Monday, November 25, 2019

🦢Rip, Roll and Swans 🦢

🦢 As I added more rows past the peach row of sunset colors in my Dune afghan - I just did not like how that peach color looked - and so I spent time yesterday ripping out 10 rows of crochet of 5 colors and rolling them into little balls.  And then of course I had to go to the Wool Warehouse website and order a few more colors that melted into the colors that DO work.  That order has been delivered to DHL and will make its way to me, hopefully this week.  Meantime I'm weaving in ends to get it ready for when the new colors arrive.  

AND.. look what arrived on Saturday?  My next blanket yarn!  Do check out Lucy's introduction post to the blanket, click HERE.  It will be a CAL (crochet-a-long) with many other Lucy lovers all around the globe.

I am VERY happy to think this blanket project will brighten up my long, grey, cold, winter.  I think I'm going to work the colors from the darkest to the lightest and repeat.

My friend Diane dropped by to visit and brought us some more cookies made by her talented baker son who lives with her.  He works in a coffee shop and keeps them supplied with cookies and scones.

I was amazed at all the intricate designs on these spice cookies.

I like this one of a man, woman, dog and apple tree.  Is she holding a hat on her head, or ?

This one has a mill house on it with what I believe is a goat and apple tree.

And a diamond shaped cookie.  

The Tundra Swans are back in Mirror Lake by Rooster Rock.  They come here from their nesting grounds in the Arctic Tundra.  My kind hearted husband took my big camera down and got some photos for me as I was still staying off my knee.  Good news.. I'm fairly well mended and getting around better.  Thanks for the good wishes.

There are also Mallards, Canada Geese and Blue Heron that make this lake their home.

See the Great Blue Heron?  I'm very upset with blue herons right now.  We've had one "fishing" in our pond and we're afraid that all our koi have been eaten.  :-(

This photo captured a swan in flight and a Blue Heron.

I'm just happy to have the swans back.. for a time.  Last year I missed getting a photo of them.  Thanks, Dayle!

Another mandala, this one with strawberries, leaves and flowers.

Today Dayle is going to go out hunting and gathering for our Thanksgiving dinner - all the fresh vegetables, sparkling apple cranberry juice, staples, rolls and the fresh turkey, about 26 lbs.  What a feast we'll have.  There will only be 6 of us as our older son and his boy both have to work.  Have a wonderful week!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hello Teresa. I am way behind commenting on your blog, have been reading.
    though. Life so has been so busy one way and another :-(
    I was reading Lucy's Blog yesterday, how beautiful are the dahlias ( my father loved and grew them) the yarn colours are gorgeous, will brighten up dark days of winter. Sorry to think your fish are all gone :-(
    My knees have both been playing up!
    If I don't get another chance to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hugs Anne x

  2. I think I'm in love with that man of yours

  3. What a shame you've had to rip out some of your crochet, but if the colours weren't working for you, it would only niggle away at you! Those cookies look amazing! Bet they taste good too. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  4. How wonderful to see the swans. We have some overwintering about half an hour away from us, also from the Arctic tundra. They are Bewick's swans, the smallest species I think. In fact I have just looked it up, and there are two types of tundra swan - Bewick's and whistling. I think yours are whistling swans - cygnus Columbianus, after the river. I love seeing the Bewick's arrive from Siberia with their families, if they've raised any. They stay at the wetlands place we go to and the experts there have identified each and every one by their bill patterns, so they know all about which ones are paired and how many cygnets they raise each year. It's fascinating. The journey is increasingly dangerous sadly, with power cables and hunters. A woman followed their flight path one year in a little hang glider, it was really interesting. I could go on and on about them, but I've probably banged on enough already. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. CJ xx

  5. Just saw your comment on my blog, thank you. And I'll definitely show the boys your swan pictures, they'll love to see some more swans from the Arctic who have headed over to America. Wonderful. CJ xx

  6. You are the blanket crocheting queen Teresa! Such pretty colors. Oh boy do those cookies look so tasty (and I am so hungry right NOW). Pretty swans.

  7. What a pretty new pack of colors from Lucy. I did look up the post where she told all about it and it will be fun to watch yours progress.
    We're keeping very busy with Alex, Mandy and Piper. They've all made a Costco run and left me to rest my back.
    Love the swan photos.

  8. So glad you knee is getting better, Teresa! Thanks for the photos, Dayle...I have not made it over there at the right time, but geese have been flying over my home, and I love seeing them and getting to listen to their conversations. Blue Heron have to eat, but I am sorry one has been fishing in your pond :-( The yarn colors of the new Lucy pack are so pretty and I will enjoy seeing how you use them. Bravo for being so brave to rip and roll on your current blanket to get it how you want it to be. Also, bravo, for getting your blog pattern link working! The cookies are amazing works of art and I admire your computer coloring. I need to go out and get some groceries for Thanksgiving. Tim and I plan to go celebrate with friends while LIs and Gary celebrate with his folks. ((hugs)), Gracie :-)

  9. Bad blue Heron.....poor fish 😯😯 Those cookie presses are awesome xxoo

  10. Those cookies are so beautiful! I love the new blanket from Lucy and was tempted to buy the yarn for it but really don't have the time to make it so I will live through you! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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