Monday, April 9, 2018

Attic Find GIVEAWAY and Big Furry Visitors

Yesterday our son came home from visiting a friend and informed us that there were two black cows in our pasture.  The boys were quite excited about that!  Kristi roped one of them with her dog leash and she was quite proud to add "cow roper" to her life resume.  Our sons Travis and Shawn drove around on to the Historic Columbia River Highway to the owners house to inform him that their steers were in our pasture and they soon drove their truck around and up into our pasture and it was quite the social event, meeting the new neighbors next door and the owners, too.  :-)

I snapped this photo of Hayden and Kristi keeping the escapees corralled while waiting for their owners to arrive.

This all occurred as the late afternoon sun slanted across the field on the hillside behind our house.  Apparently these two were running loose all day since early morning!  It's lucky they didn't get hit by a car.

When I was going through another box of things that Kristi has brought down from the attic I found this item that I'd picked up while visiting my grandparent's farm in Oklahoma.  It's iron.  QUIZ of the day - Do YOU know what this is?  :-)

She also found a old box of these up there.  

We got our new mattress delivered and are now getting used to it.  We got two king-sized pillows to put in the shams that came with the duvet cover.  I like the colorful look of it all!

I also found in one of the boxes all of these hand made fired clay beads that I made.  I decided that I would share these with YOU, my friends!  I will be giving a bead to FIVE of my dear readers.  All you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment telling me you'd like to receive one. 
2. If you share the giveaway in your next blog post, you get 2 chances, just let me know in your comment.
3. The Giveaway ends in one week, on April 15th.
4. I'll announce the winners and you'll need to email me your address so I can send you your gift.  
5. As I draw names, the first gets to choose which one they want and on down the line.  :-)
6. I will send you your gift anywhere on planet Earth.  :-)

I used my collection of leather tools to impress designs in the beads.  They will look neat on a leather or hemp cord for a necklace or as or on a lamp pull cord or whatever you want.  What would YOU use it for?  Three of these are made as pendants.

Which one would you select?

Also in the same box was this raku pot that Dayle made many years ago.  We had a big party at our house and our potter friend Ron built a pit fire in the middle of our back yard.  We had all our pottery friends that we met at Mt. Hood Community College over and we all glazed and fired our pots, it was a lot of fun.  On occasion we tell the story about our "pot party".  LOL!

Have you ever heard of Raku pottery?  The glazes can be amazing as these sit right in the fire and the smoke brings out the most vibrant colors.  

Now I'm off to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting where I lead the National Anthem, and then head to the pool for my lap swimming.  

Don't forget to leave a comment to be eligible for the Giveaway!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It’s never dull in your corner of the world. Whatever next will visit your garden. Love those glasses, we have some very similar. B x

  2. I'd love to win a bead that YOU created. Wow. Im going to my best to remember to post about it tomorrow! I would use one for a little purse closure most likely. Hmmm, i'll bet I find more uses as well. Love the cattle rescue story!

  3. Oh Teresa, the beads are fascinating indeed...would love to receive one. ;-)

  4. Cows! What's next? We had a cougar one time at our first house here in Spokane. We were just four houses up from the river and bear and cougar foraged up and down it's banks.
    Those beads are beautiful. I'll tell people about it on my next post although I still don't know how to imbed links. That's why I always say something about the person being found on my sidebar! :-)
    I wish I could hear you leading the national anthem. I love to hear it and get goose bumps every time.

  5. Wow, keeping bulls can be tricky business, can't it? I'm glad they were tired of their adventure so as not to charge your family members.
    Your pottery is lovely, Teresa, as are the handmade beads. I would use one as a fan pull or on a cord tied to a key on a cabinet. I'll try to put up a post and include your link about your giveaway.
    I'm not sure what the iron circle is--maybe a branding iron? Your attic is certainly full of treasures! ♥

  6. Black cows... are they angus? Those are the only black cows I've ever seen. Such and adventure you had! I have no idea what the iron circle thingy is. I hope someone knows because it has peaked my interest! Your pottery is beautiful and I would love one of your beads. I have a daughter in law who loves hand crafted items like this, so I would fashion my bead into a piece of jewelry for her. I will share your contest in my next blog post. So sweet of you to share your treasures! Have a good week!

