Monday, June 1, 2020

We Shall Overcome

I couldn't sleep last night.. my mind kept churning no matter how much I wanted to be at peace.  We were glued to the TV last evening... peaceful protests turned into violence and anger.  Graffiti was being sprayed on beautiful downtown buildings, historic statues and fountains.  It makes me so unhappy and upset.  The Apple store and many others were broken into and looters took what they wanted.  Stores big and small.. owned by individuals barely hanging on due to the pandemic closures.. lost everything.  

I am haunted by the video of George Floyd being asphyxiated by 3 police officers.  A 4th officer stands by and says or does nothing to the 3 officers all kneeling and murdering Mr. Floyd.  

This man used a $20 bill to buy something at a deli, the store clerk thought it might be counterfeit and called the cops on the man.  By video records he did not resist arrest.  Those cops murdered him over a $20 bill that he might not even have known was counterfeit.  

HE WAS KILLED OVER A $20 BILL.  A father, brother, son, grandson.  

I've been suffering great sadness as I watched the death from the Coronavirus - 106,507 as of today in the USA and 376,030 worldwide.  The horrific way those people die has been documented by doctors and nurses who treat them.  The health professionals tell us how to protect ourselves and I watch in horror as people refuse to wear a mask and put themselves and their children, spouses, parents, grandparents, friends and strangers in harms way.  

Now we have millions of people around the world in massive crowds in protests and riots - and how many new cases of Covid-19 will result in this?

Which brings us to a country stressed by a killer pandemic, the loss of almost a third of deaths around the world, then when deaths are starting to lower and things beginning to open up - these 4 evil men kill a guy because he's black.  Make no mistake.. that is why.  

And all of these people who have been in lockdown for 3 months.. many having lost their jobs, many who are facing eviction and starvation... is it any wonder there are riots?

What can we do?

🔻 Don't be a racist - don't raise your kids to be racist.

🔻 Vote for candidates who CARE about us.. ALL of us.. not just one color of us or one political party of us.  I am sick and tired of having the person who sits in the highest office in our land tweet things like "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.

🔻 Don't be cavalier about protecting yourself from getting Covid-19.  It isn't just about you.  It's about your family, friends and even strangers.  You may not care about getting Covid but those around you do.  Do you want to be part of the problem.. or the solution?

🔻 Help make our society a kinder, gentler nation that cares about and takes care of those in need.

🔻 I want YOUR input now.  What do YOU think we can do to help our world heal and thrive?

Sorry to be a downer - but I have to tell my truth.  Thanks for reading.  


  1. Teresa, I completely agree. We must all work in whatever ways we can (personal interactions, voting, reforming the justice system in the United States, simply recognizing that we are all the same and acting accordingly) to end these ongoing tragedies. I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while. Thank you for speaking out. /Fay, from CA, NH, SC

  2. teresa
    thank you. thank you for talking about this. the murder of black people in this country is disgusting and i am heart sick. thank you for being brave as a white person to speak up.
    riots and looting and property damage - that is complicated. killing our black brothers and sisters because of their skin color is not.
    thank you thank you.
    melissa from pax

  3. I agree with you. Such hard times and what will be done? Things are so out of control and we have no leadership.

    1. No we do not. he is handing off this crisis to the governors as he did his response to the coronavirus. It's a long time to November but we must vote this racist out of the White House. Yes whatever it takes. This is not acceptable.

  4. Well said Teresa. If anyone is able to make a donation, here is a list from Forbes magazine which gives links to many legitimate organizations:

  5. Your truth peaks volumes my friend. And it just wasn't this man who died, recently there have been three others, hunted down, shot for no reason other than they were sleeping or running in a neighborhood. You wonder when this will stop, but as you said with the man in the highest office in the land encouraging violence, well it won't stop for a while. I say we need to vote, vote at every single level of the government for people who are respectful of everyone. Contribute, educate and call out people when they are being disrespectful of anyone other than their own sex, color and sexual orientation. I am doing that more at work with two families that are extremely conservative and will spout out mis-truths to me. I simply and quietly tell them they are wrong and why and go on about my business. Stay safe Teresa.

