Monday, July 27, 2020

Lily Time and Surprise Gift

Hello!  How was your weekend?  I am happy as my Stargazer Lilies are starting to open up.  It's one of my favorite flowers.

We have one really big pot of them and every year they faithfully grow.

Our garden is growing around our garden shed.  I have good news.  We have made arrangements for new blue metal roofs to be installed on the shed and our garage/barn sometime in August.  No more moss on their roofs!

Late afternoon sunshine on the shed.  The petunias Dayle planted in the window box pots are doing well and look so pretty.  My son Travis actually built the shelves for the pots for me many years ago.

Our Hollyhock is lazy and is leaning over.  :-)

I think our creeping myrtle needs taming.. it's taking over the pond.

I recently found a smaller wood box to keep some of my small things nearby.  It's made by Frye's and joins my bigger one I've had for years.  They are called Shaker boxes.

I got a surprise in the mail a few days ago, this is a darling needle keeper made by my blog friend Taci.  Isn't this wonderful and thoughtful?  I will get a lot of use out of this when I'm hand sewing.

See how the magnet holds your needle between threading?

It came in this cute little metal box.  What a treasure!  Thank you Taci!!  If you are interested in buying one, let me know.  

It was almost 100 degrees yesterday, I ventured outside to take a few photos and am in love with this Gladiola.

There is a bright red one beginning to bloom next to it which I'll get a photo of as soon as they open up.

Two of the sunflowers we planted are getting tall!  See them in the back right?  And on the left the tomatoes are almost as tall as our 10 feet tall windmill!

Farmer Dayle and our little girl resting on the deck.

So.  I twirl my hair and put it up with a barrette.. and the little pouf that sits on my head was getting a bit long.  So I decided to take my hair cutting scissors and just snip off the long strands.  Voila, I am now cutting my own hair!  I did my bangs next.  

Just look at Kristi's harvest from one day!  I'm so amazed and impressed!

Just something for you to think about.

And from Dan Rather.  

OK.. my work is done.. flowers, friends, fun things and... revolution.  LOL!!   ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I loved your garden tour... your flowers are beautiful. My sister has a stargazer that she loves. New tin roofs... exciting. I would love to have a tin roof. I hope things in your neck of the woods settle down soon. So scary...

  2. Your flowers are just gorgeous!!! You truly live in paradise.
    Your memes are spot on. When you have folks mad enough to tear stuff up it's the administration's job to solve the problem-not kill the messengers. Araignee

  3. Thanks for sharing photos of the wonderful flowers around you, Teresa! I am imagining how great the Star Lillies smell. The heat is definitely hard on my patio plants and my Sugar Snap Pea plants are at the end of their productive time, but I am grateful for the pods that grew. I'm glad Kristi is getting good crops from her garden. I have been trimming my hair much like your method. :) Thanks for letting us see Taci's lovely clever gift to you...a great idea! I'm praying for progress in peace and justice and wisdom in decision making for anyone in authority, and for treatments to end the pandemic and praying for blessings for you and yours. πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ§ΆπŸ€—

  4. Oh Kristy's produce is fantastic. Thanks for the garden happy lift πŸ’–πŸ’–

  5. Wow! Kristy's garden is doing amazing. I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful plants and flowers and the new roof on both building will really help with the moss issue.
    Taci's cute little needle holder is a wonderful gift and just perfect for you. Lucky lady!
    Take care my friend.

  6. Your flowers are lovely and I’m so glad you liked your little needle mi der. πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ˜˜

  7. Beautiful Stargazer Lily Teresa - and all your flowers are gorgeous! Metal roof - the rain will sound so nice on that. Your meme's are unfortunately so true. Scary times for sure. Love your little needle minder from Taci - so cute.

  8. It infuriates me to see the storm troopers in Portland...but the wall of moms, dads, and vets make me so proud!

  9. A wonderful tour of the garden to lift our spirits and the Kristi's harvest is a delight.

  10. All your flowers are just gorgeous...and you take such great pictures of them too! Kristi is good at growing things too...what a good crop of veggies from her garden. Sending you warmest wishes for a peaceful week dear Teresa XXX

  11. Wish the mayor, Ted Wheeler would get his act together and clean up Portland. So far it's been all talk and lawsuits. There has to be accountability for all the damage, destruction, burning, looting, not to mention the businesses that have had to close down for good. Poor tax paying citizens that have had to live in the area being terrorized every night by the not so peaceful protestors.

    1. My stance is that the protests were winding down and normalcy would have arrived quicker had the situation not been inflamed by the arrival of the paid bullies who have shot our young people, beaten veterans, breaking their bones, gassed pregnant moms, shot innocent protestors in the face for no reason. If you agree with how they behaved, then I'm sorry - I don't condone it.

  12. I so enjoy taking a spin around your lovely garden, Teresa! Your flowers don't seem to mind the 100 degree temperatures like mine do! The combination of the heat and humidity and lack of rain is quite disheartening to my gardens. I am happy to say we had a big storm this afternoon that bought bucket loads of rain!

  13. Today in breaking ( pun!) news, fed’s stormtrumpers start pulling out Thursday - tomorrow. PPD were making progress in singling out the violent white supremicists (sp?) and allowing the peaceful protesters their space when 45 decided to campaign on fear-mongering. ( Instead of providing leadership in a pandemic that has killed nearly 150,000 americans). I’ve had to field calls/texts from family and friends worried about us in Oregon. Having to explain that this 3 block area around the courthouse usually has a protest going. That portland was not burning and to watch a better array of news. Keep the news going, Teresa.

    I love how Taci fussy cut Multnomah Falls to create the needle minder for you. I love that fabric.

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous and I too have cut my hair, twice now. It is a mess and I keep trying to even it out. Stay safe Teresa.


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