Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Springtime on the Farm

This old farm place is blooming it's heart out right now.  Spring is pretty wonderful here.  I found a white Lilac leaning across the back of the newly painted red house and loved the way the colors popped.  I planted the white one right by the deck and under the garden window just so the aroma of the flowers would be waft into the house.  It sure does smell good around here right now!

I had to go down into the pasture to capture the old pear trees in bloom.

I do love fruit tree blossoms.  Kristi and Travis were given a lot of fruit tree starts from her mother and recently dug a LOT of holes and have added to our orchard - cherries, peaches, pears and many more.

If you're a new reader you may not know that Dayle designed and built this barn almost singlehandedly.  After completing the lower level, and installing 2x6 tongue and groove flooring for the loft, he made a form on the deck floor to build each rafter the same, then he had me and the kids come up on the loft floor and help him raise the rafters while he nailed them in place.  Then he installed a blue metal roof over insulation.  Then he put in all the windows and painted the barn.  The last part was building all the stalls inside for our 2 horses, 1 sheep and many registered Nubian dairy goats.  :-)

The pear trees are different varieties, Anjou and Bartlett.  We now have an Asian pear.

This is a huge wild cherry tree that the birds planted.  :-)

I brought my new chunk of rose quartz into the kitchen and scrubbed it with dish soap.  It looks prettier now!

The garden around our pond and waterfalls is leafing out.  Kristi spent all day yesterday weeding and plans to do more.  You have to love a daughter-in-law who loves to work in the yard.  :-)

We have 2 pots of chives that come back every single year and thrive.  I can highly recommend having a pot of them yourself.

And look at the cherry tomatoes Kristi grew in the little kitchen hydroponic garden!

The bleeding heart is performing well as always.

These really are amazing flowers, don't you think?

We have several Hosta that are happy with the rainy weather we've had.

And we have ONE Bluebell plant that comes up each year.

And it's a banner year for my Lilacs - this is a French dark purple.

I have 2 dark purple, 3 common lavender, 1 white and now I have a pretty feathery pink one AND a purple with white edging.

This is the massive old 20 foot tall Lilac that was here when we moved in the house in 1984.

This creamy white Rhododendron is also huge, I will take more photos of the other ones in bloom for my next blog post.

The flowers on the old lilac.

I sure wish you could smell it out there right now!

I've been so busy lately I've only had one bouquet of them on the table - these are in the pretty pitcher and bowl that my friend Shirley gave me for my birthday.  :-)

What flowers are blooming in your garden?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. So beautiful - I love lilacs. Ours are just starting to open up here and our Hosta is just now breaking ground. Spring is late for us but things grow very fast. Am harvesting asparagus daily in our orchard and the rhubarb is ready to start picking.

  2. Oh all those beautiful blooms...I can almost smell them. I love the red is my favorite color and I don't hardly every see red barns in my neck of the woods. The only flowers blooming here are my roses and clematis. I've not done much gardening lately.

  3. I agree, the lilacs are stunning this year. Thanks for showing yours.

  4. Your barn raising story is a testament to the value of hard teamwork! It is a joy to see all the flowers blooming among your red and white barn, farmhouse and buildings. I have several big patches of blue Lithodora, 'Grace Ward' blooming now that my youngest son carefully tended and I am going out to weed around soon. I believe that is the name of the blue flowers we saw on our tour last Thursday. xx

  5. Your spring is gorgeous! Ours is showing a bit of color. It seems late in arriving.

  6. Teresa, I love seeing your property blooming! It is lovely. Your husband did a beautiful job on the barn! I must say I really adore your waterfall and pond area. All the lilacs surely have the sweetest fragrance. Your arrangement on your table is stunning in the bowl and pitcher. We could use some of your rain as it's getting dry here. Enjoy your lovely blossoms! ♥

  7. Oh Teresa you have such a beautiful garden so many lovely trees and flowers. Although I would be sneezing as spring is bad for me lol Autumn here so the leaves are falling and only the rosemary is in flower ☺ Yay to Kristi xo

  8. I love lilacs! I have two bushes but they are not prolific bloomers. I

  9. What a joy to visit and take a tour of your beautiful garden. A feast for the eyes and I can only imagine the beautiful aroma.

  10. I always love to see the blooms around your farm. There are so many and alway slovingly tended. I do love lilacs. You know Spokane is called “The Lilac City” and ours around town have just begun blooming in the past few days. They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your home with us.

  11. Teresa, your property is so beautiful! I love seeing all your flowering plants. Asian Pears are so good! Mailing's company has an Asian Pear Farm and although it is not open to the public, we were able to tour it last year. I can smell your lilacs!! LOL My one lilac bush brought down from Vermont is not doing all that well this year. Only a very few blooms. I think some kind of vine is choking it - Fletch has been reminded to cut the vine out!! And bleeding hearts - so lovely and I have not had luck with them!

    I had not realized that Dayle built your beautiful barn single-handedly. Wow!

    1. impressive barn Dayle! love those vintage crocheted pieces! glad Kristi went to the attic:)love the smell of lilacs too.

  12. Oh I wish I could walk through your garden just now, inhaling the fragrance of the lilacs and admiring the colours of the blossom and flowers. x

  13. Your yard is so lovely and the lilacs really made my day! Thank you for taking such lovely photos and sharing them with us.

  14. Your garden is looking MAGNIFICENT !!!! Huge WOW factor as far as I'm concerned. Wish I was there to take in the fragrance of it all. Kristi did well with her tomatoes. We once tried growing salad plants and tomatoes in one of those hydroponic gardens that had the light in the top that had to be left on for so many hours each day. Didn't do any good at all - very disappointing. Mind you, when it comes to having green fingers, I missed out big time. That arrangement on your table looks gorgeous. xox

  15. Thanks for sharing those blossoms one and all! We are a bit behind you but the apple trees are beginning to blossom. The lilacs have just leafed so no flowers yet. BUT! my clematis , all 3 came back and 2 of 3 have blossoms coming!
    I think I have seedlings up from my friends seed gifts last year. She is coming in a week, so she can tell me if they are from them or they are weeds. :)

  16. I can smell those lilacs from here Teresa. Great to see everthing coming into bloom.CN x

  17. I love the scent of lilacs, they remind me of being a little girl in my granny's garden in south London. I wish I had a garden big enough to grow one - I wonder if there are miniature versions that would do well in a big giant pot?

  18. My goodness.....the farm is stunning in Spring!!! Wow!!
    xo Kris

  19. Hello Teresa the lilacs look gorgeous, can smell them from here. Everywhere looks so beautiful. Anne x

  20. Such a beautiful garden with pretty flowers. I'm sure the walk round is filled with a sweet purfume. Cathy x


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