  6. Thank you for expressing what needs to be said, my friend! It is beyond me how these terrible things continue to happen. I'm afraid they happen because racism is a cloud that follows our society like a cancer. It's pretty telling when our own president incites violence. Unfortunately he has many supporters and his party lets him continue the hate rhetoric. I pray that this election year the tide will turn.

  7. I responded Teresa but dissapeared......will wait to see if you post back. Stand together and may we all just help one another no matter who what where xoxoxk

  8. Teresa, there was a show where Sara Silverman went to houses who had never met a Jew. She filmed it. She honored their differences and she educated them. I wish it was still on.
    I am trying to help 3 people right now with different issues. We can start with our own families at any hour of the day or night when they need us. Panic is troubling one of the people I love and I've told her she can call me anytime Day or night. I will always pick up the phone.
    One has just been diagnosed with early onset dementia. He is 58. We are unable to visit him right now, but we call him and text him. We try to give his family a break and we hope to social distance 'see" him soon.
    Finally, a new mom , has reached out for support. Her new baby is choking and spitting up and it is scaring her to death. So none of these people are COVID positive but their issues are so real and we are happy to be able to DO something even if only listen. Its a start.

  9. This entire situation just makes my heart cry. I thought when I lived through the terrible riots of the 60's as a child that things would be better. As I said on Meredith's post the other day, my best friend in school was black. Oh the problems that caused. We just wanted to be girls. We danced, sang, giggled, did homework together and loved each other as only best friends can. We're still friends and keep in touch often. People threatened us and separated us whenever they could as children because our friendship was not accepted by whites or blacks. We didn't care then and we don't care now. Skin color makes no difference. We're the same deep inside and all of this hatred is terrible. Thank you for speaking up my dear friend.

  10. Dear Teresa...thank you for caring. The following is what I typed to Mere, and seems to answer your request for at least some of my input: The latest riots remind me of the horrible race riots in the 1960s near Kansas City where I lived for 15 years. In 1969 I was hired to direct a summer park program in the little town where I lived. One day a class of Black children from Kansas City walked into the park. A little White boy faced the children and their teachers and told them to leave the park. I contradicted the little White boy and I apologized to the teachers and class and welcomed them to the park. I hope the little White boy was able to overcome the racial prejudice he had been taught. In the 1970s through the early 1980s, my husband and I foster parented two Hispanic girls for nearly 3 years; we adopted a racially mixed child whose father was African; we adopted a child from South Korea and we birthed two very White little girls. As best as we knew how my husband and I loved our children and since my husband's passing 10 years ago I am still at it...trying to obey the most important laws it is recorded Jesus shared, to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves...praying that the Lord continues to grow me and others, especially those in authority, in a loving relationship with Himself and empower me/others to live out those laws, to love more and more until my/our time on earth is finished. The jury is still out as to how united in loving my family will ever be just as it is still out as to how united our states in loving will ever be but as best as I know how I am a loving citizen and have voted and will continue to do so and volunteer positively when I can. Before Covid-19 quarantined us I loved volunteer reading with some children in a local public elementary school. The children were from varied heritages: Black, White, Hispanic, Iranian, Asian, Mixed. None of them showed signs of material wealth, but I am encouraged because I sensed that they were loved and learning to love more and more and I hope and pray that they and we will as best we can contribute to good communities. Love and hugs to you and yours.

  11. I watch the news here in the UK and weep. Racism is rife all over the world. Sadly, I think discrimination will always be with us, some people fear those who are different from them and that manifests itself as hatred and violence. All we can do is teach our youngsters, and speak out when we see or hear injustice in all its forms. xx

  12. You might have read that my sister and her husband are struggling with the virus at the moment and I am beside myself with worry. I look at those crowds without masks and it makes me ill. I feel so helpless watching these young folks take such risks. I live here in the DC area and violent protests are a thing we are used to but the difference is who is in the WH. That clown show last night made me sick. I am so happy the bishops immediately condemned it. The only way we will get change is to VOTE but I am worried. Our blue state lawns are already getting filled with Trump signs. It's maddening. Araignee

  13. Thank you for sharing, Teresa!!! I share a lot of the same beliefs as you regarding this subject. I am angry about the murder of Mr. Floyd. While I'm not able to donate money or protest, I am trying to educate myself about Black history in America so I know and can begin to understand how to fight against racism. I'm working through a free online course titled 'African American History: From Emancipation to the Present' that is hosted by Yale ( I'm only 25, and I don't remember learning about Black history in school at all. I feel that the best place for me to start being a better Anti-Racist is to get educated!

