Friday, May 11, 2018

Sensation Lilac and More Attic Treasures

Hello! Thanks for dropping by!  I just have to show you my special lilac is in bloom and I'm over the moon about it.  It's name is "Sensation" and I think it's a perfect name.  Funny story - I went to the Hulda Klager Lilac garden years ago and bought this cultivar - planted it and waited a year for it to bloom and what do you know.. it turned out to be a common lavender colored one.  Boo.  I meant to get a new one for years and finally last year found this one at Al's Garden Center.  You must know how pleased I was that a year later it bloomed with these spectacular blossoms!  :-)

Every day I go out and admire it.  LOL!

Kristi got this pretty pink Lilac for me but I'm not sure of the name of it.  Isn't it feathery and sweet?

Our first Iris to bloom.. it's a dwarf one that I think I got from my blog friend Kathy.

Now.. to show you more treasures that Kristi found in her attic clean-out.  I was so happy to see this little blanket, I made it for my last baby, Travis.  It's been laundered and came through without one unraveling.

Also found is this granny square blanket I made 40 years ago to put on the back of our sofa.  I did it in stained glass colors.  After it's washing there were two holes which I've darned together with my black linen thread and it's good to go.  :-)

And last but not least.. she found something I was hoping she would.. this knitted poncho.  I made it 40 years ago, also.  I spun all the alpaca myself on my spinning wheel, then designed the poncho myself and knitted it.  It had somehow been relegated to the attic and I often wondered where it was.  But Kristi found it!  YAY!  

As a lifelong "hippie chick" this wrap fits me perfectly.  I had to darn a hole in it where either a mouse chewed through the yarn or a moth ate it, but the repair turned out okay.  I need to give it a good wash in the sink with some soapy water and hang it back out on the deck to dry.  

I made this necklace around the same time, with a big amber bead, some clam shell beads, black clay beads and root beer colored glass beads.  

You sure can see how rustic the texture of my spun alpaca is!  But that's okay with me.  

The pretty hand painted plate below was a recent gift from one of my pool friends!  Gracie and I swim at the same time on M-W-F and have made friends with 3 guys, Big Mike, Scooter Bill and Nice Dave.  Yes, I have nicknames for my swim buddies.  Dave and I have chatted about our hobnail glass collections and he's the one who told me of the Violet perfume bottles.  WELL.. on Monday while swimming Dave told me he had a gift for me and would leave it at the front desk.  Look how pretty it is?  What a neat surprise!

More attic finds, a blue pitcher I don't remember, a little child-size Tupperware pitcher, a bunch of antique bottles and a stainless steel milk strainer when we were milking a herd of Nubian dairy goats here.  :-)

Look at this neat old paper stopper on this old milk bottle.

I do love my little collection of old bottles and jars.

And old Milk of Magnesia bottle.

Two old medicine bottles with the company name embossed on the side.

I love this big two quart brown glass Purex bleach bottle.  I'm not exactly sure where to put these but will figure out something.  NOT back in the attic.  :-)

On Tuesday my sisters and Shirley and I met for lunch at Fir Point Farms - a fun farm shop/cafe/nursery/bakery/gift shop.  :-)  We each had a hand crafted sandwich made with bread from their ovens.

The front of the place, a very fun experience.  

Then off we went to Margie's Nursery to find some flowers!

I got a red banana plant as a gift for Dayle as he loves them, a "Baby Tut" Papyrus for the pond, and 4 different varieties of Lantana.  Dayle planted them for me.  :-)

The orange azalea that Kristi got a few years ago has done well in the "no man's land" that K fixed up with weed barrier fabric then covered it with colored stones.

I hope you've enjoyed my garden photos and attic treasures.  Now I'm off to go swimming.  Have a fabulous weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How fun! I don’t know what to comment on first because I loved everything! Your blankets are sweet but that poncho! It is just amazing! How did it ever end up in the attic? All of the time it took to spin that alpaca fiber and then to knit it up? It’s absolutely gorgeous. Love the necklace too, of course, and all of your glass bottles and your sweet little gift from your swimming friend. The flowers are beautiful as always too. I hope you and Gracie had a great swim. Becky and her husband Phil just left today. They came Monday and spent the week with us. We all had a nice visit. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Betsy

