Wednesday, May 27, 2020

How Does Your Garden Grow?

May did indeed bring flowers.  :-)  We did have a long rainy period but the sun is back today!  Dayle brought me in a new bouquet of our pink roses.  💕

One of my newer Irises bloomed.. I like it!

And the Siberian Irises continue to bloom which is nice.

Our son worked on our pond pump with great results and the waterfalls are flowing strongly.

Do you see the photo bomber in this shot?  And guess what I found out.  That little bird has a good scam going.  When I feed the fish, it steals the fish food out of the pond and eats it.. a LOT of it!  It will even climb down the vines and take it out of the water.

The two goldfish that the mail lady gave us have really long flowing tails.  So I googled it and they are Comets!  What a perfect name for them!  Our 3 young Koi, Tiger, Pierre and Ashley are doing well and are spending more time out of their hidey hole.  The two Comets are Marmalade and Kumquat and the big Koi is Keiko.  There will be a test later.  :-)

A wide angle shot of the creek, waterfalls and pond.  Our own little Eden.

The view to the left of the pond.  Our grandson Caleb pulled weeds in this area so it's better now.

Our radishes are ready to eat!  We will have a salad today.

Our salad garden is ready for harvest.

We've already used parsley and chives.

Time to mound up around the potatoes.

We can add spinach to our salad too.  The Zucchini is growing rather slowly.  

The biggest of our Dahlias.

Kristi picked up a flat of fresh local strawberries and shared them with us.

Is there anything like the first bite of the first strawberries of summer?

This cerise pink Yarrow is doing well here.

My 4th of July roses look a little puny this year.. any idea why?

Our grandsons are staying with us for a while.  They asked if they could do some work for us to earn some spending money.  Sure!  Here is Caleb who is pulling weeds in the upper pond for me.  He also polished the baby grand piano and tidied up the living room.  He worked for hours.

Here is Hayden.. he's growing up and his voice has dropped.  He swept out our garage and barn and vacuumed upstairs and cleaned the bathroom.  :-)  They like it here as we have highspeed internet and they don't have it at their house.  So, they bring their X-Boxes over and each have their own fresh painted bedrooms, new beds and bedding.  Again - they have been staying safe at home as we have.  

This is Kristi's garden at their house.  She has also planted an orchard of fruit trees that her mother had bought.

Down on the orchard end, that is there shop up there.

This is what our son is working on.  I'm sure you were curious.  LOL!

His shop and Bessie Ann.

I was asked where the yarn was made that I am using on my shawl project.  Being that it's named Queensland I had "assumed" it was made in Australia.  Silly me.  It was made in PERU!  Well, here I am.. being very global and all.  

I have new photos of how the shawl is progressing.. for my next blog post.  How is your week going?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Oh, yum! Your garden is making me hungry. I can't believe how much you have up already. Araignee

  2. Oh Teresa. Your strawberries! Wow. My father grew spectacular roses. He fed them with Miracle Grow regularly. :)
    Did I ever tell you the story of when I called the Carmelite Nuns and Mother Superior answered. I asked her what I could bring them. They are not technically allowed to ASK for things. "God will provide" So finally she said, "Well we could use some Miracle Grow" I thought that was hysterical. Miracle.....Grow. SO we brought them some!
    I had a good day until about 3. Then I told the barn in their questionarre correspondence that we won't be back for Summer Session . I KNOW this is the right thing to do. But It made me sad.
    So I've got to do something else ...... I have some ideas. I'd Love to foster puppies. But Fireman would not be happy! Lots of nice knitting to do tonight on my pretty porch. My moods getting better . Your grandsons are so responsible . They are blessed to have you!!! All of you are smart to stay away from the community!

  3. Your garden is growing beautifully. It's good to have good helpers... they are hard to find these days.

  4. Loved this flower post! I bought a rose bush from Kmart (when they were still open and inexpensive) and it is a vigorous bloomer. Your raised beds are a clever idea as they are hip level and easy to access. Does Kristi have a blog or IG account? She certainly is a treasure as a DIL♥ Your grandsons are adorable and growing. So cute! Enjoyed the car update, too. Can't wait for a progress shawl pic. Stay safe and be well♥

  5. This is a wonderful time for our gardens, isn't it. Yours are so productive already! My strawberry plants have not even bloomed yet but the plants look healthy. I brought in a pale pink rose from my little bush and have been enjoying its lovely scent. Your family industry is inspiring! I failed your fish name test, but I sure enjoyed seeing them enjoy their watery home, in spite of their food robber. xx

  6. Fantastic in the garden here about to be winter lol I live thru your beautiful days 😀😀 Love that clever little bird lol

  7. Your salad garden is so productive and those strawberries looked amazing. So nice to have the boys to stay and help you. It was a delight to get a tour of the pond and see the fish. Take care.

  8. Hi Teresa all is looking good in your garden. How wonderful to have your grandsons to stay.Take care, stay safe. Hugs Anne X

  9. Just catching up...everything looks wonderful there! Your flowers and veggies are certainly thriving. How funny that clever bird is to steal the fish food! Your grandsons are great helping you out, and good company too I'm sure. Have a happy day dear Teresa! XXX

  10. Your garden is looking GREAT Teresa!!! Yum! Kristi's garden is really nice too. So nice that your grandsons can stay with you for some time. And, so nice that they help out!!

  11. Good morning Teresa. I'm sorry I didn't comment yesterday. I read blogs throughout the day but just couldn't make myself comment. I think Roger's death is just now hitting me. It still seems unreal to me, possibly because I'm so far away.
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful gardens, how tall Hayden is getting and Travis and Kristi's place too.
    Take care my friend.

  12. I can picture a beautiful, two toned tuck and roll upholstery in that snazzy Bel-Air. How about a matching headliner too.
    It's a beautiful place Kristy has. She sure does a heap of work, with planting an orchard and all. She'll have that place humming in no time. So happy for them that they have their own place to call home.
    Those grand boys have a great work ethic, too!

  13. My, those boys are growing! I can see some of his Grandad in him too. The garden is producing so much, the new raised beds lokk to be working well. Nice to be getting sunshine. We've had it for 2 weeks and it isn't stopping. We'll pay for it later, could really do with some rain! Love to you both. CN x

  14. Hi there, your garden looks amazing, I have to say I moved some Iris and they are not happy, maybe next year. The water is incredibly clear in your pond too, loved the pictures of the fish. Take care.


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