Friday, April 20, 2018

Totem Pole and Lunch with a Bird's Eye View

I met my two sisters, Denise and Roberta, and friend Shirley, for lunch on Wednesday.  We had chosen the Chart House for our gathering.  I was the first to arrive and I spied a little park area to the north side of the building.  I walked around and was amazed to see a full size totem pole in the center of a circular plaza with benches around it.  Some info on these poles:
  • Native American Indian totem poles are sculptures carved on poles made from huge trees. These sculptures were made by Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America. Why only tribes from this region? This art form was limited to regions where trees were very large and plentiful.
  • The name of this art form "totem pole" is derived from the Algonquian word odoodem meaning "his kinship group".
  • The figures carved on totem poles often depict characters from tribal legends. Animals are often carved on the poles.
  • The carvings on totem poles often have symbolic meaning which can be complex.

In doing some research about this pole, the Chart House began it's life as the Hillvilla Restaurant and was filled with NW Indian artifacts.  The bottom animal is a Beaver, the state animal of Oregon.

Everything you want to know about this totem pole, click HERE.

The view from the plaza by the pole, looking East over SE Portland and the Willamette River towards Mt. Hood.  :-)

This wonderful wild Rhododendron was in full bloom, isn't it fab?

Such a pretty pastel pink with hot pink stamen.

The modern looking Chart House - the original Hillvilla was much more old-style.

The view as you enter the lobby.

Shirley had reserved a table by the window and this is the view we were treated to.  :-)  Had it been a clear day you would see Mt. St. Helens over there!

Imagine my surprise to see the menu wishing me a happy birthday!  :-)

Shirley surprised me with a fabulous vintage pitcher and bowl made by Alfred Meakin, Staffordshire, England.  The design is called "Rosa".  It had been her brother's so it was a really special gift.  

Isn't it sweet?

Even the printed label on the bottom is beautiful.

My sister Denise treated me to lunch for my birthday.  Yum!

The traffic was slow.. don't tell anyone.. but I rolled down my window and managed to snap this photo of the Portland skyline with my iPhone X.  I really love this city, it's beautiful.  The Willamette (will-LAM-mutt) River runs through it and we have many bridges across into our wonderful downtown area.

My Rosa pitcher and bowl fit into this old house very well.  Soon it will be filled with Lilacs!  

Even the handle is pretty, it has neat embossed designs and flowers down the length of it.

As we all left the Chart House, sister Roberta snapped a photo of Denise, Shirley and I in front of the totem pole.

Shirley snapped a photo of Roberta and I - I look terrible in this shot but oh well!  Roberta made quite an entrance into the restaurant dressed all in red, a big red hat and holding 3 red balloons!  :-)

And now I have to pack my swim bag and head to the pool for my one hour lap swim.  Busy busy!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  The next time I post may be from Victoria BC!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. THe lunch menu celebrating YOU is so cool. I wonder if we could get them to do that here on a special day! WOW. Love the pitcher gift. You look happy and amazing in ALL your photos. All the photos are lovely TeresA, I enjoy seeing Mt Hood and the whole area

  2. Wow! How fun! Having the menu be personalized is a wonderful touch. Thank you for all the information on the totem poles. I find that kind of history fascinating and always have. I used to collect pitchers and bowls when we lived in our 100-year-old house in Omaha, but over the years they’ve all disappeared one way or another. I think children breaking them were a big part of it when I had my daycare! Love the pictures of you and your sisters. I specially love the photos of Portand. I miss visiting there often. Take care and have a lovely weekend Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. What a fabulous celebration with your sisters and friend, Teresa! I love the spot you had your luncheon. The totem pole is exquisite! The only ones I've ever seen were in Alaska. I would love to visit Portland one day as it looks beautiful. Would you believe the only state I've never been to is Oregon?
    Your lovely Meakin bowl an pitcher is beautiful. It will be gorgeous with lilacs! Have a wonderful birthday in Vancouver! ♥

  4. What a wonderful celebration, I loved the personalised menu such a lovely momento. |The totem pole was an amazing sight, I learnt so much reading through your bullet points so for that I do thank you. Have a great weekend.

  5. A lovely post Teresa especially as it celebrates your birthday. I’m fascinated by the totem pole. My son has been telling me a little of Oregon’s history after his recent trip. He thought the people were so friendly and he had a wonderful time. Love the jug and bowl, so pretty. Enjoy your weekend. B x

  6. Nice birthday 🎂 lunch you had in Portland. I like the totem pole and the story how its built etc. Hopefully clouds will go away so I can photograph Mt Hood from the tulip farm next week! The pitcher and bowl are nice!

  7. What a wonderful day, and such a special touch on your menu! I love your shawl. So colourful and cosy looking.
    I wrote a dissertation on totem poles; I only wish I had been able to get to the Pacific North West to see some in person. Fascinating subject indeed.
    ~~~Deb in Wales~~~

  8. I love how you all celebrate birthdays. You special lunch sounds yummy and of course being with your sisters, even your adopted one makes it all the more wonderful.

  9. Fabulous post Teresa and know you are off on a little adventure and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again from me xoxoxo

  10. Such a great venue for your lunch the totem pole. Enjoy your birthday adventures. Hugs xxx

  11. Looks like it was a wonderful day. I wish I was there! We've had dust for several days now so I've not been able to get outside. :( The pitcher and bowl are such a lovely gift.

  12. You look beautiful! Happy Birthday!


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