Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Flowers & Grandkids

Greetings fellow Earthlings.  Dayle brought in a few flowers from our Dahlia garden.  Oh my.  Having these next to me is enjoyable.  There is also a Double Delight rose which is very fragrant.  I just did a smell test on the Dahlia and it's a good thing they are pretty as they don't smell good.  LOL!

The Dahlia on the left and in back are ones we ordered from Brecks and the pretty one in front on the right is one we got for free from our neighbor at the bottom of the road we live on.  I love it!


Pom pom named "Burlesca". 

"Arbatax" Dahlia.

The bouquet Dayle brought home is doing nicely and lasting well.  Pretty.

Dayle is out running errands, he dropped Mocha off at the groomer, picked up birdseed at Coastal Farm & Garden, picked up a few groceries.. AND.. went into Michaels to pick up a grapevine wreath and some copper wire for me to make a wreath out of the lavender.. and also got some ribbon for me.  I would say he gets a GOLD star today!  What a nice guy!

It was Caleb's turn to stay with us.  He wanted to earn some $$ for his game so he dusted the TV stand, grandfather clock, china cabinet, baby grant piano, oak coffee table, mantel and antique cabinets.  :-)  Win-win!

Our grandson that lives in California, Gabe, and the birthday gift I had delivered to him, a Rubics cube.  He made a video for me showing how fast he can solve the puzzle.  :-)  He's 16 now!  We've gotten to see his brother Michael a few times recently for a social distance short visit.

And this was at the end of the video.  Awwww.. :-)  (This is not a live link, I did a screen shot of his video to show you.)

My daughter sent me the girl's school photos from last term.  They are growing up!  Jenna will be turning 16 and Paige 12.  I enjoyed a chat with both girls a few days ago.  We reminisced about the last time we were together when they came to visit last summer.  I miss them.  Who knows when we'll see them next. 

That's pretty much it for me.  I've been crocheting on Paige's lap blanket.  I want to get it finished to send it to her before her birthday at the end of August.  I hope all is well with you!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Hi Teresa,

    Did I miss your blog entry about the purple shawl you were crocheting. I was looking forward to seeing it completed. I love, love your flowers - so beautiful. You have a beautiful family :)

    1. I wondered when someone would mention the purple shawl. I got sidetracked with the cross stitch projects and then felt guilty that I had not finished my GDs blanket. SO.. I will get back to the shawl after that is done. Her birthday is at the end of August so I want to get it done and off to her.

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  3. The dahlias are stunning, Teresa. It's nice you can have the grands come over and do some jobs for you and earn money at the same time. I do hope you are able to visit your long distance grands soon. This pandemic is really hard on families, but we must stay safe. Take care.

  4. The flowers around you really are lovely! Thanks for sharing beautiful photos of them. I hope you enjoy forming your lavender wreath thanks to Dayle's good help. I am imagining it will smell wonderful. Our grands are definitely growing up. When my oldest son called the other day and the boys piped up deeper-than-their-voices-were, to greet me I was impressed by the difference! I asked them to play Words with Friends with me. [What's that? :)] Wishing you a happy day. πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ§ΆπŸ€—

  5. Lovely flowers and good grandson πŸ’™ love seeing your grandies....I miss mine as no seeing them now been 3 weeks and may not till September due to covid. Only can see baby Jaylen.

  6. I love dahlias and the pom pom is my favorite. Good for Dayle going shopping and gathering all of the needed supplies. I know he's taking all precautions available to us.
    How are these kids growing up so fast? Kyleigh is driving already! How is that even possible? We want so badly to go to Omaha and see our family but I don't know if that's going to happen anytime soon with this virus seemingly getting worse again.

  7. haven't seen any of my grands since the first of the year. and one even got married. Being at high risk for Covid, grandma and grandpa are staying put for the most part. How do you explain to a 2 year old why you can't snuggle them? I miss them, but I am so happy for you that you get to see some of them!

  8. Those flowers are just breathtaking. Each one is so perfect.
    How nice you got to spend some time with the Grand. I sure miss mine. Araignee

  9. Your Dahlias are swoon-worthy Teresa! And your grandchildren always look so happy - wonderful! Glad you are working on your granddaughter's blanket. Enjoy.

  10. Time just slips through our fingers and before you know it the grand-children are young adults or very nearly so :-) My grand-daughter is seemed just like yesterday she was just a babe!! Beautiful photos of your grandchildren!! Awesome flowers!! keep well Amanda x

  11. Hi Teresa. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I am trying to catch up now with everyone.
    The dahlias are gorgeous.
    How grown up your grandchildren are all getting/ looking. Same with ours! Take care. Hugs Anne x

  12. Teresa the one on the right , is a mini you! She's darling. Im glad you have connected this week.
    Doyle s a keeper.
    Please send grandsons to dust anytime. It is my least favorite chore.

    Have to tell you that I cleaned like a Christmas party was happening last weekend and NO one was coming over. Then, we got a call from a pal who is learning to be a home inspector. He asked if he could do a 90 minutes practice home inspection on the house tomorrow. Guess i'm glad I cleaned last week, not knowing this was occurring!

  13. Dayle definitely gets a gold star. My husband is in the dog house. :) I can't believe it is the last day of July. Despite everything, time just keeps flying right on by. Your flowers are all so pretty. Nice that you had a willing duster who paused his game to be there. Take care.

  14. Everyone is growing up so fast, time seems to be skipping ahead at warp speed. Stay safe Teresa.


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