Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Raised Garden Beds

We have been wanting to get some raised garden beds for literally YEARS.  But it was always put off for tomorrow, maybe next month, perhaps next year?  WELL.. with this Covid19 confinement, and lets face it, no one knows when it will be safe to idly stroll through the grocery store produce department.. we got serious about it.  We found these wonderful ones built by a very nice man in Sandy and put in an order, he delivered them the very next day!  They are beautiful, made of galvanized roofing sides and pressure treated wood frame.  He even has weed barrier fabric across the bottom.

The builder is a fireman and makes these as a side business.  

I stood on the deck, out of the way, and watched in admiration at how he moved these singlehandedly off his trailer with a hand-truck and moved them into place.

Of course my beloved husband decided that the beds were in the wrong place and the next day he used his hand-truck and moved each of them - the shorter one by the chicken house and the taller one by the roses.

I hope this works out well - I had him put this bed so that it faced West so that it would get optimum sunshine for the veggies.

Yesterday my sister told us that they had their raised bed soil delivered by a place that uses a conveyor to fill the beds so we gave them a call and again, they said they could come tomorrow.  Fast forward to today we went out to make sure the beds were exactly where we wanted them before they filled them with soil.  I snapped a photo of the house.. for fun.

This is the deeper one, see the weed barrier fabric on the bottom?  I used my iPhone level app and it was surprisingly level!

While we were waiting for the soil delivery I snapped a photo of the progress of my deep purple lilacs.. it won't be long now until I can have big bouquets of these beauties on the dining table!

And the white lilac is nearing bloom, too.  :-D

Happily the daffodils in the big pot are still beautiful.

I think we need to buy more tulip bulbs!

We heard the big huge truck when it was still a half mile away!  The skillful driver actually backed it in our driveway.  What is amazing is he uses a handheld remote control to maneuver the truck and the conveyor!  Do you see the soil being shot into the box?  We got 4 cubic yards of 3 way soil - it consists of mixtures of subsoil, sand, composted yard wastes, sawdust and manures.  We got a bit extra to use in our hanging baskets.

See how big the truck is?  The next step will be to wait until near Mother's Day, May 10th, to order our veg, herb starts and flowers and bring them home and plant them.  Yes, I did get seeds also but have decided to get some small plants to get a head start and fill in with seeds.

This is the sunny side of the black bamboo.

Kristi had to run an errand nearby so she and Caleb stopped by - we practiced social distancing and visited with them from 12 feet away!  It was good to chat with them, we really miss spending time with our son and his family.

Our Double Golden Kerria Globe Flower is in bloom.  It lives in harmony with our huge Rhododendron.

My experiment to use a larger font on my blog failed.. for me.  I have my browser set for LARGE font and so the type was way too big for me to read my own blog.  So, I lowered the size of my browser (Chrome) to Medium.. then when I went to one of my favorite blogs I couldn't read her text as it was tiny.  SO.. sorry for those who liked the bigger font.  Perhaps you could go into the settings of your browser and make the font bigger?  But I will go back to what worked for me.  OK.. off I go to get some sunshine and fresh air.  We have the windows open to freshen the house, it's lovely.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Teresa, you have the most handsome raised beds I've ever seen! Just wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful veggies you get from them. I think we are all worried what vegetables will be available in the groceries come summer. Glad you were able to "visit" with the grands. I'm missing mine terribly.

  2. Lucky you with those neat garden beds and fun seeing the soil being shot in lol

  3. When square foot raised bed gardening was introduced to us back in the 1990s in NY we built a little wooden frame much closer to the ground than yours. We mixed the soil as we were instructed and had success with a variety of plants from tomatoes to Cosmos. I look forward to seeing your reports of "how your gardens grow" in your great new raised garden beds, Teresa. It's so exciting to realize the Lilacs will soon be in bloom! ((hugs))

  4. I can't believe how fast you were able to get the beds AND soil delivered. You lucky duck! They are beautiful too. Such a talented young man. Dennis built me two raised beds that I have rhubarb in one, and in the past I planted green beans in the other one until some animal or other ate the plants for 4 years in a row. Recently I've planted marigolds in that bed. I would love to go back to green beans this year because we love homegrown beans. One year I froze 135 quart bags from that little 3 foot in diameter bed!
    It looks like all is going well for you and Dayle. So far, so good here too. I'm praying that continues. Take care Teresa.

  5. Looks like you are going to have fun growing veg this summer. I’m very envious of your lilacs, ours don’t look anywhere near flowering. Enjoy the sunshine. B x

  6. The raised beds were beautiful, a great job. We had a lot of success with container gardening in our old home and have once again started growing here. We are hoping there will not be shortages but are preparing for the worst. It is so nice to grow your own anyway. Stay safe.

  7. Those plant beds are beautiful! Good luck with your gardens... I planted my seeds and put them in the greenhouse earlier this week.

  8. I like your font just fine. Teresa DID you get the gift certificate prize from Cashmere Cape? Do you want me to tell you what they have ?

  9. Your raised beds put our own to shame, they are beautiful and so well made. It will be a joy planting them. I think you are a Mac user? I use command + and command - to adjust the size of the font. It just zooms in and out and I find it useful for blogs I find difficult to read. Of course it doesn't solve the problem, more like a bandaid. Happy Easter to you and yours xx

  10. Pretty flowers. What veggies do you plan to grow? Our sugar snaps are already climbing a trellis and onions are coming up. The rhubarb is showing red and growing so fast! Have a wonderful weekend Teresa!

  11. I like your font and blog design:) I LOVE the look of those raised beds. I have six square ones I bought online and put a "cattle panel" (flexible fence panel) between the two rows I made so vines can grown. Got the idea from Roots and Refuge farm on Youtube. Like you, I do both seeds and a few plants. I am looking forward to getting plants in the ground and flowers growing. Thanks for linking up and I hope you and Dayle stay well.

  12. Great idea getting the raised beds Teresa. We can't grow a thing here because of bugs and deer, but I really wish I could it would just be so nice to walk out the door and pick some lettuce and tomatoes. Have fun and good luck.


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