Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Enjoying Spring in the Farm Garden

My big pot of daffodils is holding up well, even with days of rain and cool weather.. or maybe it's because of that!  :-)

I so enjoy the different varieties of daffodils. 

I was surprised by the big huge bumblebee on this flower stem.

This one is like a golden halo on the cup.

The purple lilac will open soon!  I'm kind of upset that I may miss the whole lilac bloom while at the beach.  :-(

My Iris garden is coming along.. I can't wait to see them bloom.. my metal goat looks at home in their leaves.

My one and only tulip is in bloom.. lol

The white lilac is starting to open, I will try to cut some branches to take with us for the trailer.  I've never tried to cut them this early and am not sure they will bloom?  Have you?

I stood very still near the hummingbird feeder and snapped a photo of this cute little guy.

This is he and his mate.  They stayed here all winter, little dears.

Yesterday my 2 sisters and Shirley, my best friend from 7th grade, met me for lunch at Fir Point Farms, a fruit stand in Canby that is also a bakery and cafe, where we had lunch together and celebrated my birthday.  My 2 sisters told me they'd buy me some plants at our next stop at Margie's Nursery.

They are newly opened and will have a lot more color and plants coming up.  But I found some fun things.

As we drove from Fir Point to Margies we passed this amazing field of Mustard, so after I left the nursery I stopped and took a photo of it on my way home.

Shirley gave me this cute little lavender glass bunny candy dish.  It will join my chicken candy dish collection.  :-)

One more daffodil photo.. :-)

My big purchase at the nursery was this Red Bud tree, my sister Roberta pitched in for this.  They are very popular in the south USA and I didn't know they'd grow in this zone, but over the last few years I've seen them and wanted one and now I have this!  :-)

The color of the flowers are a beautiful fuchsia!  I think I'll plant it above the pond area near the bird feeder.

Here are my other purchases, a King Tut and Prince Tut Papyrus - these are my birthday gifts from sister Denise.  I got the cute little Coleus for myself.  

I've loved colorful coleus for a long time but haven't gotten one in years.. this will be fun on the deck.

The koi are more active now that winter is over.  I fed them and snapped a photo.. we will get a few more when the pet store gets them in stock.

We are trying to get the trailer/caravan ready for leaving on Friday.  So much to do.. I'm making lists of things to pack.  See you on the other side!

❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ 

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your new plants are beautiful. I love the mustard field photo.

  2. The red bud tree looks amazing, I love how the blossom seems to grow out of the wood. Wishing you a wonderful trip on Friday and a Happy Easter, too. Looking forward to reading about your adventures upon your return xx

  3. Hi Teresa. What with my cold and being away at the weekend I have fallen behind with comments on your blog. I am so sorry. Stunning photos on your post today. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Happy Easter Anne x

  4. What beautiful photos! The hummingbirds are so sweet - are those rufous hummingbirds? The only ones we get here in the east are ruby-throated hummingbirds, which are also beautiful. My good friend started some coleus from seed this year and they are doing great. She's promised me one, which I'm really looking forward to.

  5. So enjoyed your beautiful photos, especially of the Daffodils and the Hummers. I was surprised by a bumble bee buzzing around here the other day when I was out, but he didn't land near me. When I have tried to bring in Lilac branches with pretty tight buds and get them to open up inside I have not been successful, but I hope you are. I put two hanging mixed flower baskets on the front porch and am loving seeing so many flowering trees around. Your new one is a gorgeous color! I hope you have many happy days of celebration of your birthday! Happy Easter to you and yours, as well! Hugs :-)

  6. The colors of the Red Bud, Coleus and Daffodils are amazing. My thumb isn't nearly as green as yours is Teresa. :-) What do you put in your hummingbird feeder? Do you mix it yourself? I had the red mixture you buy at the store last year and they didn't seem interested in it at all.
    We're planning to be in LC Sunday afternoon and would love to have dinner/lunch whatever you want. We also want to visit your caravan and if I bring my MacBook would you give me some pointers? I have discovered I can comment on blogs with it, but still not with my iPhone or iPad. Craziness bounds with my apple products and blogger. I really want to learn to make tables, etc.
    Oh, how we are looking forward to the ocean. I can almost smell it from here! :-)
    Happy, Happy Birthday my dear friend. I'm wishing you a marvelous year ahead!
    Blessings always,

  7. Have a great weekend! Love your flowers shares

  8. Our redbud is just beginning to open! It is beautiful. Love seeing all your flowers. Happy birthday and happy trip! Enjoy.

  9. Happy Birthday, Teresa! It looks like you received the perfect gifts from your friend and sisters. Such a cute candy dish and beautiful plants. I have a redbud, but it's never done much for us, though I look at lovely ones all around me! Our daffodils are over. It was 85 degrees today--too warm for now! Have fun weekend.

  10. How wonderful and happy birthday Teresa we share the same month 💖💖 Beautiful plants as always 😀😀

  11. Lovely garden photos. I have the same problem with my lilac. I will be away when it’s at its best, if only it would last longer. B x

  12. Such gorgeous flowers Teresa! So beautiful. Happy Birthday my friend, You deserve to be spoiled in every way.


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