Friday, November 22, 2019

Three More Rows and Growing Boys

Two more rows of sunset and a row of sky.  Three more rows until a repeat of the color-way.  Problem is I am missing one last color.. will keep looking.

Our grandsons came to our house on the bus after school and spent the night with us.  Dayle took them to Dairy Queen for dinner.  We watched TRON this morning.  When Kristi came to get them today she brought a their school photos she forgot to give to me last year.  I was thrilled with how cute the photos are!  

This is Hayden, what a smile!  He's so helpful and kind and so very smart.  We're so proud of the boys.

Caleb, the baby of the family, with the natural curly hair and so smart and sweet.  He performed a poem he wrote for me and I was so impressed.  

Lastly I thought I'd share another mandala that I "colored" on the free app on my iPad.  It has shown me that I tend to favor "gem" colors such as ruby, garnet, amethysts, etc.  If you were to color one, what colors would you choose?  I'm so curious.

I'm back on light duty, I twisted my "good" knee and am having to walk very carefully or it gives out.  Sheesh.  Getting older is no walk in the park.  So.. I'll be crocheting more and reading a backlog of magazines over the weekend.  Thank goodness for crochet, I say!  I'm still able to be productive if not able to run a marathon.  Have a fab weekend.. any exciting plans?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh, how those boys have grown - so very handsome, too. Wonderful that you get to have time with them so often. Your crocheting is beautiful - love the colors. Your granddaughters will cherish your handy work.

  2. No plans here, but I like it that way after a busy work week. Both of your grandsons sound like treasures. Take it easy on that knee. My dad tells me that, "growing old ain't for sissies".

  3. Gosh Teresa take it easy and crochet perfect for that 😀😀 Handsome boys and love this blanket too ❤❤

  4. So sorry about your knee, and I hope it heals rapidly! It's great you and Dayle had a good visit with your wonderful grandsons. I admire the pattern and colors of the latest blanket. This morning I enjoyed the new movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Tomorrow afternoon is my once a month art group, and Sunday after church someone generously gave me a ticket to the Singing Christmas Tree at Keller auditorium!!! 🤗

  5. Oops! Sorry to hear about your knee. I had surgery on my left knee when I was in 8th grade and I'm still very careful about what I do, how I jump or twist. Thank goodness for our hobbies to keep us busy and productive while we are sitting and resting. Take care.

  6. Sorry about your knee, I hope it heals soon. In the meantime, enjoy the enforced relaxation. Your grandsons always sound like amazing boys, and those are two gorgeous photos of them, they've captured their smiles beautifully. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your knee. Your mandala is pretty - I enjoy coloring greeting cards using colored pencils. Makes me feel productive while I binge watch Midsommer Murders! I tend to use blues and greens a lot. Rest your knee and feel better soon!

  8. I left a comment last night but don't see it. Sorry if you get two Teresa. I don't remember exactly what I said so forgive me if you get two completely different comments!
    The blanket is coming along wonderfully. I love the color sequence on this one. I'm so sorry that you hurt your knee and hope it's much better now.
    Caleb and Hayden are turning into such handsome young men and outgrowing the "cute" stage aren't they? They are going to be heartbreakers! :-)
    Have a great day my friend.

  9. Your blanket is going to be beautiful, love those colours. What handsome grandsons you have. Have a lovely weekend and take it easy. B x

  10. Those boys!!!! I do see YOU in them Teresa especially Caleb. Love your crochet work.
    MY father is failing. He asks for prayers. I tell him I have people who don't even know you Dad, praying for you. He is frightened. Im sad that he is so afraid to leave. Its so normal. He is a very playful man.
    Im going to take a nap now. Been crying a bit. Bought myself an eye cool mask. I think I better look for the dress I will wear if he continues to fail and passes. > But you never never know. I learned that as a nurse.

  11. The boys are getting so big! They are adorable, but don't tell them I said that. Boys don't like to be adorable!


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