Friday, May 29, 2020

It's Peony Time!

A local woman here in Corbett grows Peonies commercially and sells them to local florists.  She sells the extras locally so yesterday I texted her to arrange to go to her house to get a dozen stems.  After seeing what a dozen looked like I decided we needed 2 dozen.  LOL!

I put my magenta pink tablecloth on.  Don't mind the wrinkles.  :-)

These flowers are so POUFFY!

This bouquet is right in my sight line from the family room and my easy chair.  I look up often and admire them.  

I got three colors, pink, white and red.  In retrospect, I should have gotten more of the dark red.  Next time.

Dayle was driving his tractor around yesterday, mowing the pasture and then went into the forest to cut down the meadow you see there.  What a pretty woodland view we have from our deck and by the pond.

The pretty magenta pink Azalea that Kristi planted for us is looking lovely.

I went out on the front porch to oversee some weed pulling by Hayden and this is the view from there, the green on the right is our Quince tree.

Looking to the left.  Someone planted English ivy here and it's totally taking over the woodland floor, eliminating native undergrowth.  Here, it is a baaaad invasive species, it is taking over our forests and killing our trees.  I wish nurseries would stop selling it.  

We have another Hosta to plant.

This Rhododendron is in front of the front porch.. it gives you more leaves than flowers.. LOL!

It's a pretty one!

Here's farmer Dayle at work.  I'm feeding the fish.

The fish-food eating bird.

I captured all 6 fish at once!

This is where I am with my shawl project.  More to go before I get to start on the colorful lacy border.  

We plan an excursion with the boys to a drive through for lunch and to a nursery to pick up a few things.  Masks will be worn.  Oregon is doing very well with keeping ourselves protected from the virus.  Here is a map to show you how the states are doing here.  As you can see we have only a third compared to the states below and above us.

Well.. time to bid you adieu.  Have a wonderful weekend!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. such an uplifting catch up on your delightfully lovely blog! ;)
    so much beauty in your farm garden its really beautiful...
    oh and that vintage blue car...good to focus on the positives in this mad world at the moment...Nature and flowers really bring joy! ;)x

  2. Especially love your peonies, but all your flowers and hostas look great. I don't have white ones, need to get some. I wish the blooms would last a lot longer. Lack of leadership in this pandemic is criminal. Dr. Fauci says wearing a mask actually works. Of course I do not want to wear one but I do it for my mother and others♥ Have fun with the boys!

  3. Wonderful Teresa and go Dayle. Love that little bird xoxo

  4. A couple of days ago I took photos of my condo neighbor's Peonies...gorgeous scarlet and light pink. I'm glad you have Peonies to enjoy, too. In spite of the English Ivy the Kasner Farm is in its glory season now. It is good to see the progress you are making on your pretty new shawl. Happy Weekend! xx

  5. My state is not doing very well and now my sister and her husband have it. He went back to work after the lockdown ended. He brought it home to her. They are alone and scared and very, very sick trying to take care of each other. The worst thing is that no one can help them. It's a nightmare.
    On a happier note your photos are gorgeous. They made my day.
    Stay safe.

  6. Those peonies are absolutely gorgeous. They have always been one of my favorite flowers and I really wish they bloomed all year long. The blooming period is way too short.
    The rest of your flowers are so pretty too. Dayle keeps himself busy taking care of your farm doesn't he?
    That map is really interesting. I had no idea there were so many more cases in Nebraska. Iowa and South Dakota! WOW! I wish this would just disappear.
    I hope you two have a good weekend. Take care and stay well.

  7. You are surrounded by beauty, you and Dayle work so hard together to make it so. Your hook must be on fire you have been working on the shawl so quickly. Enjoy your little outing with the boys.

  8. Aren't peonies just glorious? I have two large ones in the garden, the flowers are dark red. I rarely pick them because they drop petals very quickly, such a shame. I bought a new variety and hopefully this one will be better for cutting. Meanwhile, I'll add a bunch to the shopping list x

  9. The peonies are wonderful! Ours are not blooming yet...budded and close. BUT...mine are always covered in ants. How does that farm manage to harvest them with no ants? Nice picture of your fish Teresa!

  10. Your peonies are glorious. And I don't see one ant! Vera and I both , i guess. My mom said they needed the ants to open? Love your fishes. Im thinking of learning to press flowers, but then I think about mold...........
    a little wren, perhaps the mate to the one that is still trying to build a nest , was found dead in the garage by ME! Oh poor baby. We surmise he flew in, and then flew to the garage window to try to get out and Suffered a quick head injury death. Made me sick to hear the mate singing all day. However, I just went to get the mail and there is another wren answering the one that is still alive.

  11. Your peonies are very pretty. I have those same colors in the batch I bought. Now they are really fluffy and I really like them. I posted a few photos of them on blog. I liked the map you shared. I just talked with my sister and WA is opening up their salons. Megan and I finally got our hair cut appts for Friday and enjoy having a bit shorter hair for me. Have a good weekend!

  12. The peony blossoms are lovely, Teresa! Your table is so inviting with them. I totally agree with you about English Ivy! So bad here as well. One of our neighbors planted it and I almost injured myself years ago, trying to keep it from encroaching our property. It is so hard to keep away. I don't know what folks are thinking when they plant it!

  13. Hi Teresa, I'm glad things are you going well at yours. Your garden looks fab and yes ivy is a real pest here too. Your peonies are gorgeous. How lovely to see your grandsons I miss our babies so much, it's going to be some time until we see them sadly. Hugs xxx

  14. Your flowers are stunning Teresa. We have many, many unreported cases and deaths in Florida. It really is a tragedy when you can't have the correct numbers reported because it looks bad.

  15. I love peonies... they smell divine! Yours are beautiful. You are really coming along with your shawl... can't wait to see the lacy border. Stay safe and well.

  16. What a paradise garden. My red peonies have gone over now but we didn't get to go on holiday this year in May so we have been here to enjoy them. Jo x


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