Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Pink Hat and More Attic Treasures

Greetings!  I am embarking on designing my own crochet hat.  I'm in love with my pink Sunday Shawl and wear it daily now, but it's still chilly here so I wanted to make a chapeau to match.  I'm using the delightful "indie" cotton yarn dyed by a mother and daughter team in Africa.  I went back and forth with myself on the shape and design, did I want a beret style or a hat with kitty ears so I could wear my RESIST identity.  My social conscience won out.  :-D  So, the shape of the hat when worn will have two little ears, but also will have colorful designs similar to my shawl.

I'm using my favorite frilly looking shell pattern, but the colors will be worked in different stitches which I don't even know yet what they will be.  I am creating as I go, which really is why I love crochet so much, it's much easier to create yourself than knitting.  Wish me luck! 

I've been going through the boxes of things Kristi has brought down from the attic as she clears and is vacuuming it out.  More of the set of "matching" cups I threw on a pottery wheel, fired, glazed and finish firing.  I also have a cream pitcher I made for the set, it's fun to use your fingers to make the spout while the clay is still wet.  I made a sugar bowl too, with a top, but the bottom is missing, hopefully she'll unearth it too.

It's actually quite comical how each cup is completely different in size and shape, I guess I was not very good at making them the same, but it does show how handmade things are not like machine made items.

A glass candy bowl grapes and leaves embossed on it, I don't even remember having this!

I also realized that when we moved from our other house in Corbett on 365th Avenue to this house in 1984 - that we put these boxes of things in our attic and promptly forgot about them and now I'm seeing them for the first time in 34 years.  LOL!!  I remember that I had a fascination with Fenton candle holders, here are a few of them.

This one is called Carnival glass - it's got little strawberries and leaves on it.  When I googled this they also call it a toothpick or match holder.  

This is called a "Fairy Lamp".  

I have these two small cream pitcher and sugar containers and I just noticed they don't match at all.  Funny little things!

I hope you are enjoying my show and tell of my attic treasures.  What do YOU have in your attic that you've forgotten about?  LOL!  I'm off to swim with Gracie.  Have a wonderful day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

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  1. Oh boy. You forgot those treasures! Wow. Our house was so tiny we really had no surprises when we moved. We had no attic and cleared the basement out regularly. I LOVE your hat creation Teresa! Cannot wait to see it finished! But I hope you enjoy the process as well

  2. I am very much enjoying your show and tell Teresa. It’s lots of fun. I’m impressed with your cups. The great thing about handmade things as they aren’t exactly alike. That’s what makes them special. I had a fairy light very similar to yours in an amber glass. We don’t have an attic to speak of so I have no attic treasures. I am going right back to my blog to add the link to your giveaway. I completely forgot. I’m so sorry. The only excuse I have is the boys were running circles around me this morning while I was trying to post. I’m still not used to that! Ha ha! Love the pink yarn. It’s gorgeous.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Hi Teresa, greetings from New Zealand. I have just found your lovely blog and have just spent the past hour reading some of your recent and older posts. Love all your wonderful photos! Best wishes, Katrina

  4. Such a fun post again Teresa and love the look of your crochet so far. These attic finds are wonderful, no attic here. Keep the show and tell going xoxo

  5. I am enjoying seeing your treasures from the attic. Sadly I have nothing in mine except for Christmas decor. I had to empty out years of treasure from our attic at our previous home.

  6. It's always fun to find treasures you've forgotten about! Your new crochet hat is looking very are clever creating your own pattern. That shade of pink is lovely. Enjoy the rest of the week Teresa. xox

  7. Loads of treasure in your attic! It is fun to rediscover past interests and passions, isn't it? x

  8. What a pretty stitch pattern on that hat!
    Your hand thrown pottery looks great. That's something I always wanted to try but never did. I like that no two pieces are identical.
    What a lot of lovely glass you had hiding in your attic!
    P.S. Class registration for the July CGOA conference opens next Tuesday. I'm really hoping to see you there! 😃

  9. Your hat will look super Teresa. Your show and tell is fascinating could start your own antiques shop. Loved reading about the cows in your last post..its all happening at yours!Hugs xxx

  10. I love your pottery pieces, Teresa. I'm glad you are recovering your forgotten things from your attic. We don't keep anything in our attic! We have a basement that seems to collect enough, though. We've been working for years now cleaning out things we no longer want or need. AMVETS picked up four bags this morning. ♥

  11. I love your pottery mugs, and that you threw them yourself is so meaningful for you. I have a lot of pretty, machine produced mugs, but none compare to the hand thrown pottery ones I've collected over the years.

    ~~~Waving~~~From Across the Pond~~~Deb in Wales

  12. I love those mugs. I would rather have something handmade, and real, as opposed to machine made.

  13. I am enjoying seeing your attic treasures and learning some of their stories and I especially enjoy seeing some of the beautiful unique pottery you have created. Also, I love the stitch and color you are using for your new pretty! At the moment, I am glad I don't have an attic! I am definitely challenged Spring Cleaning my share of the house that I have managed to fill with things I now have to give away or pack to move! xx


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