  7. Boy there is always amazing things happening all the way over there, love the cattle and yes Kristi is awesome at that too. Gorgeous beads Teresa but won't join as hit and miss with blogging most weeks at the moment. You will have many friends here doing the blog post for sure. xoxoxo

  8. Your beads are fantastic! I would love to have one of your creations. Very special. If I had a blog I would certainly share your post.

  9. The beads are beautiful, you are one talented lady. I would love to use one on a key chain or a handbag.

  10. Those cute cows must have thought the grass was greener on your side. HA! Kristi sure is finding lots of goodies in your attic. Love the beads and that Raku pot Dayle made. The colors are lovely. I'm curious to know what the iron piece is. Doesn't look like it could do much but looks can be deceiving.

  11. Ha! I got a chuckle out of your "pot" party - good story and that sounds like a fun thing to do. Love your beads, but please don't include me in the give-away...I have too many beads that I haven't used yet. I once made similar beads using scallop seashells to imprint the beads.

    Glad the cows didn't try to chase Kristi or Hayden - yikes!!!

    Curious what that iron thing is - I have no idea!

  12. Your item looks like it might be used with leather as for a harness or other straps to hitch up a team of animals.
    Or a hinge for a door knocker or other item requiring a hinge.
    It's a puzzle for sure.
    I almost thought it had something to do with a trap as in bear trap.
    Oh well, can't wait to hear what it really is.

  13. Your adventures reminded me of having to help herd sheep and some cows that had escaped our neighbors' farms and invaded ours when I was growing up in Missouri. Like your boys I was pretty excited! I would have loved to attend your "pot party!" I think Lis made a Raku pot in one of her pottery classes. Do tell us SOON what that iron thingy is, please! 🤗

  14. I think your grandparents iron circle is something you can use to hold a rope....a rope or wire cleat? Raku pot is so nice! Glad you figured out who the cows belong to. I wouldn't mind having one of you beads either. I know I'd find a way to use one! Have a good night!

  15. dropping in by way of Martha Ellen's lovely blog. I have to say the bull nose ring made me squirm just a little bit, but what a thing to find amongst all the other treasures you have found in your attic. Which reminds me, I wonder what's in mine?

    ~~~Waving~~~From Across the Pond~~~Deb in Wales

  16. Hi Teresa! What fun things you've found in your attic, you're a lucky girl to have Kristi (I need one just like her) Now don't think I'm stocking you but...I a way...maybe...I just finished reading your blog allllllll the way back to 2009, I must have bookmarked 2 dozen pages and pinned a few photos once I realized I could. I'll admit I'm a bit OCD when it comes to starting something and finishing it, was truly fun watching the grandkids in reverse, what cuties. You are one talented lady, you've done soooo much, you're such an inspiration! I was never much into crocheting I thought it was mostly for making afghans so when I saw all the things you'd made I thought I'd check pinterest and see if something interested me, okay it might be a bit ambitious but I chose a poncho and managed to do the first eight inches in the ribbing that looks like I knitted it when I actually crochet, I never knew that was possible (yep I've been living under a coconut) My husband is questioning why I'm crocheting a poncho in April in southwest Florida but I've assured him that it'll be done in time for that one cold evening this coming winter when I can wear it, lol! Anyways, I'm glad I popped on today to see your beads, I would just love one! I think it would make a lovely chain pull bead for my ceiling fan in our family room. Now was that round metal thing actually a bull nose ring?! Did your grandfather have a bull? I'll admit in the past it might have made me a little squeamish thinking of piercing a bulls nose until my son came home from his first semester of college some years ago with a smaller version in HIS nose and THAT'S when nothing can and will ever make me bat an eyelash! (he's since graduated and let that hole close up, but in way I shouldn't have been shocked or surprised, I did send him to Catholic school his whole life!) Well I've gone on enough! Hugs back! Ginette

  17. You certainly made some beautiful beads - I suppose I might use one to make a bracelet??? Curious to know what the iron ring is for?


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