Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Blog Friends are like a Bowl of Cherries

My blog friend Gracie came for a visit yesterday.  She came bearing gifts, too!  :-)  She gave us some Bing cherries, some homemade cookies and a crocheted hot pad she'd stitched.  What a dear friend.  

She hadn't met Mocha in person so they got to know each other.  My pup jumped in her lap and licked her cheek and they became friends.  

I had some gifts ready for her too.. a dozen eggs, of course, and a cup and saucer.  Gracie's last name is Saylor and so I'd been meaning to give her one of my World War II Navy Wardroom cups and saucers.  They have wonderful cobalt blue anchor on the cup AND saucer.  Gracie collects cobalt glass and she loves all things nautical because of her last name.  She was very pleased with this and has told me she put it on her tea cart and will enjoy using it.

I love the old fashioned handle on the cup.

After Gracie's visit we headed to Multnomah Falls for an errand, Dayle is the Treasurer on the Board of Directors.  Then as we left we passed by Horsetail Falls and Dayle was able to snap this photo for me.  Then a stop at the bank, and then dinner at Bumper's Grill.  Yum.  They make a wonderful halibut fish and chip dinner.  Dayle is a fan of their prime rib French Dip.

Today I'm going to join Gracie for a swim in the heated outdoor pool at her condo.  The pool at LA Fitness tends to be on the chilly side so this will be nice.  What are you plans for the day?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What wonderful friends you and Gracie are for each other.
    When I read fish & chips I had hoped for a photo of the dish. I'm a big fan of fish dishes, they're my fav!
    Horseshoe Falls looks so good this time of year even without the needed rainfall. Then again all the falls up and down the Columbia Hwy are always pretty.

  2. Thank you for your dear friendship and the wonderful gifts you have given me. I appreciate each one.
    Hoping for a great swim in the sunshine with you! ((hugs)) :-)

  3. It sounds a lovely visit Teresa. I love the gifts exchanged. Hope you enjoyed your swim, it is bedtime for me. 22.11 pm here. Hugs Anne x #5

  4. So good that Gracie is so near. What fabulous cherries and I love the cup and saucer. A heated pool sounds perfect. I’ve been plum jam making today as the weather was miserable, a cosy thing to do. B x

  5. Blog friends are such a gift aren't they? Glad you and Gracie got together.

  6. Sounds like you two are good friends. So lovely to spend time with her. I love the old wardroom dishes. How appropriate to give to your friend considering her last name. I'm sure you enjoyed the warmer pool. We both had dental appointments and lunch out afterwards then a little shopping.

  7. I LOVE the cup and saucer you gave to Gracie! They are CLASSIC!

  8. Gracie gave you some wonderful gifts didn't she? She is such a sweet friend and I love her too. The cup you chose to give to her is absolutely perfect. And eggs. Of course. How I wish I lived close enough for some of your eggs. i would pay you for them. I'm glad you two get to swim together regularly. I didn't realize Gracie's condo has a pool. How fun is that?
    Back to the doctor I went today. He did a head xray and nope. Nothing is there, just marbles rattling around! Not even a sinus infection. Now they think I never did have one but don't know why this headache is still sticking around. If it doesn't go away soon, he wants an MRI done. Brother! It's always something isn't it?
    Hello to Dayle and I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

  9. I'd love to meet Gracie and also you, Teresa. Friends far and near, virtual or in town, are just so important for our wellbeing. Have a wonderful day. Mine will be a mixed bag of stuff and emotions. I am working but I'll be also saying good bye to my oldest, who is moving into his own flat today. xx

  10. I love that she made you cookies. How sweet, truly.
    I went to the farmers market with zach. We enjoy it on Thursday mornings.
    I spent 5 hours at the barn . Thursday is my long volunteer afternoon, but I love it.

  11. Looks like a nice time together💜 the anchor cup and saucer are pretty. I've got a few older ones my aunt gifted me after she died years ago..still have them. Staying cool and well has been on my to do list these past few days. Busy last couple days at work. Take care xx----xx.🌷

  12. So much fun Teresa and love that you and Gracie are friends ❤❤

  13. Those cherries look delicious. I now have a craving for them but have to wait months before they're in season here. For us cherries mean Christmas. It's always lovely to catch up with friends. xx Susan


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