  2. It is so chilly here I just turned on the heater and am enjoying your post while warming up :-) I enjoyed seeing all your pretty flowers and and bottles and the lovely plate Dave gave you but I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful poncho, blankets, and necklace you created! Thanks so much to Kristi for cleaning the attic and for you for publishing another interesting post! We are shifting furniture into the painted rooms and emptying the other rooms as best as we can to prepare for the interior painter painting. Happy Weekend to you and yours! xx

  3. Seeing your attic finds is so interesting, Teresa. So many lovely treasures to get reacquainted with. I love old bottles myself and often use them to hold a stem or two from the garden. The gifted plate got my attention as I have one the same shape, but mine has violets on it---it belonged to my Mama. Mine says "sweet violets" on the back. And that lilac is amazing, I've never seen one like it. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day! ♥

  4. Oh wow! How fun was this post! I am an avid thrifter, and I felt like I was shopping in one of my favorite haunts! I adore that poncho!! I would be wearing that like crazy! And the two afghans are gorgeous! How fun to have them and use them again! I love old glassware too. What treasures you have again. I had the same exact orange childrens Tupperware pitcher!
    The blooms are all so pretty!!
    xo Kris

  5. Oh...and how thoughtful of your swimming friend to gift you that pretty pansy plate!!!!
    xo Kris

  6. I loved seeing your attic treasures, Teresa. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Pat xx

  7. Teresa, such a joy to visit and admire all your attic treasures. Whilst I thought the baby blanket and throw were wonderful, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that stunning poncho. I would love to see you wearing it. A great collection of glass bottles too nice to be hidden in an attic. Have a great weekend.

  8. What fun treasures! Love your poncho Teresa...hope to see a picture of you wearing it! And those blankets are gorgeous. Our Iris are budded, but not open yet. For some reason we have far fewer this year. I'm envious of your lilacs - stunning! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Wow, what a fantastic poncho. And all spun by you as well, it's gorgeous. As a fellow hippy chick I love it! Your lilac is amazing. I went out and picked some from the lane behind our house yesterday and now they're on the table in front of me. Lovely to see your garden and everything in full spring bloom. The iris is beautiful. Have a good weekend Teresa. CJ xx

  10. Loved seeing your attic treasures especially the amazing poncho! And the glass bottles are such an interesting the ones with words on! How sweet to be gifted the pansy plate...such a nice surprise.. Happy weekend Teresa! Xox

  11. How beautiful the lilacs are. How I miss my old neighbour who would cut me a bunch of blooms off her tree ~ they would fragrance my evening sitting room for days on end.
    I love your glass too.
    Have a lovely weekend enjoying all your treasures! ~~~Deb in Wales

  12. I love seeing your attic treasures! I will be sad when Kristi is finished with that job!

  13. My heavens what beautiful treasures . The Poncho I totally love and the stained glass quilt is just so beautiful. I love the look of stained glass and I love the colors against the black background on your quilt.
    I was getting my bottles out and trying to figure out more ways to use them. Old bottles are fun to collect. My daughter lives in a house built in 1947 and in those days when people lived way out in the country people buried the glass and burned the paper trash. She dug up a lot of blue Ball jars that look like the 2 qt. size. She also dug up the lids and all are in good shape along with old evening in Paris bottles.
    I enjoyed reading your post.

  14. Awesome Teresa and such wonderful finds in the attic. Love that poncho, well I love all the finds actually lol Beautiful plants and so sweet finding those gorgeous blankets too, clever you who made them xoxo

  15. I loved that unusual lilac with the white edges. I wish lilacs would grow here along the central coast of California but alas it's too warm for them. I loved your afghans and the poncho is beautiful. I hope you enjoy wearing it again.

  16. I hope my sensation lilac I bought last year from Hulda's garden is what it's supposed to be. It's growing well. Will wait for bloom next year. Nice poncho find and necklace.Glad it's still intact after all these years! I got rid of my poncho I bought when I was pregnant with Megan. Rarely used it so off it went. And now they are coming back. Oh well....Glad you had a good time down here in ORclose to me while I went by your area twice last week. "-} Good drive to Spokane to see Betsy and she mentioned that as well. Old bottles and pitchers are fun for me too. Megan picked up a laudanum poison bottle years ago when she was studying forensics in college. Made good for a photo or two she had to do for a "crime scene". Happy Mother's Day Teresa! Enjoy your week! xx

  17. Beautiful finds from the Attic, when it's cleared I could see it becoming your Attic Showroom lol all your treasures on display. How kind of your friend to give you the little plate. Anne x


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