Friday, February 8, 2019

My Funny Valentine

As you may have surmised, I love to decorate for each holiday.  I have a special Valentine tablecloth.. but not a lot of decorative items.. to Amazon I go to find this pair of darling figurines.  These are designed by Bethany Lowe, she makes the cutest, vintage inspired things.  They arrived yesterday.. I think they're darling!

I have a little old style truck that is red so I put that on the table, surrounded it with heart lights, put the little couple by the truck, and added some of my heart pins that I have made using felt and sequins.  

I am so enjoying seeing this tableaux from my easy chair and each time I walk by.

I have a similar pair of these dressed for St. Patrick's Day.  They'll come out next month!  :-)

Here are my 3 sequin pins I've made and on the top is a heart pin made by my blog friend Betsy!

And my blog friend Gracie sent two of these darling crocheted hearts with her Christmas card - I tied them on a pair of my barley twist candlesticks.  Sweet!

My "kids" and heart pins.

I attended the Portland Women's Forum meeting yesterday and we have a little White Elephant Sale each meeting to raise money for our treasury - I always find something neat.. I got two of these little hanging lanterns for $1 each - I think they will come in handy if we have a power outage, hanging from the chandelier.  

I also bought this jam for $2, can't wait to try it.

Our two youngest grandsons decided they wanted to spend one night a week with us, which we're happy about, we took them out to Chinese and sushi dinner last night.  They sure love their cousin, who lives with us since before Thanksgiving.  

This was my fortune.. I think they are good words to live by.

Our little dog Mocha has been with us for 2 weeks now and she's fitting in so well!  She's so sweet and loving, always happy to see us, here she is on my lap next to my computer.  Just where I like her to be.  :-)  

She made a real advance on her house training today, too.  So, we're happy about that.

They are predicting snow to begin falling at 6 pm today - and to snow for several days, so this should be interesting.  How's the weather at your house?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hello,Love your photos,did I say I love your home so pretty everywhere and interesting to look at.We don't do Valentines Day here,at least I don't lol.I love your Valentine ornaments so cute.Mocha is so sweet and I adore that name.I posted a snow pic on my blog but not as Gorgeous as yours.Hugs xx

  2. I love your table vignette. The figurines are adorable. So fun to have the grands for sleepovers... we are having one with two of ours on Sunday night. So glad Mocha is settling in and getting the hang of housebreaking. Happy weekend!

  3. What a fun post. You have more Valentines decorations than I do. I just have a few little hearts that I’ve put around here and there. I’m glad Mocha is settling in so well. She looks like a little doll. I would love to have a lapdog although I do have a lap cat. Frannie is curled up on my lap right now.
    That is a great picture of your grand boys. They look like they all get along very well. You are blessed.
    Snow! We were supposed to get a light dusting this morning. So far it’s about 6 inches and still coming down heavily. It’s predicted to snow tonight, tomorrow night, Sunday and several times next week. So much for a mild winter. I had to drive up to South Hill this morning for physical therapy but I’ve made it back home safely, thank goodness. Stay inside and stay warm.


  4. What darling decorations and the pins you made are lovely! That Betsy sure gets around! She's amazing how much she makes and gives to others. Good deals at the White Elephant sale. I love your house and you live on a farm and you're getting a snowstorm? I am wishing I were there! Love your little dog sweet.

  5. Your figurines are cute! Valentine's Day is not big in our house but I might dig our my flower crochet garland for a bit of colourful cheerfulness because you are inspiring me to make a bit of an effort. It is blowing a hooley here in Glasgow, the wind is coming right down the chimney. I am glad to be tucked up inside, unlike my daughter who is at Scout camp with her friends, camping out. She is more hardy than I am :-)

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Your Valentine table looks lovely Teresa.How super that your boys are coming to stay once a week. It's pouring with rain and blowing a gale here! enjoy your snow keep warm! Hugs xxx

  7. Hi Teresa. How lovely that the boys are going to spend a night a week with you.
    I really should take a leaf out of your book and have some Valentine decorations!
    It has been very wet and windy here, a storm named Eric!!!! Hugs Anne X

  8. Fireman was wondering if you were getting snow!!! I love all your decorations. !!! Those candles in the glass were a real score!!!! Stay safe! I have one wooden heart to hang outside . I better get it out there soon. I have 6 Valentines and I better get them in the mail!

  9. Oh and I m in love with Mocha !

  10. Those hearts are beautiful! You and Betsy did lovely work.

    You will have a quite festive Valentine's Day.

    *Maybe* some snow predicted here for Tuesday.

  11. Your valentine decor is pretty. I need to bring some out as well. It's raining here and windy. To get snow through the week, apparently. The event Megan and I were to attend tomorrow has been postponed til March! I need to find where my candles are in case there's a power outage here. Thankful I got what groceries I need mid afternoon. I knew it would get busy...yep, it was at Safeway where Megan works. Lots of shelves empty! Stay warm and enjoy your snowy weekend! xx---xx

  12. What a lovely little Valentine scene. The figurines are so cute.

    I showed my daughter your pictures of Mocha and that little girl now has another besotted fan :)

    Stay safe in that snow.

  13. Thrilled to read little Mocha is settling in well and is getting the hang of house training. Love all your hearts, the table looks wonderful. Lovely to see the boys having fun together.

  14. You sure decorate nicely for all the holidays, Teresa. What a cute Valentine couple. And all the hearts fit well on your table. Darling photo of the grands. I do hope you don't need your sweet lantern. Do be careful with all the predicted snow. We've had lovely weather, but now winter temperatures have returned. Enjoy a cozy weekend. ♥

  15. just love spending time visiting your blog, I always feel like we are sitting together visiting!

  16. Enjoying a herbal cup of tea here loving your blog. So neat those boys come to stay once a week and can have cousin love too xoxo

  17. I love how you decorate for each holiday but I'm a little in awe of your ability to find a place to store it all when not in use! Love the photo of your grandsons, handsome boys! xx Susan

    1. Our DIL cleared out our attic and we had it remodeled.. doors down both sides to put storage items in. :-)

  18. Very very cloudy and dull here. We've had some rain the past couple of days. Those figurines are so adorable and go perfectly with the truck and the other items you've put together on the table. I also like the hanging lanterns. Hope you are having a good weekend. Kisses to Mocha.

  19. The boys look so happy together. Mocha is a lucky little one to live with such a wonderful family. No holiday decorations here but Little B is done with his Valentines for school, yay!

  20. Like you, I love decorating for every holiday.

  21. Hi Teresa - what sweet Valentine decorations. I haven't done much seasonal decorating other than at Christmas since my daughter was little, but you're inspiring me! I may just do a little springtime/Easter decorating. Mocha is adorable - how nice to have a sweet little sidekick.

  22. Your new little sweetheart couple look right at home with you and your other Valentine day decorations. I put some red carnations at the center of my table and you have inspired me to go get some of my heart collection and mingle them with pine greens around the flowers. So glad the boys and Mocha are enjoying being with you as well! Got back from CA yesterday evening at 5 and found snow and ice in my driveway and on the sidewalks and grass, but rain has washed it all away. Now I am curious to see which "weather model" will win and what we will wake up to tomorrow...rain or snow? Thanks for linking my blog to this post; maybe I can put up a new post the rain or snow? xx


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