Friday, July 10, 2020

A Drive for Ice Cream and Cross-Stitch Obsession

We'd been promising the boys a drive to Cascade Locks to the "Penguin place" for ice cream so yesterday was the day.  The neon sign has a little penguin on it holding a huge ice cream cone - the place is called the East Wind Drive-in.  They have a drive-thru window, the walk up window is closed due to Covid-19.  There were 10 cars in line ahead of us but we decided it was worth the wait and this is the view from the car.  Dayle walked Mocha in a big grassy area while we creeped along.  :-)

And yes.. it WAS worth it!  :-)

A closer view of the sign.

After we got our cones I drove to our favorite viewpoint, the parking area for the boat marina of Cascade Locks Marine Park.  This is the Columbia River Gorge looking east, that is Stevenson, Washington across the river. 

The river heading west to eventually arrive at the Pacific Ocean.

We moored our sailboat Stargazer in the yacht marina here for several years, it was amazing to sail here.

The boys went down to explore the rocky beach.  During the summer they have a LOT of small sailboat races here and the beach will have boats lined up all down it.

I snapped this photo of the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge which we've sailed upon many times.

A drive down to the boat launch for a good view of the Bridge of the Gods.  Just around the bend is the Bonneville Dam which is the last dam on the river so it flows free from here to the ocean.  The boys were picked up yesterday by Kristi and today they are heading to the beach for an overnighter with their aunt and uncle.  Lucky boys!

Dayle brought these two zucchini in yesterday.  We just finished off the zucchini bread he made a few days ago and he's going to make a new loaf today.  My recipe calls for Mapleine and it's DELISH.

In other news - I bought this package of wool blend felt on Amazon to use to make the pages in my needle book.  I googled which is the best quality felt and "flic-flac" was supposed to be the best.  Question for you - I was thinking of making the "pages" white or ivory, but then wondered about using red and blue.. what would you do?

I should never need to buy felt again.  LOL!

This is where I am with my flag project.

I am really enjoying this.

I found a free program online where you can design your own cross stitch so I did this for my needle case cover.  What do you think?

I have this Alicia Paulson project to do in the future.

And I found THIS on Etsy.  It arrived yesterday and I ordered the floss and linen online last evening.  Ohhh.. I love this one.  I wonder if I should make the house red?  

Thank you so much to those who reached out to me to offer support after I shared that I was dealing with some sadness on my last post.  I am having to separate myself from some negativity that was affecting my sense of well-being.  I've lost sleep and am still depressed somewhat but I will return to an even keel soon.  Love you all!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I think your cross-stitching project is lovely! I think white or cream felt 'pages' would be pretty, but red or blue ones would pop! I have always wanted to make an Alicia Paulson project... but I don't even know how to cross stitch. I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope you feel a little better every day!

  2. I love the view of your opulent chocolate cone next to the pine cone in the background :)
    Your blog brings me comfort. It is something I look forward to reading weekly - I hope you know a great part of our country - world - planet - cares about what is happening around us and we are doing everything we can to keep each other safe.
    We count our blessings and give thanks. We wake up thankful and do what we can, we must, and what sometimes seems impossible because we love the world. You share so much joy and beauty through your blog - love flows through it - Thank you :)

  3. Well, I know a little of what the ice cream may taste like,☺️ Your post is making me smile and bringing back some very happy memories. Love the cross stitch house, Of COURSE the house should be red. I like the pink felt for the pages. I’m stitching too at the moment, my summer Craftpod has arrived.

    Love to you both. CN xxx

  4. That cone!!!! It's a good thing I just got a delivery with some chocolate ice cream because now I am craving it.
    I love those stitching projects. I think I have that package of felt too in my stash and wondered what to do with it. I needed just a small bit and had no idea it was so big. I don't know what a needle book is and I can't wait to find out. Araignee

  5. Love all of those cross stitch patterns. Your needle case will look so nice! I may have to dig out my old cross stitch books and flosses! Hope you are feeling better. You bring so much joy to us with your blog! Thank you!

