Monday, June 22, 2020

Raising the Windmill

Dayle finished putting the cross pieces on the windmill and the boys helped move it to it's place behind the salad garden bed.

I watched in trepidation as it wobbled it's way across the yard.  :-)

Ta-dah!  Up and running.

I must say the rain we had in early June has everything very green and growing well.

The petunias in the pots on the garden shed are doing well and look so pretty there, and the Trumpet vine that my sister gave me from a cutting of hers is happy in this spot.  Something to remember my sister Roberta by.  It has never bloomed so far but maybe this summer it will.

Dayle brought in a red rose...

 ...and a Double Delight one during the rain.

And good news!  My Hot Lips Salvia started showing it's white and I am in love with it!

I wonder if it will bloom all summer?

Some of our Lilies are in bloom, too.

And an orange one.

More Dahlias in bloom.

More Zucchini blooms!

Tonight's dinner will be garden lettuce and garlic butter sauteed shrimp on top.  :-)

A bee dining in the Canterbury Bells.

The geranium with colorful leaves is bringing color to the deck.

It's fun to see the hanging baskets growing and getting more colorful by the day.  

The other basket.  We've purchased baskets in the past but this year we put them together ourselves and I'm enjoying our choices of flowers.

Bolivian Begonias, orange and pink.

Feeding the fishies.

Our son Travis and DIL Kristi invited us for Father's Day dinner at their house.  We took the boys home and enjoyed spending time with them.  Kristi made pasta with Alfredo sauce with RoTel tomatoes and shrimp for dinner.  Yum!  Here is their dog Ozzie.  He loves me and snuggles with me on the sofa.  And licked me in the ear and on my face.  LOL!

I'm on my last row of purple on my shawl so should have some of the lace edging to show you on my next blog post.

We have sunshine again, so our week is looking pleasant.  I hope all is well with you.  Stay safe my friends, we aren't out of the Covid woods yet.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. What a sweet face on that dog! Your garden looks like it is really doing well Teresa and garlic shrimp on butter lettuce sounds wonderful:) How much does that windmill weigh - looks like it is heavy. There are so many day lilies in bloom around us, but ours are not yet there. We do have a trumpet vine and oh man! That is so invasive. We have literally hundreds of trumpet vines coming up in our back yard. Fletch will mow and a day later they are 6" - 8" high. annoying...but the blooms are gorgeous and the hummingbirds love them.

  2. Yes, we are not out of the woods with Covid-19 yet, Teresa. I read today that some experts believe the US is still in the first wave.
    Your home is looking so lovely with all of your flowers! Hopefully your trumpet vine will be blooming soon. We see lots of them on our morning walk each morning. I'm afraid I am allergic to the leaves, but I really love the colorful trumpets. There are red and orange ones on both sides of the path.

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful views of the farm, and soulful Ozzie, Teresa. The handsome windmill looks right at home! xx

  4. Covid woods going crazy here in iur vic state but mainly from not staying home AFTER testing....anyway we are good and have little grandies for the day playing happily for now 😂😂 WOW to all your beautiful flowers and LOVE your big windmill Teresa xoxoxo

  5. Ozzie is a cutie! I really like the windmill now that it's finished. It looks perfect in your hard.
    How fun to go to Travis and Kristi's for Father's Day. The meal sounds delicious.
    The rain really seems to have helped your flowers do well. They are all so beautiful. I can only imagine seeing your yard and property in full bloom. Take care and hello to Dayle from both of us.

  6. The windmill is looking very grand and indeed pretty in its new home. Your garden is also a delight, the wonderful array of colour is a joy.

  7. That windmill is just so darling!! I love tours of your beautiful yard. I can't imagine how much work it takes to keep it so lovely. Araignee

  8. Your garden is beautiful and the meal sounds delicious. I had a hotlips at my last garden and it was beautiful and flowered all year.

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  10. Luckily your grandsons have grown into strong young men that can help their Grandpa lift that big windmill! It is wonderful that they are such a help to you and I am sure you are always so proud of them. Your gardens look great and it is good to see all of the wonderful colors that surround you. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Awww Ozzie is so cute! I enjoyed a lovely "walk" through your garden, thank you x

  12. Lots of lovely flowers there and how wonderful your windmill looks! It sounds like such a great time with your family, and delicious food too. Have a wonderful week dear Teresa! XXX

  13. That pup looks like he adores you. What a cutie pie. Did you mean petunias not pansies? Our pansies can't tolerate any heat and are blooming only when the days are still very cool here. I love all your garden shots. I'm trying, but Teresa, I think your gardens are the lushest and most varied. Wow. I have trouble with all the weeds but I'm using the string trimmer almost every other day to keep them down. Im glad you got to see your family for Fathers Day Teresa. I won't let Fireman use any weedkiller. Im committed to healthy woods and healthy lands that the pollinators can enjoy. SO that means we live with weeds too. I love your bell flowers. SO pretty.

  14. Love the windmill and all the beautiful flowers in your garden. Good luck with the trumpet vine. Once they get going they are usually prolific. Ours has just started to flower. B x

  15. The windmill is looking good. I have that red salvia but it is blooming next to a self seeded Rose Campion and it is really jarring! We are now facing Visa problems. CNx


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