Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year - 2020

Did you have a fun New Years Eve?  We had a mellow one with just the two of us watching a few episodes of The Witcher on Netflix and then counting down to midnight watching the ball drop in NYC.  My dear husband surprised me with a lovely bouquet of red roses and Stargazer Lilies on Monday.  A sweet start to the year!

I rearranged the bouquet that Kristi gave me as the white carnations had faded, the red ones still look good.  The two arrangements look pretty together.  

The chimney vase is adorable, isn't it?

The lilies were buds on Monday but I trimmed the stems of all the flowers before putting them in water with the little flower food packet and the next morning the lilies were opening up.

Goodness how I love a riot of color from fresh flowers and the aroma of the lilies are a bonus.

I found a recipe that looked good in my FB feed a while back so I printed it up and Dayle picked up the ingredients and whipped up this delicious meal for us last evening.  It was a winner and super yummy.  It's called "Garlic Parmesan Chicken".  Click HERE for the recipe.  It uses chicken thighs, potatoes and baby spinach - the best part is the garlic parmesan cream sauce you cover it all with.  MMM!  After reading the comments from those who made it, he doubled the sauce and browned the thighs and microwaved the potatoes a before slicing and adding them to the pan.  We also will not wilt the spinach ahead next time as it will cook fine as it bakes.. PLUS we baked it for 40 minutes instead of the recommended 25.

One of our grandsons brought over a basketball a while back and Mocha launched herself at it and began playing soccer with it, it was hilarious.  So, I decided to get one for her.  She has had a blast with it.. I have tried to capture a photo but she's always a blur.. 

She noses it and kicks it with her front paws.. she's a natural!

Her first owners had a young boy and a big fenced yard where she spent a lot of time.. and I think he played soccer with her.

I must say, she gives us hours of enjoyment watching her play.  

Mocha, our own personal Pele.

We are taking good care of our little hummingbirds that winter over at our house.  

And so here we are, 2020.  My hopes for this year is for our country to come together and work as a team to fix the problems we have.  I mean.. we're the UNITED States of America.  I am wishing for you the very best year!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Happy New Year Teresa. Love your flowers & Dayle is so sweet. Your Mocha is so funny. That chicken dish sounds really good. We had a quiet evening at home and I was in bed by 10:30!!

    Here's hoping 2020 brings some changes for the better for our country.

  2. The start of a new year prompts me to thank you for posting about your appreciation for friends and family and your gentle approach to life. I enjoy your blog and want to express how much your kind words mean in an often unkind world. May 2020 bring you health and happiness!

  3. Happy New Year! Mocha looks like such a delight. I enjoy our cats/dogs and where would I be without them?! They bring such enjoyment to me. Your recipe looks wonderful and I wish you THE BEST 2020!!!!!

  4. All the best to you and yours this New Year, Mocha too of course!

  5. Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year Teresa.
    Mocha grows more adorable every time I see a picture of her.

  6. Your flowers are lovely and that chimney vase is adorable. I love your posts about Mocha, she is so entertaining. That chicken dish looks quite yummy. Wishing you a wonderful 2020 with nothing but good things for you and Dayle!

  7. How n ice Of your DaylE!!!!! I love the chimney planter! Happy 2020 . yes we have to come together

  8. Did I tell you I have hummers visiting here as well? I have one little feeder they visit and they still feed on the blooms on the hanging plants. My neighbor across the driveway has a feeder and it is fun to watch the hummers dart back and forth between the feeders, but I have not succeeded in getting a photo of them yet...maybe in 2020! ((hugs))

  9. Hello and Happy New Year to you and Dayle. I think your flowers are all lovely and the chimney vase is very cute. That ball is bigger than Miss Mocha! I can imagine what a blur she is as she's running around chasing after that ball. I love it! I printed out the recipe, now I'm going to write in the changes you mentioned. Thanks for telling us about all of the improvements you made. Wishing you both a wonderful year ahead.

  10. Happy New Year to you dear friends and your wonderful family.

  11. I'm about to dive into the computer and eat that fabulous dinner, I just remembered I did not eat lunch. Wishing you and Dayle a happy and healthy 2020.

  12. You always have such lovely flowers gracing your home! Dayle is a romantic husband to treat you so lovingly with them. Mocha is really enjoying her new game! Such a cutie! Happy New Year, my friend! I agree with your hopes for us all in 2020!

  13. Happy New Year and may 2020 be something we are all proud of ☺☺

  14. I love your flowers and the chimney vase is unique! Love the view of your hummingbird feeder. And I looked at the pattern for the heart too. I'm not very good at following crochet patterns but I might give it a try! Thank you! Happy new year!

  15. Happy and healthy New Year to you. Mocha looks like she's having such fun! I hope the whole world comes together to solve the world's problems, but I fear that's a dream too far. All we can do is spread love to those around us and hope that it ripples out. xx

  16. Teresa, thank you for taking the time to link up. I appreciate it!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.


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