Monday, July 15, 2019

🎣 Salmon Fishing in the Pacific Ocean

🎣  Dayle and our youngest son Travis spent a few days getting our fishing boat ready to head out into the Pacific Ocean on Sunday.  Cleaning it, changing spark plugs, put in a new water pump and made sure all the necessary gear was in its place.

Fishing poles, life jackets, ice chest.. all set.

We charged up the VHS radio and I went over the emergency stations with the crew and the procedure for calling for help.  I learned those things when I was single-handing on my sailboat.  I had to call to the railroad bridge tender to open the bridge for me and my tall masted boat to go through.  And when I lived aboard my sailboat in the San Juan Islands, I had to learn to use the radio.  My learning how to use it came in handy when I was sailing alone on the Columbia and had an electrical fire.  :-O

The crew was up early and headed out at 3 am!  They made it to mouth of the Columbia River as the sun rose in the east.

Hayden had a rough start and "fed the fishes" at the beginning but rallied and enjoyed a good day of fishing.  He exclaimed that it was a perfect day.

All the guys took their turn at the helm.  Dayle and his beloved C-Dory, "Sea Wolf".

Travis' best friend from work, Ernie, is his fishing buddy too.  He is extremely knowledgable and is a valuable member of the crew.. he and Hayden posing for a photo.

Dayle and his first catch, a Coho Salmon.

Just enjoying the open sea.  The ocean was flat which was helpful.. :-)

My wonderful son and grandson.. another catch!

Dayle knew I'd enjoy some photos so he snapped this buoy and the sea lions enjoying a rest in the sunshine.. Ork ork.. they called.  The CR buoy is the outer marker of the entrance to the Columbia River, a few miles out to sea.

Another shot of the beautiful ocean on a perfect day.

The crew got home around 7:30 pm, then they got the fish cleaning station out that Dayle had bought last year and proceeded to clean and fillet the catch of the day.  We put each half in it's own bag and straight into the fridge.  Today our son will come to clean the boat and freeze the fish.

Ernie took two Coho and we got the rest and 2 Sea Bass.

Travis teaching Hayden the fine art of filleting fish - I sent this photo to Kristi and she texted back.. "Is that Hayden with a filet knife?"  I said yes and she goes.. "OH MY!"  LOL!

Two hands make for faster processing.  

I see a salmon dinner on our plates soon!  :-)

The deep salmon red of this fish means it's ocean fresh.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing the guys and their successful fishing trip!  I know I did!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow, that salmon looks so good! I would have "fed the fishes", too. I am not good on rough seas, anymore. Looks like a good time, though.

  2. Looks like a fun and really productive day on the water!

  3. Oh my goodness! Single-handing on your sailboat? Living aboard your sailboat in the San Juan Islands? Sailing alone on the Columbia? Do you have previous posts about these parts of your life? I think you need to write a book! Tell us more!

  4. My goodness what a great catch these guys had! Beautiful fish and yummy eating ahead. Safety is so important when deep sea fishing. So glad to hear you and your family are so knowledgeable! Sorry to hear Hayden was ill at first, but glad he recovered to enjoy the rest of the day. Great memories for him and everyone else.

  5. So interesting to hear about your adventurous life on a sailboat and knowledge of life on the water. :) I get terribly sea sick, even riding a ferry, so try not to do it very often.

  6. What a joy to read about your adventures on a boat. It was also a delight to join the boys for their adventure and their catch. Some wonderful memories made and some tall stories about size made for the future lol!

  7. Oh man! That salmon looks delicious. It must be so FRESH!! We had some wild caught Alaskan salmon the other night and it was very good...but catching it yourself and then cooling it has got to be the best. Loved seeing the sea lions too!

  8. Good Morning Teresa! I was SO glad to see Dayle looking so well and hApPy on the boat. You can tell he loves the ocean. They had quite a catch. Where do they put the boat in at? That salmon looks delicious. I can just imagine the meals you will have with it. I'm glad Ernie was able to go too and I laughted out loud at Kristi's text.
    After reading these comments above, I think you need to re-tell your life story to readers who haven't heard it. :-)

  9. Thank you for sharing Teresa. A great day all round. Bet that Salmon will be delicious! How adventurous you were Teresa living on a boat and sailing the river. Brklaver than I ever was. Anne X

  10. That was a great fishing tour

  11. Wow what a catch love this and I love salmon.....I am flying over lol

  12. It looks like they had a great time and that salmon looks incredible. It's making my mouth water! What an extraordinary woman you are sailing your own boat. I'm not sure I could be that brave. xx Susan

  13. I love fresh salmon... those are gorgeous!

  14. Look at those GORGEOUS salmon the guys caught!! And so big! Hubby and I loooooove salmon. Travis looks like he was handling the fileting just fine. Did they grill them, or oven bake, or skillet fry, or ?? What a beautiful day you all had together... what a great memory for the future! Blessings! ♥

  15. Looks like they all had a great time! The fresh salmon looks amazing. x


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