Monday, April 22, 2019

To the Sea

I'm waving to you from the edge of the Pacific Ocean - 44 latitude by 124 longitude.  :-)  Lincoln Beach is the name of the place where we bring our travel trailer/caravan and this is the view from our door!  :-)

Our wonderful son Travis and DIL Kristi met us here to help Dayle get the trailer backed in and hooked up.  Good thing as the big slide wouldn't go out and Travis opened an access panel under the trailer and used a wrench to get it to move.  Then he helped Dayle hook up everything!  Yay!  They rented a hotel room for two nights and made a vacation out of it and had a great time.  

We had a bit of a sunset that first night.

Kristi surprised me with this beautiful Easter basket so we brought it with us to the beach to enjoy for the week.  It has an African violet, a sedum with orange flowers and plus other living plants.. so nice!           

Their pup Ozzie had fun playing with our pup Mocha while they visited us in the caravan.

We surprised Kristi with an Easter Azalea!

The kids spent hours on the beach and our amazing beachcomber daughter-in-law brought back all these treasures she found.  

I was amazed with this black coral tree she found with white stuff on the branches.

And this bright pinky red sea moss or ?

She also found this unusual nut thing and we mused that it may have traveled from some exotic country across the ocean.  Ideas?

On Easter Sunday we surprised the boys with a chocolate bunny filled with jelly beans.  Then we treated them all to a nice lunch at a Mexican restaurant before they headed home.  

Kristi took her favorite beach finds and left all the agates and one shell for me.  WAHOO!  I do love beach agates!  Thank you, Kristi!

We've had some lovely weather while here so far!  

Travis is walking Ozzie the Australian Shepherd while the boys play and Kristi searches the beach for treasures.  Travis turned his back to the ocean and he and the dog got wet feet!

After bidding farewell to the kids we headed south on 101 and pulled in to snap a photo of my favorite rocks in Siletz Bay at Taft.

I just think this tree topped rock is so picturesque.

Then a turn up the road next to the Siletz River to check on my "nurse log".  My it's grown!  And the tide was so low that it was sticking way up in the air.  I worry that some day it will roll over and float out to sea.  

The kids were so lucky to be here during a very low tide and were able to walk around and see starfish and anemone and all sorts of wonderful things.

Kristi collected some shells, making sure they were old and not inhabited by anything and washed them up at home.  I am not sure of the names of these shells but if I find out I will add identifications here.  Kristi said the big ones are Whelk.

Their pup Ozzie had a wonderful time on the beach.  Here he is with his own beach find.  :-)

Today we meet fellow blogger Betsy and her husband Dennis for lunch at Kyllos.  That will be fun as I haven't seen her for years now it seems.  Have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your beach stay sounds like so much fun. I owuld love to search for shells and beach glass. I hope you had a wonderful Easter (and it looks like you did). Have a safe stay!

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful time in a really beautiful place. Love all those beach finds, so different to ours. B x

  3. Your doorstep view is amazing! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with family and dogs. Wishing you a wonderful holiday x

  4. I just love this post, Teresa! What a beautiful view of the Pacific! I love the lighthouse in your header. How wonderful Kristi found such treasures and shared them with you. The grands are darling with their yummy treats. Continue to enjoy yourself! Thanks for sharing such beauty with us.

  5. Such a fabulous spot Teresa and awesome that you can enjoy it with Travis, Kristy, Hayden and Caleb too and of course the furry friends. Love all of those stones and that coral type tree is so neat ♥♥ Enjoy xoxo

  6. It is wonderful that Kristi, Travis and the boys were able to come help you get settled and enjoy the beach as well! Kristi's finds and your photos of them are a pleasure to view! I have never found any sort of coral at a beach. So interesting. The nut looks so much like a walnut to me I am stumped about what it might be. I had a good visit with Betsy and Dennis Saturday night and am glad you get a visit with them today. Thanks for posting, Teresa! πŸ’žπŸ€—πŸ’ž

  7. It looks like you've had such a wonderful time! What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family. I have never been one to sit on the beach, so I'm the shell collector in our family. You have a fantastic haul there! I love, love, love your cowboy tablecloth!

  8. You have gotten some great photos Teresa. We had a wonderful time with you and Dayle today and I appreciate both of your help with my MacBook. It was fun chatting and seeing your caravan. It's beautiful. Maybe we can get together again before we leave.

  9. What a wonderful break Teresa, such treasures and how lovely your family are to help you the way they do. Kristi is such a wonderful DIL too. That coral is amazing! Hugs xxx

  10. oh my! such beautiful views , such a glorious landscape! A perrrrfect retreat for you and your family. I adore beach combing with my daughter and partner pockets are usually weighed down after a trip to the coast with pebbles, shells and unusual objects...wonderful family time x kazzy x

  11. What lovely times you are having Teresa! Love all the beach shots. Kristi found some real treasures. So glad you got to meet up with Betsy and Dennis. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  12. GORGEOUS images Teresa!!!!! So glad you are having fun. And that view of the ocean, can't beat it

  13. So marvelous! Amazing! I love so much the things of the sea!

  14. Fab things to be found where you are. I do envy you. So lovely that your son, Kristi and grandsons spent some time with you. Enjoy rest of your trip. Hugs x

  15. What a gorgeous place to holiday. It looks like you're having a wonderful time with your family. Enjoy the rest of your time away. xx Susan

  16. An amazing view of the ocean. The little islands and nurse tree are great, nature at its best. Enjoy your stay with family and friends. Cathy x

  17. So wonderful to read you are at the coast again and I loved seeing all your gorgeous photos Teresa! How kind of your son and daughter in law to come and help with setting up. What a great place to spend time with family too. Enjoy the rest of your time there. XXX

  18. Your Easter sounded perfect by the sea and with your wonderful family!


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