Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dune Part Deux and Falls Gift

I'm happily working along on the 2nd Dune blanket for my younger granddaughter, Paige.  The first one will go to my firstborn grandchild, Jenna.  I am changing the colorway slightly so they can tell them apart.  I removed a few of the darker colors in the first one and added in a few more lighter colors.  This is where I am as of this morning but the whole color sequence has 6 more colors.  The bottom 4 are the sandy beach, then 4 sea/ocean colors of aqua, I've done 2 of the sunset colors and then there will be 4 sky colors.  

The next color.  I should be able to show you the whole colorway at my next post.  I will do 4 repeats of the 16 colors.  Hopefully this one goes faster than the first one! :-)  Lucy has brought out a new blanket called "Dahlia" and Wool Warehouse launched the packs this morning.. and I already purchased mine!  It's very colorful and pretty and will brighten up my winter hours by the fire.

We attended the Friends of Multnomah Falls Annual Meeting on Monday.  It was held in the lodge and they treated our organization to a dinner of lasagna, rolls, salad and a dessert of apple crisp with vanilla whipped cream.  We elected our board and honored volunteers for their service.  I was given a gift bag for my 30 years as a founding member of the group.  A beautiful re-usable bag, 2 MF etched tumblers, a jar of jam and a box of goodies from Harry & David.  :-)

Inside the box are some yummy looking things!  Which of these things would you like to try?  Me.. it's the Moose Munch.. popcorn covered with caramel and some chocolate drizzled over.  

Are you familiar with Marionberries?  They are a larger variety of a blackberry.

A close-up of the etching.

I was also awarded with a 30 year pin, I will proudly add it to the vest I wear while volunteering.  This is the badge we wear, which I designed using the image of the pin I designed.  :-)

I have an old friend, Steve Terrill, we met when I purchased his products for sale in the Gift Shop of the Vista House.  I've learned a lot from him about photography.  The most important thing is - it's better not to take photos on a sunny day as the sun bleaches out the color.  He posted this shot on his Facebook page and I asked him if I could share it.  Isn't this gorgeous?  Click HERE to see more of his amazing works.

Mocha wanted to say hi again.  LOL!

We have a rare day with no appointments or meetings.  I plan to enjoy the freedom of it all.  What are you up to today?  


  1. Congratulations on 30 years service! That photo is stunning. The colours of the trees are spectacular. xx

  2. The new blanket is lovely and I am glad you were able to order Lucy's new blanket kit. I liked the colors and design she showed on her blog, too. It is wonderful that your artistry and 30 years of service were honored by the Friends! ...great gifts and the popcorn attracts me as well :-) ((hugs)), Gracie

  3. Hi Teresa, Thanks for reminding me where the pattern for the blanket is found. Tonight I started a lavender and white baby blanket using the shell stitch.
    Your blanket is so pretty. I really like that color sequence and the soft color palette.
    What a nice gift basket. The pin is gorgeous. I love marionberry jam and huckleberry too. People who don't live in the NW often think I'm joking about huckleberries. They often think they don't exist and only know huckleberries through "Huckleberry Hound"!
    Mocha is so sweet. Please give her a squeeze and a pat from me and tell Dayle hi for Dennis. I'm still feeling pretty nasty and staying home. It's been a week since I left the house and that's fine with me. The doctor prescribed some cough medicine over the phone yesterday and it's helped "a little" last night. I got a whopping 5 hours sleep which was better than the 2-3 I've had for the past little while.

  4. How lucky the falls are to have you on board for 30 years! Well done, my friend! The lovely box of Harry and David goodies would make me happy if I were not eating low carb. Boo Hoo I agree with your photography friend. The sun does tend to wash out photos on bright days. In fact I love rainy day photos the best! He sure has a beautiful photo there! Hello cute little Mocha.

  5. Oh I love everything you got there Teresa and congratulations ❤❤❤❤

  6. Oh that blanket is wonderful!
    Sounds like your Falls really takes care of its volunteers. So Important
    I had a rough day at the barn. Always fun, but I had a big big new horse and iM still trying to get used to him. Not sure that's going to happen. He's a goofy boy, but too big for me to really feel comfortable around. They are great. They are already on top of it and are planning to change it up next session when it starts. I'll just give him praise and treats. but not be a leader with him. Many others I can work with more successfully!! HEs' huge.

  7. The blanket is beautiful. Lovely design and colors. Congrats on your 30 years of service. Enjoy all those yummy gifts.

  8. Such a beautiful blanket...your neat crochet work is always a pleasure to see. Those colours are gorgeous. Congratulations on your 30 years of certainly deserve to wear that beautiful pin. Enjoy these cosy days and your delicious treats dear Teresa XXX

  9. Your blankets are so pretty Teresa! Congrats on your service at the Falls. Nice gifts!!


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