Wednesday, June 3, 2020

S'Mores with the Boys

We have a perennial in our garden that chose us, we didn't plant them, but I adore them.  Rose Campion.  I mean look at that flower!  The color is aMAYzing!  They have dusty green foliage which really shows off the flower color.

Our grandsons stayed with us for a week.  We enjoying having them and they enjoyed unlimited high-speed wifi.  :-)  They also did a lot of chores for us to earn spending $$ and that was another win-win for all of us.  Our son Travis came to pick them up on Sunday afternoon.  To celebrate our week with them we had a fire and we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

The boys went over to our stand of black bamboo and cut themselves a roasting stick and even got to use a sharp knife to make the point.  I handed out marshmallows and prepared the graham crackers and Hershey bars for when their marshmallows were toasted and hot.  Here is Hayden enjoying his s'more.

I helped the boys get theirs going and then toasted some of my own.  Here is my ooey gooey treat.

Have you ever made s'mores?  Do tell.

The aftermath.  We even have enough makings left to have another s'mores roast.

Caleb made one and decided he needed a leftover hamburger for dessert.  LOL!

After the boys left we sat out by the fire and Mocha sat on her dad's lap.

Dayle picked me a new bouquet of Double Delight roses.  They are the most fragrant rose I've ever smelled.  

My little pot of African Violets is covered with flowers, I was in the kitchen and looked at them and the sunlight was making them actually sparkle!  

The 4th of July rose is covered with blossoms right now.

It's fun to have a rose that matches your house so well.  :-)

Kristi gave us the Angel's Trumpet and it's covered with buds.  Neat, huh?

I must say, our salad garden is thriving!

Parsley, leaf and head lettuce and onions.

Look at the potatoes!  The beans and peas are not growing as fast as the taters.

The spinach is also doing well and the zucchini is finally taking off, now I'll be watching for the first flowers and baby zukes.

Here are a few of the new flowers we got at the nursery the other day.  Lantana, this is the pastel colored one.

This is another color variety, more yellow, orange and red.

Our big fragrant pink rose.

Scentamental rose.

We picked some lettuce and one radish for our salad dinner.  I'm amazed how fast the radishes have grown to edible size from the seeds I started in the kitchen.  :-)

While I was tearing lettuce and slicing the radish for the salad, Dayle took some frozen prawns, defrosted them in hot water, peeled and took the tail off and sauteed them in butter and a clove of minced fresh garlic.  Some grated Tillamook cheddar cheese, fresh ground pepper and VOILA!  A meal fit for a king!

Mocha has claimed the guest chair as hers.  I assume since we both have our own chair, she wanted to have one.  :-)

A different vantage point of the dining room from the bottom of the stairs.

A snap of one of our flock of Goldfinches that inhabit our feeders.  We love how colorful they are, their flight habits of zooming about and their song.

I saw a pair of Cedar Waxwings in the Japanese maple tree a few days ago and tried to sneak into the house to get my big Lumix camera but by the time I got a new battery in it and went back out they were long gone.  So, this is a photo of one I got last year.  I actually love the colors and composition of this photo.  See the little pink seed pod?  And you can see a sliver of the yellow on the bird's wing tips.

I want to thank those of you who left a heartfelt comment on my last blog post.  It meant a lot to me.  You give me hope as you are all good people and raised your kids to be good.  Spread Love, Not Hate!  

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I think the last s'more I had was camping with my youngest daughter and her husband at the were very patient to get your marshmallow so melted! Your salad garden has grown so much since your last photo of it...I said "WOW!"out loud when I saw it. Thank you for sharing the beauty around you
    Teresa. Love and ((hugs))

  2. You have such neat birds in your garden and with all the lovely flowers and vegies sure fit for a king lol Loved seeing the boys πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ and nice to spend time with them. We keep strong together with our love for all πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸΎπŸΎ

  3. Your flowers! My goodness they are all beautiful. The pot of violets is absolutely stunning as are all of the others. You salad garden is doing so well too. I can't believe how big everything is.
    I'm glad you had so much fun with the boys. We like to make s'mores when camping too. Instead of chocolate we also put yorkshire peppermint patties or reeses peanut butter cups. They are SO good.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. The salad crop is amazing what a delight to see how big everything is. So nice that you were able to spend time with the grandsons, and fun having a bbq.

  5. Your flowers are all beautiful. I also said "Wow" when I saw your salad garden. ha! You won't need to worry about not having the makings for a salad this summer. Loved seeing Caleb having the hamburger for dessert.

  6. Your flowers are amazing Teresa! Each one is so beautiful and you have such a lovely variety. Nice that the boys could stay a full week. They are growing fast, aren't they? I must be weird as I am not a fan of smores! NOt sure why - I like all the components. LOL

  7. Your rose and the waxwings are beautiful. I have only seen waxwings once on a tree in a supermarket car park! Ours look different to yours. I have never had smores. I only recently found out what they were. Lovely to be with your family. This week we saw our granddaughter for the first time in over two months due to lockdown rules. We had to stay in the garden.

  8. I love seeing all of your lovely flowers, Teresa! Double Delight really lives up to her name. We love s'more making at our home. We have a chiminea on our patio and this spring found us making them every Wednesday when our grandson was off from work. It's a great way to clean up the sticks in the garden and have a tasty treat! Love seeing Mocha enjoying herself.

  9. I absolutely adore your roses, particularly the 4th of July. I saw one here once in the Victorian State Rose Garden which is 20 mins from my house. Unfortunately I haven't found one to buy yet. Your salad garden is amazing. I'm super envious particularly as today is the 5th day of winter. I did sow some seed of rainbow chard, rocket and baby spinach which is coming along, but slowly.
    It's splendid to see you enjoy warm weather and spending time with your family!

  10. I so love to enjoy photos of your garden, it's beautiful in every way I can tell how much pleasure you get from it. Your flowers make me swoon! :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Your 4th of July roses have always been my favourites of everything in your garden Teresa, so very pretty. The salad garden looks awesome. How lovely to have your grandson's to stay and have such fun. I miss my babies so very much xx

  12. I enjoy eating Smores. A few years ago we ate some at friends over a fire pit at a wedding shower. πŸ˜‹ Your rose campion is very pretty. Enjoyed seeing your grandsons. I like Caleb's curly hair. They are adorable boys. I hope we get to see our grandchildren next month. I finally got my hair cut last Friday--yeah! Take care!!

  13. Your garden looks delicious. My greens will be ready for picking this weekend. Nothing like fresh lettuce, in my opinion! Love seeing that your grandsons have a great relationship with you both. Thanks for linking up and you and Dayle stay well.

  14. What did I do? ? I did not hit publish , I think . Because I loved this post so much Teresa! I have Judy's amores bars recipe....if you need to use up those ingress!
    Your flowers look amazing I sent someone from another blog over to peek at your flowers.
    and I just signed up for class.......I'm joining Joe Biden's team. IT feels so right

  15. So glad you were able to spend such a long and wonderful time with the boys. It sounds like you all had a great time. Love the flowers and your garden Teresa, everything is growing so well! Stay safe my friend.


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