Friday, April 3, 2020

Bartering and Grandkids

Our chickens are laying well.. so I texted my friend Bev and asked if she would like a couple dozen eggs.  Sure, she said.  I also passed on my British Country Living to them to peruse.  When her husband Gary picked them up he left this beautiful bouquet that Bev arranged for me!  It is Grape Hyacinth and Arum leaves.  Isn't it pretty?

I've never grown these but have always admired them.  I need to get some in our garden.

I put the bouquet on my little piano stool right by my chair so I can enjoy them.  Dayle brought in a daffodil that we could enjoy before they begin to decline.

I wish Daffodils bloomed all summer too.  

Bev stuck in the bouquet this precious little purse that she had sewn.  You can't see it in the photo but each egg is circled with sparkles.  Cute!

She makes these as gifts and fundraisers for groups she's involved in.  I have several for different holidays.  You can put ear buds and cords in them, money - paper and coins, credit cards, business cards, sweeteners, the list is endless.  What would YOU use this for?

Bev also showed a mask like this her neighbor made and I contacted the neighbor and asked if she'd like to trade two of these for some eggs, and so now Dayle and I both have one if we have to go out public.

I put in another order from Fred Meyer for a grocery delivery.  SCORE.. they had Bob's Red Mill flour!  Now Dayle can continue to bake our own bread.  

Google got me into trouble again.  Remember when I showed you the copper and oak handled utensils I've had for years?  WELL.. I did a search trying to find out who made these and guess what was on eBay for a pittance?  These 4 beauties!  A nice ladle, spoon, pizza or pie server and a scoop!  I simply could not resist adding to my useful collection and hit the "Buy Now" button and was shocked to see them delivered the very next day.  They have a lovely patina and now I'm not sure whether I should leave them as they are or shine them up to match mine that are shiny.  Your thoughts?  I still have not divined who made them.. the owner of these did not say.  I am looking forward to serving soup with the ladle.

Today is 🎈 🎂 Hayden's ðŸŽ‚ ðŸŽˆ birthday!  He is 12!!  He and Caleb's birthdays are only 4 days apart so they celebrate together.  This is them 9 years ago.  

Here is my beloved grandson Hayden today - his mama got him a brownie cake for his big day.  We called him and sang Happy Birthday to him and chatted with him about his day.  

Both of these photos came up in my Facebook "Memories" - this one is Dayle helping our 2 granddaughters, Jenna and Paige, to color Easter eggs.  When I see these photos I always think of all the activities we have not been able to enjoy with them after they moved to Ohio 9 years ago.  To be honest it still breaks my heart.  💔

Dayle made a family favorite for our dinner - it's called "Chinese Noodle Casserole" - on a humorous note, when I first saw it I said.. umm.. that looks like dog food!  Well.. that is what our family calls it.  LOL!

"Chinese Noodle Casserole" or "Dog Food"

2 TBS oil
1 lb. lean ground beef
1 Cup diced celery
1 Onion, diced
1 Cup sliced mushrooms
1 Green pepper, diced (optional)
1/4 Cup soy sauce
1/2 Cup water
1/2 Cup rice (uncooked)
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
dash pepper
1 can Chinese noodles (crunchy kind)

Brown meat and onions in oil - add other veggies and saute for a bit, then add all other ingredients.  Bake in covered casserole for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Uncover and bake for another  30 minutes.  Cover top of casserole with noodles for the last 15 minutes.

NOTE:  We *always* double this recipe as it's so good re-heated.

I got the most wonderful letter from a woman in the UK who reads my blog but cannot comment.  So, I'm waving hello to my new friend, Lorraine!  I plan to write back to you today.

There is not a lot else to share with you.  Anything exciting happening in your home?  Do share.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Lovely way to share...

    Happy birthday Hayden!!!!

    Pictures bring back memories, even though some are bitter/sweet.

    Love casserole. Having a Tuna Casserole tonight. -smile-

    Please may I ask a question....? Have you ever considered making your print size, bigger? I ask because it is very small, for my "old eyes." -smile- Please and thank you...

    💧🌷🌱 💦🌱🌷💧

    1. Hi there, as for your request to make my type bigger, in Blogger I choose the size of type called "Normal" which is the medium size - the choices are "Smallest, Small, Normal, Large and LARGEST. As I see it on my computer when doing my blog is actually is pretty big. Have you tried going into settings on your computer and making all type larger? I use a MacBook Pro and I have the option to do that. I hope that helps.

