Friday, November 15, 2019

🍁 Flying Leaves 🍂

🍁 🍂 Time does march on, doesn't it? The colorful Autumn leaves are flying through the air and the beautiful trees all aflame are getting sparse.  The red tree below is our Pin Oak which has gotten massive.  The yellow leaves are on our Weeping Birch trees.  Beyond that our state tree, the Douglas Fir.

The leaves on the Pin Oak get brilliantly red, then turn a leathery reddish brown as they fall.

I love when the birch leaves turn yellow and for that time before the leaves fall it's so colorful in our yard.

I relish the color as soon there won't be a leaf and the bare branches will suffer through a long, cold winter before spring brings life back.

And this happens.  A carpet of red on the ground.  :-)

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with my sister Denise yesterday.  It's amazing how many people still visit even when it's cold and windy.  There wasn't a lot of water coming over the falls.. but due to a spring up there it never dries up completely.  Our Visitors Center where we work is on the bottom left.

I get a kick out of a common question when people come in the door.  "How do you get to the waterfall?".  I point to the right and say, just walk that way, look up and see the falls and just walk towards them.  Some even ask if there is a map they need to find it.  Umm.. not really.. it's just up there.  The most commonly asked question is "Do you have a restroom?"  Yes, it's that way, I point left, at the end of the building.  What I don't say is.. "Right under the sign that says "Restroom".  :-)  

We got to meet a Buddhist Monk in full robes the color of paprika from Thailand!  A man from Moldova saw me crocheting and told me a woman in his church knits socks for everyone, he was here visiting his daughter who lives here now and she told me he brought her a pair of the hand-knit socks for her.  :-)

This time of year it gets dark early so we close down the center and head out before it's pitch black.  There is a clear patch with a view from the on ramp to the I-84 freeway where I like to take a photo sometimes.  This was one of them. 

Not the most colorful sunset but pretty none-the-less, and it seems like you can see how cold it is.  

We have some plans over the weekend which I'll share with you on Monday.  Do you have any plans over the weekend?  Do share.  I'm reading a really good book right now called "The Royal Secret" by Lucinda Riley.  I'm near the end and it's been very good.  I am also working on my 2nd lap afghan for granddaughter #2.  OK.. have a good one!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your pin oak is beautiful in fall! Ohhh Can't wait to hear of your weekend plans.
    Im off to the barn for an extra shift. Just a tad silly nervous about driving in the dark with the crazy deer in rut. I'll go really slowly. Leave early.

  2. No plans for the weekend, but I like it that way. After our recent bout with the weather there is very little fall color left for us.

  3. No weekend plans but I too like it that way. My husband is going to a college football game with a friend tomorrow so I am off the hook for cooking. Hooray! I should dust but maybe I'll knit.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pretty views of Autumn around you.🍂 Now I am all curious as to what you are doing this weekend 🤔 I plan to shop at Freddie's, go to church and a meeting and watch some football on TV🏈 🤗

  5. Loving all the beautiful colours near you. As you say it’s worth making the most of them now. Chatting to visitors is great. I’m missing my volunteering at the moment. Have a good weekend. B x

  6. You have such pretty views Teresa and the trees look awesome. Have a lovely weekend..sound intriguing. Hugs xxx

  7. Lovely sunset photo, Teresa. Your great smile must make all of the visitors feel so welcome! I love how you get peoples' stories while you are sharing info with them. You sure have a lot of beauty around your home! Thanks for sharing it with me too!

  8. The leaves are all gone here. Dennis has raked several times and mulched the leaves. It seems winter has set in at our home. I always enjoy seeing the views of the Falls and Lodge. It never gets old. I like how socks from Moldova end up here. My socks are in the UK and Japan and worn by many in both places. Oh, and Germany too! I think it ties us all together on a level that isn't easily understood. Boy, that got deep!!! :-)
    I have a doozy of a cold and have been down for a couple of days. I had hoped I would wake up this morning much better, but nope.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about those weekend plans my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  9. The colors are so beautiful everywhere you look. I ti still green here although chilly today a high of 54!

  10. Your leaves are still lovely, Teresa! Our's are slowly falling and pretty soon they will be bare. I love the questions you get at your workplace. It's so beautiful there. And that sunset is magnificent. It surely looks cold! Our weekend was quiet with walks and time spent by the fire. Have a great week ahead. ♥

  11. The leaves are so pretty here. Even driving driving to Wilsonville on the freeway one could see lovely leaf colors, especially in ravines and blackberry bushes galore! Did some baking Sat and making a few cleaning products from scratch...laundry booster and bathroom scrub for shower/tub. Have a good week Teresa! Hugs!🍂🍁🌻

  12. Love your sunset pictures! They are gorgeous. The Fall colors are some of my favorites. Looking forward to hearing about your weekend!


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