Wednesday, February 6, 2019

At Long Last... Snow!

Just as I'd resigned myself to a snow-less winter, look what happened!  A perfectly wonderful and picturesque weather event!  LOL!  Cold enough for the snow to last a bit, but not frigid enough for the pond to freeze.

Dayle got the photo above.. and then I put on my shoes for a short venture out onto the deck for some photos.  :-)  This is our shed, it has been many things over the years, a workshop, playhouse, art studio and one of sons even used it as a bedroom for a time.  Our pasture rises behind it.

Then our pretty red barn that Dayle designed and built almost single-handedly, with just a bit of help from me and the kids.

Out front, this is our big walnut tree.

Having been born last May, this is Mocha's first snow.  She loved it!

Then back in for a warm up on my lap.  :-)

The morning began with me looking up from bed to the skylight above.. yep... snow!

The wintry forest outside our bedroom French doors.  That bit of red up there are our closest neighbors to the East.

I love having a woodland outside our room.. with Douglas Fir and Cedars.

Looking out of the kitchen while making my coffee.. we have a garden window above the sink.

We're getting some Christmas cactus blooms. 

The window in our family room.. looking north.

A bit of sun illuminating the crystalline landscape.

The big wild cherry and massive chestnut.

This photo of sun in the frosted Pin Oak tree doesn't quite show how pretty it was.

Thankfully the pond remains unfrozen and running.

A last look at the snow before the sun melts it some.. but then the sun went down and the temperatures dropped and we still have a white landscape today.

Our son Travis and his family bought a home in the countryside with a pasture and hillside behind it.. the boys were thrilled that it finally snowed and they spent hours sledding with their dog.

Gotta love boys and snow.

Mocha is so affectionate.. we're really enjoying her.  

I hope you're having a good week.. what's new in your neck of the woods?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such lovely pictures Teresa. Your property is so beautiful. I'm glad you got a bit of snow but that you won't be inconvenienced by it. Your grandsons look like they are having a fun time! Stay warm!!

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Teresa! What a lovely winter wonderland you live in. And, Mocha is a little darling. Stay warm and cozy, Pat 🎀❣️🎀

  3. A Winter Wonderland Teresa, it all looks beautiful. Mocha looks so cute in the snow. I envy you the snow, we've not really had any here where we live. Today I went to do my Card and a Cuppa - only have one elderly at the moment. I think it probably costs me but she likes it and I haven't the heart to say I'm stopping :-) I even took her home lol it is on my way though! Hugs Anne x

  4. Lovely photos Teresa. Snow is just so nice, at least when its s fresh. Hope it lasts for a couple of days for you so that the boys can get some more fun filled hours on their sledges. x

  5. Your home is SO beautiful. That red barn really pops against all the white. Enjoy my friend.

  6. I have serious snow envy Teresa and what a beautiful place you live in.
    All we have had is two five minute snow showers mixed with rain:(
    Mocha looks adorable in the snow. Smudge hated it.

  7. Your property is so pretty and the snow just adds to the beauty!

  8. You live in a such a beautiful spot and your home and barn are charming. Looks like just enough snow - everything looks so pretty and fresh but you don't need to spend hours shoveling and clearing it up. Enjoy!

  9. What awesome photos Teresa! My goodness. Each one beautiful and charming too.
    Your new pup is a dream!!! No transition issues? WOW

    1. Well.. it's not been perfect.. she is doing a fair bit of barking as she gets used to the new sounds in our house. AND.. she had a fenced yard at her last home and we have to walk her on a leash here.. so she hasn't totally figured out where to "go". But she's very smart so I know she'll catch on fast, we've only had her for just over a week and a half. :-)

  10. I’m glad you enjoyed the snow that fell. We had a few inches yesterday morning when we woke up and it’s so cold that it’s still there today. I, however, would have been perfectly happy with no snow all winter. We are promised more on Friday morning and again next week. Your farm does look beautiful with its covering of white. It’s fun to see the boys and the dogs enjoying it too.

    Blessings, Betsy

  11. So beautiful Teresa, just like a Winter Wonderland. Here's hoping it will last a few days so the boys can have lots more fun sledding. Mocha looks adorable and such a joy to see her settling in so quickly.

  12. Thank you for sharing your snow pictures. Everything looks so pretty and different in the snow. The red of your paintwork shows up well against it. B x

  13. Your property is so pretty with its blanket of snow. All the windows give a beautiful view. It's nice to see the boys enjoying it as well as Mocha. We've had a bit of a warm up the last few days. So no snow here. Great days for walking and cleaning out the mulched beds. ♥

  14. Beautiful pictures. Mocha is truly adorable.

  15. A bit of ❄ snow....oh fun. It looks so pretty. We had an inch on Monday and gone later. May get more this weekend! More cold weather items were ordered at hardware store for customers want ice melt and we've got a lot of it. I was sure we'd get cold temps eventually and we did. Stay warm and safe Teresa! Mocha is a cutie! x---x

  16. Such beautiful pictures of your gorgeous snow scenes Teresa! I loved seeing your home and your red barn in the snow....just perfect views! And lovely to see your grandsons having fun in their new place. It must have been a surprise for little Mocha to play in the snow for the first Molly loves it! Keep cosy and enjoy your beautiful views....thank you for sharing xxx

  17. Thanks for sharing your latest snowy post! I really enjoyed it! We got about three inches here and I took photos on my phone. I got out and swept the front sidewalk down to the mailboxes and then from the mailboxes to the driveway. I suspected that our HOA does not deal with snow and just in case it stayed cold I wanted to keep ice from building where folks walk on the snow. Thankfully the snow on the sidewalks and roadways all melted off although we still have patches of snow here and there. Now I am hoping the predicted snow does not complicate my flights to and from CA...I don't think it will. Happy Weekend to you and yours xx

  18. Oh what fun Teresa, thanks for sharing your lovely snow! Hugs xxx

  19. It's incredible how everything looks so magical when there's snow everywhere. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. xx Susan

  20. Teresa, I have not opened my computer to blog, or read blogs in MONTHS. But today, I have caught up with you a bit. First of all, I am so, so sorry to hear that your little dog has passed. He was such a cutie. But I see you have adopted another lovely fluff ball to love and be loved. Congratulations. What a beautiful post, with all of the snow! Wow! It has been a wet and chilly couple of weeks here. We are so in need!
    Much love,

  21. So wonderful seeing your beautiful snowy pics Teresa 💖💖 us enjoying time in the city again 😁😁

  22. Oh my goodness,you could make and sell your own Christmas Cards,these photos are just Amazing in every way.Loving lil Mocha sooooo

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  24. It looks like a Winter Wonderland, so beautiful. Mocha is adorable.


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