    2. Hi Teresa, I don't think it is my computer, because I see different blogs, in different "size" fonts. If yours looks small to me, than the rest, would look exceedingly _huge_. And they do not. They just look easy for my "old" eyes, to read. -smile-

      When you read mine, is it easy to read? I have my Font Size set to 30px. Right in my Settings. Not just "small, normal, large" etc. I use this , because I have asked my Dear Readers, how my blog looks, on their screens? The majority said, 30px is good for reading.

      All in all, this is a teeny, tiny thing, in the world we now inhabit!!!!!! I know this!!!! But I just thought I'd mention it.

      Stay calm and carry on
      💧 🌷 🌱 💦 🌱 🌷 💧

  2. Oh certainly scored some great things!! I love that you were able to barter. I hope eggs are something we won't have trouble still finding. Thanks so much for the recipe. I have been looking for some new dishes to try and this sounds delicious! Adding it to my collection to try.

  3. as a grandmother loved those pics of your grandkids;) time gets by us. Those copper utensils are beautiful. Go Dayle, the breadman. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. What a fun filled post Teresa! That dinner looks delicious. I wish I had some of the chinese noodles because I would make it this weekend. Maybe I'll add some to the next grocery list.
    I can't believe it's been 9 years since your girls moved. You KNOW that I understand exactly how you feel. I'm so glad you have the memories to look back on with all of your grandkids.
    I love the little purse. I would probably put my earbuds in one because I'm always losing them by my bed.
    I like your mask. I was going to attempt to make myself a couple and then I discovered that I have no elastic at all. Oh well, I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon anyway.
    I can imagine how much bread you're going to have with that great flour. Dayle will be busy! :-)
    Wishing the two of you a good weekend from both Dennis and I. Lots of big hugs.

  5. Happy birthday hayden. So hard not being with them. Lovely flowers and I would use that little purse for other type cards, always keep credit one with phone. Masks look great and going to make us 2 when I get on my machine. Stay safe and we are doing the same. Actually doing more crochet than before think mojo back might try knitting a sock too lol

  6. Happy Birthday, Hayden! Today is my adult niece's birthday. She lives in LA and made two special cheesecakes to drop off to some of her family in Burbank. They are going to celebrate via FaceTime...a memorable birthday! So sweet to see your dear family photos...prompting precious memories to treasure. Happy Weekend, Teresa and Dayle! 🤗🤗

  7. Happy birthday Hayden! Those copper utensils are lovely, and I bet a pleasure to use. My son sent us 2 masks which we use when shopping. I thought of making some fabric masks to give to shop workers. Like Betsy, I only have a little elastic so think I'll either use T-shirt material (which is a bit stretchy) or old-fashioned ties. Stay safe. xx

  8. Happy Birthday Hayden, wishing you a wonderful day in these strange times. Love the bouquet, so pretty and the purse was a delight. I would use it for coins. Have a great weekend. Stay safe.

  9. Happy Birthday to Hayden! Your bartering worked the pretty flowers and masks. And glad you got lots of flour for your bread making. I can imagine how you feel sad to have your granddaughters so far are both lovely grandparents. Have a happy weekend dear Teresa XXX

  10. Hello Teresa and Dayle. It's terrible not seeing the grandkids. My two kids are 4 years and 1 day apart! We have to celebrate them separately or watch out! Have a good weekend. CN xx

  11. Those grand kids of your are so handsome!!! I love your little bags with the velcro. I'd keep my prayer cloth in it. Inside my purse.
    Dog food is a hysterical family joke.
    We were outside much of the day. We cleaned the garage, Fireman fixed my bike chain, and then we had another fire but in our pit in the yard. Some idiot was shooting on and off all day. You could hear his semi automatic weapon too. I just shake my head.
    I m happy to be knitting some bookmarks and my summer shawl.

  12. Happy 12th birthday to Hayden!! My oldest granddaughter will be 12 in May!! Nice flowers and small purse from your friend. Small purses are fun to stick small things in. i had a relatively good morning. Then Phil was fixing the dryer, that still works! Then had to help Megan in her fun! Will share that on my blog. I had a good back and forth email to Lorraine. Glad she's still blogging! Take care and enjoy your weekend! x-----x


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