Wednesday, May 22, 2019

🎈Happy 1st Birthday Miss Mocha 🎈

🎈We celebrated Mocha's 1st birthday yesterday.  I sang to her, bought her a new ball and some chewy treats and fawned over her.  We're very happy we found this little girl.  She's a sweetheart.

She's not sure about her birthday hair bow.  :-)

The Peony Kristi got for us is blooming, but not fully open.

My first 4th of July rose is open!  Lots of buds, too.

The big hanging baskets are filling out.

The one near the pond.

The orange azalea and red/pink one are looking nice.

The Hosta keep filling out too. I think I need a few more.  :-)

Michael and I took his dog Meeka for grooming yesterday, she looks very nice.  I then took Dayle's car to get cleaned inside and out, treated Michael to lunch and we had teriyaki yakisoba noodles with tempura shrimp, then to Petco for birthday treats for Mocha.

These two love playing together.

Dayle is improving and getting around better, in fact he's out filling bird feeders right now and has even resumed walking the dog, we kind of take turns.  Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  It has meant so very much to us.  

We have hired a housekeeper to come in once a week to help out.  She's here now so I am going to take the opportunity to go swimming soon.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Glad Dayle is doing well.Your hanging baskets are gorgeous.Did you make them up?

  2. So glad Dayle is doing well. Dear Mocha, she is so adorable, I'm glad she had a good day. She is lucky to live with such lovely people. I always love seeing that Fourth of July rose, it is stunning. The peony too. I've got one at exactly the same stage, just coming into bloom. Hope the rest of the week is good. CJ xx

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Mocha! Our Hamish turns 1yr on July 9th. He and Mocha would have great fun playing as Hamish is a pushover for little girl pup-dogs. He just loves everyone he meets.
    So happy to hear Dayle is getting feeling better. Good to get back into the swing of things. Each day will build on the last.
    All the flowers look so nice.

  4. PS. When you housekeeper is finished with your place, send them my way. We sure could use a top to bottom cleanup. (smile)

  5. Even though it has not been very warm I am surprised at how fast plants are growing. The strawberry farm on Foster Road is already selling strawberries! I am glad for all the healing progress Dayle is making, and that you and Michael were able to get out and about. Please give M & M love pats from me; and I hope you had a happy swim! xx

  6. Mocha looks adorable with her bow - I wonder how long she managed to keep it in place? Your hanging baskets are simply beautiful. So glad that Dayle is feeling better and up and around!

  7. I'm just catching up with you after a few days away from the computer and I was so shocked to read that Dayle had surgery. Sending healing thoughts for him.

    Big kisses to Miss Mocha on her first birthday. She looks beautiful in her bow.

  8. Lovely flowers. My peony hasn't bloomed yet. Cute bow for Mocha on her 1st birthday! Glad you got a good dog again. I'm happy to read that Dayle is getting better. I'm praying for his full recovery and ease of pain. Hugs!

  9. Happy Birthday to Mocha, she is very sweet with her bow. Glad to hear Dayle is up and about for short periods. Surgery can really take it out of you. xx Susan

  10. Happy birthday Mocha! So glad Dayle is doing better and getting out and around. Your flowers are so beautiful!

  11. I look forward to seeing your lovely flowers, Teresa. Everything is lovely in your gardens. The two pooches are darling together. Happy first birthday to Mocha. So glad to hear that Dayle is up and about.

  12. Happy Birthday Mocha and so good to hear Dayle is up and moving around again. Enjoy your time at swimming, maybe I will do that when our indoor one is completed. Yay xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday to Mocha! (I know I'm a little late, but the celebration can continue!) . I am so glad to hear how well Dayle is doing. Praise God!
    Meeka is such a beautiful dog. I live how her and Mocha play so well together.
    Your plants always amaze me. They are all so beautiful.
    And a housekeeper! I would love one too, but hopefully my back will improve soon and I can get going on the house myself.

  14. Birthday greetings to Mocha, how pretty you look with your pink bow!
    Love, love, love peonies!
    All the shots of beautiful blooms have me itching to get in the garden and put some in my pots! I purchased a new Hosta on Monday Eve at WI.
    So pleased to hear that Dayle is doing well!
    I have been saying to Graham ( DH) that I think we might have to have someone come and do some of the heavier housework every so often! I find it increasingly difficult :-(
    Take care. Hugs Anne x

  15. Happy Birthday to wee Mocha, she is as cute as button. I am so glad you have help in the house, allowing you to focus on the more joyful parts of life. It is good to hear that Dayle is feeling well enough to fill the bird feeders and walk the dogs. I hope he continues to gain strength over the next few days. Lots of love you all xx

  16. Happy Birthday Mocha! I do love to see your roses flowering, that’s such a pretty one.

  17. Happy Birthday to your cute little Miss Mocha! Sounds like she had a good time! Love all your beautiful flowers....and of course I'm so pleased to hear that Dayle is doing well and feeling stronger. Have a happy weekend dear Teresa XXX

  18. Mocha and Meeka, so sweet! Happy birthday Mocha! Glad to hear Dayle is improving with each passing day. All of your plants are so gorgeous!

  19. Happy Birthday sweet Mocha. So glad Dayle is improving and that you hired someone to help clean. I have someone come every other week. I keep up with what I can but with work I don't have time to scrub bathrooms!


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