  6. Now this post was a special treat for me! Thanks, Teresa! Beautiful photos of lovely places to which you have introduced me. :-) Good memories! When I saw how far you have stitched making your flag I said "WOW!" out loud. I like all the different stitching patterns you showed us. I would probably choose to make the house red if I were you, and I would lean toward red and blue felt pages, I think. Happy Weekend! ((hugs))

  7. Hey Teresa I reckon patriotic colours for your felt would be neat 😀😀 Lobed seeing all your pics now I want an icecream even though cold here lol

  8. Happy Friday Teresa! I was so glad to read your last paragraph my dear friend. I'm glad to know you're feeling more like yourself. I've been praying for you since your last post and I will continue to do so. Please know that I'm here for you if you would like to talk or text anytime. I do know what it is like to be negatively affected by things you have no control of whatsoever. I've felt it often.
    I think red and blue pages would be perfect for your needle book and I love the design you made for your cover. If I ever have the ability I may copy you if that's okay. We can have matching needlecases!
    We've had ice cream at the "Penguin place" too. It's so much fun to stop there on a hot day when going to and from Portland. I've paid the whopping toll for the car behind me every time I've passed over the Bridge of the Gods. It's fun to see the drivers face when they are told that their toll has been paid! :-)
    Please tell Dayle hello Teresa and also ALWAYS know that I'm here from you if you every need someone. Love you.

  9. What beautiful scenery! I am an ice cream lover! I just fixed my favorite...peaches and ice cream. I love your cross stitch and we must think alike because I have the same cross stitch pattern for that little blue house. I love doing wool applique and I have Alicia Paulson's Spring embroidery kit.
    I too am not a "drama" person and being a recluse like I am I have never been happier. I have left people behind that are negative and dramatic. I have no room for them in my life even if they are blood relations. I hope you can heal and be lifted up as it can be very painful. Maya Angelou once said..."When people show you who they are, believe them!" Stay safe and stay well!

  10. That ice cream looks delicious! You live in such a beautiful part of the country Teresa. I do enjoy seeing all your pictures. are certainly going gung ho with the cross stitch! LOL The Alicia Paulson piece is very cute and I like the latest one your ordered as well. You should definitely make the house red!! Nice job on your needle book cover and designing the words for it too. Looks like you are having fun and I hope you continue to feel better. Have a lovely weekend. Our rain has ended, but it is going to be hot and hazy again.

  11. Seems to be the times we are in lately, so much sadness when there is just so much going on in our country. I am sending you a big hug. I bet that ice cream helped to perk you up a bit. The boys must have helped, too. Stay safe Teresa and know that you are loved.

  12. The icecream looks delicious yummy! Love the design for your needlecase, I think red and blue would be perfect for the pages. Glad you have found some comfort from us bloggers. Sending you another hug and praying that you find some comfort.

  13. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better, Teresa! I love seeing the lovely photos of your gorgeous area. And that ice cream cone looks great! Your projects are great. You always have the best needlework projects! Take care, my friend.

  14. TERESA, I went and looked at that amazing mural you told me about on my comments. Wow. Another must see for me. Just incredible. I didn't know about the Landslide at all. Thanks.
    That ice cream is making me hungry. Mmmmmmm. I know I should not have, but I bought that one cup ice cream maker and its magic. I know make ice cream with skim milk and coffee creamer. The creamer has the cream in it so its caloric but also gives it great taste. I'm a big fan of not soft serve, or what do you call that? hard pack?
    The boys are camping! I hope your night is as beautiful as ours is right now.
    the First snow sampler is so sweet. Yes, I would make that house red like yours!! You are a stitching wonder.
    Big hugs as you continue to navigate the waters of a troubled relationship. We all are in the same boat as you, just at different times I think. You have such a big heart Teresa, I'm sorry it is hurting

  15. Your cross stitch is beautiful, makes me want to get my unfinished ones out now. I also love ice cream and have a few favourite shops that I will drive across town for ice cream.


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