Monday, August 12, 2019

Eggs and Heirlooms

Hello friends, pull up a chair for a visit.  Our chickens are in full production.  We have eggs coming out of our ears.  If you happen to drop by you will leave with a dozen eggs.  :-)  I have 2 porcelain egg holders for the fridge which I keep full, and also had to get three 2-dozen egg holders for the fridge.

We moved our old wooden bread box to our caravan galley and installed the one I got from Sally and Dallas in it's place.  I like it!  I've been buying red small kitchen appliances when we need a new one and so this fits in like it was meant to be here.

Our little galley kitchen, it's small but works.

Our DIL Kristi helped Dallas move all the things she wanted to keep out of Sally's house and it has sold.  Dallas gave Kristi a few more things to give to me.  Sally's sister was a talented artist who specialized in painted eggs.  We sold them in the Vista House Gallery for years.  Here are a few that Sally kept and now belong to me.  Look at this Easter one!

A close up of the Fimo clay bunnies she made for this one.

This one has a Great Blue Heron on it, see the iridescent feathers?

This one is amazing, Mt. Hood behind a wildflower meadow with Oregon's State Bird, the Meadowlark atop a stump.

And look at this adorable Santa, what a cute face!

This is even painted on the back with a sack full of gifts.

Yesterday we re-potted the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) that I brought home from my sister's memorial service.  I hope it grows and flourishes here in our home.

I ordered some new sourdough starter from King Arthur and it's doing very well.  I lost the one I had from my brother, so this will work for us for now.  I can't wait to make some sourdough flapjacks/pancakes soon.  They really are the best pancakes ever.

I'm off to swim soon, Gracie will meet me in the pool.  I missed two weeks of lap swimming due to family matters so I really need to get back "in the swim of things".  Have a super week.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love the little egg with the bunnies. So very cute.

    Hope you have a good swim. We'll be getting out walking when it cools off a little bit after supper. Too hot to get out there right now.

  2. Those eggs are gorgeous treasures (both the painted ones and the ones you are getting from your chickens!!). You need to start baking some things.

    I would love to have a place nearby where I could go swimming with a friend....

  3. Sally's bread box looks at home in your kitchen, and it is neat that it has the chickens painted on the front. Your chickens give you such beautiful eggs, and I admire the artistry of the painted eggs, too...Mt Hood is my favorite. I just tended the flowers around me and am looking forward to our swim! xx

  4. Hi Teresa. I hope you and Gracie had a great swim and a fun time of talking and friendship. You are both so special to me.

    The breadbox does indeed look absolutely perfect in your farm kitchen with all of the reds.

    But...what has my jaw dropping in awe are those amazing, incredibly gorgeous eggs. I keep looking back at the photos and the stunning amount of detail in each one. Oh my! You are one lucky lady to have inherited those eggs. They are mind-boggleing. I can't wait to visit you and see them in person someday. :-) . Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
    I hope your spirits are being lifted as you continue to recover from the past few weeks. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Hello to Dayle!

  5. Teresa, I really love the red bread box. I adore red in the kitchen. I just hung a red and white buffalo check valance in our red and white kitchen. Your eggs look wonderful from your hens. We eat a lot of eggs here and it would be great to have a dozen from you. The handmade eggs are stunning. What lovely treasures each and everyone is!

  6. I envy your egg supply! We go through plenty here as egg on toast is Michael's favourite breaky and I always keep a bowl of hard boiled ones in the fridge for the kids to snack on (or to go in salads). Quiches are a favourite too so we always seem to be buying eggs. The painted eggs are lovely too and the detail on them is wonderful. xx Susan

  7. Good on you Teresa and swimming and meeting Gracie πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Love all those eggs how lucky. Amazing ornaments for your collection πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  8. heart warming post...lovely to have the lilly and the memories with it ;)
    i love the egg basket, crikey such a lot of eggs, one day i'd love to have chickens...and our daily bread box how gorrrgeous is that! ;)...such a talented lady with the egg art too ;)x

  9. Love the Santa eggs. So creative ! I hope swimming feels wonderful and soothes your grieving soul


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