Friday, April 6, 2018

Black Bean Sauce, PWF and Spring Garden

I found a new low carb dish at our Chinese restaurant, Dragon Palace, Green Beans & Shrimp/Chicken/Beef (your choice).  So, I decided I wanted to try making it at home.  Kristi picked up the Black Bean Sauce for me and we got some chicken tenderloins and fresh green beans at Costco.  This was my first shot at making it.  I goofed up.  When I was cooking the beans I sprinkled too much salt in the water, then when I tossed the cooked chicken and beans with the sauce.. and tasted it.. ARGH.. too salty!  I ate it anyway but next time.. NO extra salt.  It may turn out this sauce has too much salt in it, but we'll see.

We had our Portland Women's Forum meeting yesterday and our speaker was Chester Benson, great grandson of Simon Benson.  His talk was wonderful and I learned a lot more about Simon Benson.  A great Oregon pioneer and treasure.  Click on his name to learn more.

A quick jaunt out in the garden to see how things are growing - the Bleeding Heart is looking beautiful.

The Hosta is shooting up, some garden clean-up is in order.

My new daffodil variety.. not open fully so I had to tip it up to see what color it is.. pretty!

And a large flower, too.

The pinkish ones we planted under the purple Lilacs.

It won't be long until these open.. I am *excited*!

The 4th of July rose got pruned back and is filling out nicely, I can't wait to see the flowers again.. and smell them.

I put my little collection of hobnail vases in the window to catch the light.. soon there will be more flowers in the garden to place in them.  

I need to rush to pack my swim bag and head to the pool.  We have the Friends of Multnomah Falls Interpretive Volunteer Training Workshop tomorrow, so it's an early morning wake up for this person who is *NOT* a morning person.  But sometime I must push myself.. right?  :-)

Have a faboo weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I think you dinner looks very yummy and all the flowers are just so beautiful. Enjoy our early morning! Ha, drink some coffee or tea it helps!

  2. Your chinese dish looks yummy and I'm sorry it was too much salt. Next time it will be better. I still only have rhubarb growing. It's too cold for much of anything else. I hope swimming was fun and your weekend is a good one.

  3. Your garden is definitely further on than ours. No sign of the hostas yet and the lilac is only just beginning to show green. Hope you enjoyed your swim. Have a good weekend. B x

  4. I love seeing your garden as it comes to life, Teresa. Winter seems to want to stay forever here. Your daffodils are such pretty varieties. My Mama loved hobnail glass and your's are such pretty color. Enjoy your swim and your weekend. ♥

  5. Those store bought sauces always have extra salt and sugar in them. There may be soy sauce in it, too, which adds to the salt level. Nice to see that everything is starting to sprout up and bloom around you. I'm definitely a morning person. I much prefer to have a full day of doing than to stay up late at night. As long as I get 7-8 hours of sleep, I'm good to do. Sending hugs your way.

  6. A joy to visit and see your garden as it starts to unfurl from its long Winter sleep. Sadly we keep getting a glimpse of Spring and then back to Winter and its Baltic temperatures. Have a great weekend.

  7. How exciting to have Spring emerging all around you ..We still have 6 feet of snow... but seeing your lovely pictures does give me ‘HOPE” ... I love bleeding heart and daffodils..Flowers are so inspiration and great source of happiness... Thank You for sharing...Hugs

  8. Lovely flower photos, your vases are pretty too. I hope you perfected your recipe to a low salty version. It's frustrating trying to get a dish just right. I'm still trying to get quiches just right. They taste good but the sides not so good looking. Cx

  9. It's all looking great at your Teresa..spring is really on it's way! Hugs xxx

  10. So lovely to see your farm in bloom and the pretty vases at the ready to display some flowers 🤗 Your dinner looks yummy...I'm going to raid my fridge 😮💞


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