Monday, February 3, 2020

Taking Dahlia on a Photo Shoot

That's normal, right?  :-)  If you're a regular reader of my blog, you might not be surprised at all about this.  I'm in a CAL (crochet-a-long) with Lucy at Attic24 blog.  She posted a lot of photos in her last blog post of those of us who are in the CAL with our pets and blankets.  This week she asked for us to share photos of our blankets "in the field".  So, of course, I took my afghan up to Portland Women's Forum to get a photo.  Right?  This shot is Dayle's.  He draped the blanket over the interpretive sign.  That is Vista House at Crown Point State Park and the mighty Columbia River Gorge, Washington State on the left, Oregon on the right.  USA, for those visiting from around the world.  :-)

This is my shot with the blanket hanging over a split rail fence.

Here is the view sans blanket.

We then drove on over to Vista House and I draped the blanket the old rock wall surrounding VH.  I must say I got a few odd looks from the other visitors.  :-P

Turning to the left.. this magnificent building glows in the sunshine.  I was the Executive Director of the Friends of Vista House here for 15 years in the 80s and 90s.  My office was in the basement and I was there 5 days a week.  It's a part of me and I love it dearly.

Again.. the blanket over the rock wall in the grassy area above the building.  When I was ED we had a pioneer encampment here with a covered wagon, tents and a campfire.  My mom even came up and cooked an apple cobbler in a cast iron Dutch oven and shared it with us all, even the tourists from all over.  Good memories.

Back at home.. I had the blanket rolled up between crocheting on it.

I have my blanket yarn in the top level of my trolley cart.  I put the flyer on the front that came with the yarn from Wool Warehouse.  I also printed up the color sequence of the blanket and taped it there.  

I walked into the family room and saw Mocha asleep in the crook of her daddy's arm.  We are besotted with this cuddly little darling.

When we pulled into the carport I spotted the big patch of Snowdrops were in bloom.  

I just love how they spread into big plots of them.  Snowdrops spread naturally both by creating new bulbs within a clump and by spreading further afield by seed.

They are pretty tightly curled up but will open up with sun warmth.  Yesterday was so bright and pretty, and this morning we woke up to a dusting of snow!

And look!  A hardy rose bud.. my Double Delight rose!  I took this photo then pulled my Swiss Army pen-knife on my key chain and used the sharp blade to cut the bloom.   

I brought it in the house, filled my bud vase with water and it's sitting right beside me as I type this post.  It even smells wonderful! 

I am searching for my Valentine tablecloth so I can do a little heart-centric decorating on our dining table.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful colors - the blanket, the snow drops in the bright green grass and the lovely rose bud. I miss that climate and growing season! Not many signs of spring arriving here other than some swelling buds on the lilacs. Today I am working on a pile of mending that needs my attention!

  2. Love the blanket and the photo shoot you gave it :) No snowdrops or roses here, but I have a lot of lady bugs. lol

  3. It is snow/hailing here...and the sun is shining, too????? I loved every photo you shared and your narrative as well. Your flowers are lovely! I am going to go look for a rainbow instead of organizing papers to figure my taxes 🤗

  4. Beautiful photos... love the photo of Mocha napping on Dayle's lap!

  5. where is dahlia? (like where is Waldo). great pics Teresa:)

  6. Such beautiful photos of your Dahlia blanket in the beautiful setting of Oregon. I love the Vista house and enjoy going there and just sitting and looking at the view. I think I sat on those steps for over an hour one visit. I love your part of the world. Sweet Mocha loves her Daddy too. You really lucked out when you found her and I think she did too.
    We're supposed to get a significant snowfall tomorrow and Wednesday, 6-8 inches. But then it's supposed to warm into the 40's again by the weekend. I keep thinking each week that goes by brings spring closer and I can go to my trailer. We had a shock this year. They raised the rates out there significantly for the third year in a row. This could very well be our last year and then we may have to put our trailer in storage until retirement. Several of our friends who have been there longer than us are selling their places this year because they just can't afford it anymore. So sad. We've loved it there. We're thinking of having it towed to Arizona and wintering there after retirement. We'll have to see. Lots of options to choose from.
    Tell Dayle we said hello and kisses to Miss Mocha.

  7. It's hard to improve on the view where you live as it is already so very beautiful, but I gotta say, I think your blanket absolutely added an extra dose of loveliness. Gorgeous photos!

  8. How cool your blanket looks Teresa and I am sure people wondered what on earth your were going! Mocha is such a sweet dog you must be so delighted that she shares your home. I hope you find your tablecloth, yes Valentine's is just around the corner. I am busy making samples with the new stamp release but today I am off to my silversmithing class. You spotted my fountain pens in my photo on my blog and asked how I use them in my card making...I don't but I do write all the time, even my shopping lists using a fountain pen. I have done since I was a schoolgirl! However they made a fun photo accessory for showcasing that card and new stamp. Have a lovely week, hugs xxx

  9. A stunning blanket in a stunning scenery!

  10. Oh My Goodness! You're blanket is just gorgeous! Those colours against the backdrop of the river gorge really do sing! Awww your little Mocha is just like Ranger; he loves to snooze on Daddy's lap too! Those snowdrops are so beautiful. We're looking forward to snowdrop season. Best, Jane x

  11. Beautiful colourful photos Teresa! You and Dayle did a great job taking your Dahlia blanket out in the field! It's quite hard to do and you do get some funny looks :) Lots of lovely snowdrops there too. Have a happy week XXX

  12. Your blanket is a pure delight Teresa! The colors are matched so well, they make it vivacious and joyful!

  13. I LOVE the Dahlia blanket! I was very tempted when the CAL started, but I have too much on as it is! But now I have seen yours - it is going on my list :-)
    By the way, you have a lovely home,

  14. Hello Teresa meant to say you have fantastic valentine decor ❤❤ Mocha so loved and oh my that blanket and yes great opportunity for outing snaps ❤😀

  15. You have so much fun!!!!! Going around, to take these photos.

    And here is your lovely home again. Yes, it must be so welcoming, all the time. Wish I could come over for a visit! -smile-

    "All you need is love.
    But a little chocolate now and then
    doesn't hurt."
    ~Charles M. Schultz

  16. Dahlia is absolutely gorgeous!!


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