Monday, February 11, 2019

Pre-Valentine 💝 Flowers

We didn't have any flowers on the table but we agreed it was too early to buy Valentine roses for me.. but when he was picking up some pre-snow storm groceries he picked out a new bouquet.. he ran into one of my friends in the check-out line and she asked if those were Valentine flowers and he told her.. "No, these are pre-Valentine flowers".  :-) What a sweetheart! 💖 💝 💘

The sun came out and reflected on the snow outside and the dining room was aglow.

I found one more cutie on eBay for the table.  That will do it, I won't need anymore.. said she.. 

The roses in this bouquet are beautiful, they are red on the inside and scarlet red on the outside.

I'm not sure of the name of this rose.. do you recognize it?

Our snow this time measured around 6 inches.  It was beautiful.

Our woods off the master bedroom.

Dayle took my iPhone out to capture some more snow pictures when he walked Mocha.. I was thrilled with this image with the sun low in the sky, peeking over the barn and the clouds in the blue sky.  Magic!

He turned and that same sunshine was illuminating the farmhouse.

On Sunday Dayle took more photos of the barn from near the road for me.. what a good husband!

He also did the nearly impossible.. taking a photo of a moving dog while she is at the other end of a leash.  :-)


And then back in by the fire to warm up.  Do you think Dayle is loving his new little girl dog?  

I gave Dayle a cooking class last night on how to make Beef Stroganoff from scratch.  We do well cooking together.  You just put some water on to boil wide egg noodles, then saute 2 lbs. of ground beef with a chopped onion and some garlic, stir in 1/4 cup of butter and then add a good amount of sliced fresh mushrooms to the beef, saute until they are cooked, sprinkle with a couple tablespoons of flour, stir then add a few cups of whole milk, stir until it thickens, then add a good amount of sour cream and stir until it's hot, grind fresh black pepper on top, salt to taste.. drain the noodles when al dente and stir into saucy beef.. and voila.. dinner!  Serve with some cooked, buttered green beans.

I had to pass on my DAR meeting today as we still have snow and ice in our driveway.  So, I guess I will crochet instead.  :-)

What are you up to this fine day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Look at Mocha in the snow!! So cute. Beautiful flowers Teresa. Hope you are enjoying your housebound time! We had a tiny amount of snow last night but freezing rain and sleet are predicted for tonight. I may be housebound tomorrow!

  2. A very fun post today. Why do I feel that will not be your last little Valentines figurine? Something else will catch your eye in the future and you will add to your collection. :-).

    Dayle sure picked some beautiful flowers out for you. I haven’t made beef stroganoff in a while. I usually use a very cheap cut of steak, sliced thin and then I would simmer it for a few hours in beef broth with a little ketchup our tomato sauce added. Then it was finished off very similar to yours. Yours looks very good. Maybe it will be on our menu soon.

    Mocha looks like she’s settling in very well. And it looks like Dale is in love with her too. Love the photos of your snow. I wish you would have kept it over there on that side though.
    Stay warm and safe my friend.

    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Oh that Stroganoff looks like delicious comfort food. We may be trying that next week. The photos are beautiful. The one of the sun hitting the house would make a nice Christmas card! Looks like Mocha's tummy is touching the snow - so cute! Are you done with your sweet pea blanket?

  4. Your flowers are so beautiful. I also think your property looks so nice with all of the snow. We keep getting rain, rain, and more rain. I bet your new pup is getting all kinds of good spoiling :)

  5. Love your new pup and yes, your hubby is a keeper.
    I slipped on the ice below our snow going to fill the bird feeder. nothing broken just sore!
    I;ll watch the dogs at Westminster tonight on TV

  6. My guess on the rose is Osiria. I would say Mocha is pretty charmed by Dayle too. She's such a cutie with her perky ears.

  7. Your home looks so cozy with all the snow around and the beautiful flowers and fire inside. Mocha sure looks like she enjoys the snow!

  8. Gosh those pictures are all fantastic Teresa .💘💘 Love that sweet Mocha too 😃😃💖💖

  9. Aw the beauty of the snow! We didn't get any more on Sat nor Sunday. Now there's a threat of snow Tues a.m....will see as it's warm here but the wind and rain have been here all day and made me cold at work! Bleah! Mocha looks she enjoys the snow. Yummy beef stroganoff! Megan brought me some gerbena daisies Sun after work at Safeway. Pre bday gift? ;'} Love your roses! Dayle is a caring husband ...spoils you with is good! Stay warm!

  10. Mocha looks like she has settled well. Dayle and Mocha are certainly smitten with each other. Love the new addition to your Valentines collection, I am sure it won't be the last LOL! Beautiful flowers.

  11. Your home and barn look wonderful in the lovely snow! The red is so lovely with the white snow. Mocha is darling and your husband looks quite content by the fire with her. Your table is so pretty with your new figurine. Lovely pre-Valentine's flowers--I like that! ♥

  12. Hello Teresa. Sent a comment a few minutes ago but not sure if it went through, so had to go through the fun time with new password and all. I’ll just try again....first of all, lovey pictures of the Kasner homestead, both inside and out. You always get into the holidays with some pretty decorations. How sweet, your guy buying you the pre-valentine flowers. The homemade stroganoff definitely is a comfort food, and perfect for a cold winter’s day. I saw the weather report for your Pacific NW states and see you are getting plenty of snow. Good weather for crocheting or reading a good book. And what a cute little dog! So sorry about your loss of Buddy. I know you all loved him.
    Hope you got my email,

  13. I like the idea 'pre-Valentine flowers' the UK flowers double or triple just before St. Valentine's Day and the price comes down by 50% or more the day after...I won't let my OH buy them before...the same happens before Mother's Day.

  14. Such a lovely post your pre Valentine flowers and those wonderful snowy pictures! So nice and cosy there, and you and Dayle cooking together. And great pictures of lovely little Mocha too...I don't know how Dayle managed that moving dog shot!! Happy Valentine's Week XXX


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