots of tissues where involved. We are kindred spirits, you live on one coast and I on the opposite but we are alike(and we are in good company) it's nice to have this forum to meet, so "Hi, my name is Ginette"!

  15. The blossom is stunning Teresa, I will be glad to see some here. There are buds all over but no blossom yet. Have heard it is going very cold again as well with threat of snow sigh. Hope you enjoyed your swim. Hugs Anne x


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