  14. Thanks, Teresa, for this great post. I have taught my children (as my parents taught me) to love one another and treat others as we want to be treated. I have family and friends from different races, different cultures. I think one of the most important things we need to do is vote to remove the greedy, racists that have taken hold in our country. And speak out when we witness racist or hateful conduct. Thanks again, Teresa, for setting a good example for us.

  15. Teresa I'm an Irish woman who always reads your posts,I always find you the voice of reason and you speak such sense,years ago I read Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck ,it covered his time driving across America during the 60s,it awakened in me a deep interest in race relations in the US,I also worked in New York in the 80s and worked with some fabulous African American women,I had hoped their lives would have become easier, America is such an amazing fascinating country it is so sad that things haven't moved on,I'm amazed that your president is still in power,he is so obviously a force for evil,thinking of you all

  16. Thank you Teresa. It is difficult to believe that our country has sunk so low.

  17. Crikey, this is the first time I've heard about why George Floyd was arrested. Absolutely senseless.

  18. Well said Teresa. Sadly I don't know how we stop it. :-( I taught my son's to respect all humans regardless of race or religion etc sadly there are many who don't do that. All so distressing and worrying. I fear for the future and what the world will be like for our grandchildren. Take care, stay safe. Anne x

  19. Watching from the UK... I don't know what say Teresa. Hugs to you xx

  20. Hi hun, It is so very sad. We have all forgotten that we are all humans, equal and important.Everyone is someones family member. *hugs* Goldensunflowerx

  21. I am deeply saddened by it all. At the end of the day everybody matters whatever their colour of skin, religion, sex or sexual orientation. Sending hugs.

  22. Down here in Australia we are so so lucky that our infection rate is only around 7000 and sad to say but lucky to have only lost 102 souls to covid-19. Lucky and not lucky at all, but terribly sad for their families. However Australians watched what was happening in China and Italy and began putting ourselves in lockdown before the government called it. And we are still fearful. Now we also watch our tvs each night and see the dreadful happenings in the USA. I'm so so sorry for what in happening in your country.
    So many people sick and have died. A leader who doesn't lead but incites hatred and racism. Our journalists and commentators are having discussions about how we treat our indigenous first nation people. These discussions have been going on for decades with no real change. My 11 year old (who has been schooling at home) was required to do a poster for his class that had something to do with the creation of the modern nation of Australia some time from British colonisation in 1788 to Federation in 1901. We had a discussion and he decided to do his project on a little spoken of era called the Frontier Wars, when thousands of Indigenous Australians were slaughtered and run off their land by the British colonists. As he studied he became aware of the atrocities white people commit against native populations. My sons are half Indonesian so I took the time to explain this also happened to their Indonesian people when the Dutch, English and later the Japanese invaded Indonesia. And so as we watch the protests and riots in the US on the news each night and the solidarity protests and marches here in Australia we have had many discussions about what is racism and the impacts it has on everybody.
    I've been thinking of you and hope you keep well and safe lovely lady. xox

  23. Teresa, I have watched this all unfold from the UK and all I can do is terrible that scenes from the 1960s are being seen again. How sad it is that racism is still so rife, let's hope this time something will actually change. I am appalled that there are people who still think that the colour of your skin matters xx

  24. I agree with your wholeheartedly, Teresa. I know I can always count on you to be a voice of reason and speak your truth. That's why I love you! I've just posted after a very long break and voiced my disgust.

  25. There has to be a balance among ALL PEOPLE before this unrest will end.
    There has to be a meeting of ALL MINDS before anyone can hear what is being said.
    There has to be understanding to what is being felt, before we can heal this country we've all fought so hard to build.
    Don't tear down the base of goodness in order to built one belief.
    That is what BIG government is about, that is what collective socialism is about, that is what is known as Communisum.
    You all know the phrase, "can't see the forest for the trees". An expression used of someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole


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