Monday, July 6, 2020

A Sedate 4th of July

This was a very understated 4th of July.  There wasn't the usual parade, although a bunch of locals put together an unofficial one with lots of trucks, tractors, firetrucks, bikes, and motorcycles.  We missed it but saw photos on Facebook.  The hydrangea is blooming, it survived being pruned by our 11 year old grandson.  :-)

This bush has delighted me each year since we moved here over 35 years ago.  I love it so that we've planted a few more recently and I'm watching them to see how they perform this season.

Dayle told me to look at the moon on July 3rd, it was just peeking over the hillside pasture behind our farmhouse.  I stood outside waiting for it to clear the trees to get a photo.

I went out later when it had risen higher into the sky and got this image.  It's lighter and clearer.

The moon was full on the night of July 4th so I went out and listened to the boom, pow and sizzle of illegal fireworks set off by our neighbors and took this one when it was 100% full - it's kind of golden due to the air pollution due to the fireworks.

Our first zucchini harvest!  We might use it for dinner or grate it and make some quick bread.  

We decided to persevere and make our traditional 4th of July fare for just the two of us.  We used a chicken recipe we saw on Giada's Food Network show - Honey Mustard chicken and it was a big huge dud.. TOO much stone ground mustard.  But the baked beans and potato salad made up for it.

I had to show you the wild cherry tree right now.  It's huge and is covered with bright red cherries.  The birds are happy.

Our grandsons are back are back with us - Hayden is going to pick some today.

Our son Shawn dropped by for a socially distant visit on the deck on the 4th and he saw a woodpecker, but by the time we got the big camera the bird was gone.. so I got some pix of Goldfinches instead.  "Are you looking at me?"

"I've got my eye on you!"

We captured a Hummingbird dining on Hosta flowers, but they are so fast and busy he's fuzzy.  Cute little things.

We have a pair of large raptors spending time in our forest, I've tried to identify this guy and have come up with either a Cooper's Hawk, Red Tail Hawk or even a Golden Eagle.  But I am just not sure.  Dayle mowed the pastures and I think these birds were dining on any mice or voles his mowing turned up.

Kristi and Travis had us over for dinner last evening.  She made a delicious meal of bacon wrapped chicken, mashed potatoes and herbed cream gravy with buttery biscuits.  YUM!  After a nice visit we went down to see how her garden is growing.  She is standing next to Caleb's sunflower.  

A shot of the whole garden.  She is happy to have her Dad's windmill and repainted it and put it amongst the corn which was her Dad's favorite veg.  Her Mom was an avid gardener and would be very proud of Kristi's veggie patch.

We brought the boys home with us for a few days.  We're going to make chocolate popcorn, a favorite of Dayle's as he was growing up.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Have a super week!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. What beautiful photos! That My hydrangea is having quite the year also. I love how it's changing colors every day. Araignee

  2. Well it was a bit sedate for you perhaps, but I enjoyed seeing some of the highlights of your days. Elisabeth cooked a burger for me at her house and brought it over here and we ate together. Gary had to work but Lis and I had a good visit. I did not venture out in the dark to see what I could see of the fireworks, but there was definitely a lot of popping and booming for awhile! xx

  3. We had a quiet Fourth as well, Teresa! You are going to have a good crop of cherries--Yum. Kristi's garden looks great! I'm sure you will enjoy having the grands. Our's will be visiting again soon. Chocolate popcorn sounds wonderful. You must let us know how you make your's.

  4. The moon was absolutely stunning here at the lake this weekend too. I so enjoyed seeing your bird photos Teresa. Kristi's garden is amazing. Not a weed to be found. She is such a hard worker. My friend Alicia's garden looks like that too. I'm so impressed with these young women and their hard work.
    We'll be living in our trailer for at least 1 1/2 years unless the winters get to be too much. Dennis won't be able to retire until then. I have to find health insurance too. Hopefully by then we'll be able to find a house near Mandy and Piper. We've even considered buying Dennis's Mom's house so we could take care of her. She's 84 and lives alone and that is worrisome. She's really healthy though.
    Take care my friend. Hello to Dayle and enjoy your beautiful flowers.

  5. Kristi's garden is a delight, what a great job she has made of it. Thrilled that you are able to see the boys and have them visit for a few days. I am so looking forward to getting to see family. Chocolate popcorn sounds delicious.

  6. Kristi's vegetable garden is wonderful, I can imagine how much hard work has gone into that, and it's lovely to see. Beautiful moon shots as well. CJ xx

  7. Great moon pictures Teresa!! Even though you call your weekend sedate, it sounds really nice. What kind of cherries are on your tree. Do you bake anything from them or are they good to just eat as is?

  8. It's nice you have so many beautiful plants and feathered friends around you. Just watched a report about how humans destroying so much wildlife habitat is causing certain birds, like the woodpecker, to be rare and, of course, disrupting any ecosystem is why we face environmental issues and pandemics. It's only going to get worse if we can't get our act together. Always love seeing the moon. Take care.

  9. You have been very busy. I saw that gorgeous moon on the night of the 3rd right after I watched Hamilton, I was kind of emotional at the performance and that gorgeous moon was peeking out of wispy clouds, it was stunning. Glad you are able to see your family, Kristi's garden is amazing.

  10. Just saying hello. Lovely photos Teresa. Anne

  11. Ok. where to start? So much fun here. Thanks for the honest review of Giada's chicken. Sounds like Kristi's was a million times better . Your moon shots outdid mine in clarity Teresa! I HONESTYL don't think any of our wild old old cherry trees bear any fruits. wow, you are picking zucchini already! Impressive.

    Your hummingbird shot is awesome. Just perfect. Id bet that is a golden eAGLE.

    Glad the boys are back for a bit! They will treasure these days with you, I know it1

  12. Fantastic veg garden Kristi has WOW and love your zucchini use to love growing my veg. We were away too much to do BUT this year maybe as for us only winter currently. So cute the hummingbirds. 6 week lockdown for large portion of Victoria but not regional which is us at our country home.....but no seeing our kids for a while only Julia who is country too.


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