Friday, July 24, 2020

Passing Time on the Farm

We're having rather fabulous weather.. sunny but not hot, no humidity.. perfect.  The Geraniums that Dayle brought out after wintering over in our basement are blooming well.  He's been doing that for a dozen years or so.

Our grandson Hayden asked if we had a few hours of work for him to earn $$ for his Xbox games.  Well of course we do!  I sat by the pond watching the fish and birds and pointed out weeds and blackberries that needed pulled. 

I also had him pull out some of the creeping myrtle ground-cover that was going a bit out of control

He also took the machete and chopped some blackberries that were invading the garden here and there.  He's heading home today but we've enjoyed having him with us.

Hayden took this photo for me with my phone.  Scentimental rose.

Keiko swam up in a beam of sunlight so I snapped this photo of him.  Some bees were buzzing about so Mocha tried to catch one and started jumping around and rubbing her nose on the deck so it looked like she got a bee bite.  Poor baby!

I count my blessings to have acreage where we can have a pond and fish and enough room to feed the birds, they use our creek for drinking water and bathing, too.

I clicked .5 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max which is the wide angle lens which gives a broader photo from where I sat in my rocking chair.

I watch the planes fly over, feed the fish, watch the birds... Dayle was doing some weed whacking and mowing.

Since I completed the 2 cross-stitch projects I decided to pick up my granddaughter Paige's blanket that I need to finish.  Speaking of which, she called me yesterday and so I got to chat with her and Jenna who were playing with their "Switch" - a handheld game.  I sure do miss my granddaughters!

This is my Lucy inspired Dune Blanket.  I made a big one for myself, a lap size one for Jenna and this is my 3rd, another lap size one for Paige.  I chose my own colors for this one.. the bottom sand colors for the beach, sea colors, sunset ones and sky.  

My dear husband made a Costco run and surprised me with this pretty bouquet.

I like the mixed flowers and colors.

I got a text from Ginger who owns the Bates Lavender Farm across the street and she offered me some lavender to make a wreath with so I said, sure, would you like a dozen eggs?  Dayle walked over a bit ago to pick them up while I worked on my blog post.  

I wish you could smell the house right now!

I'm going to make a wreath with them, hopefully I will be able to show you the end result on Monday.

My dear one.. and Dayle.  :-)


The conflict in downtown continues.  Our Mayor, Ted Wheeler, went down to talk to the demonstrators trying to show support for their 1st amendment rights to protest.. and while he was there Trump's gestapo sprayed OUR MAYOR with tear gas!  They also were dragging off women from the #Wallofmoms!  Then they doused the medical supplies used on the victims of Trump's thugs with pepper spray and also doused all the food and kitchen items being used to feed the demonstrators.  

Our so-called president is attacking US citizens in our city.  Now he's sending them to other states with Democrat leadership.  Never in my life did I ever think someone elected to the highest office in our country would launch such an attack on his political enemies and his own citizenry in our country.  

And before you tell me he's justified in doing this because of vandalism to the businesses downtown, yes, there is graffiti and some broken windows, and I do not condone that.  But I maintain that our city can take care of itself and our police are not as aggressive and downright evil as these bullies he's sent to beat us into submission.  We will not bow down and give up on our city and our country.

And so.. :-)  Back to crocheting.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Beautiful yard & pond. Yep, this upheaval is far beyond the pale. Very,very scary times. It’s just got to get better somehow

  2. Thank you for sharing wonderful photos of the beauty around you on Rose Hollow Place Kasner Farm, Teresa. I have not ever tried to form a lavender wreath and I hope you will show us how you form yours. I started my blog and started following other blogs to share my interest in creatively crafting and to escape from the harsher realities of life, but the harsher realities of life inevitably are reflected in my posts and others in our imperfect world. Sigh...
    At the moment I am pondering the counsel of the One I also claim to follow first. He does not have a blog that I know of but in a book that bears record of words He spoke I just read, "But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.""Love your enemies! Do good to them...and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked. You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate." I need the grace of God to understand what that means and how I can do it...I will ponder it more while I crochet a bit :) Happy Weekend! ((hugs))

  3. Your farm is quite charming. I agree it is without precedent what Trump is doing. It’s absolutely frightening and
    appalling. We can only hope November brings a change.

  4. Lovely Hayden busy helping so neat. Gorgeous garden and nice to see as always.Hugs Teresa xoxo

  5. It was fun to sit by your pond and watch the fish and Mocha and Hayden while he worked! :-). How lucky you are to have some of your grandchildren close by who are willing to help you two. AND you got to talk to your girls too. What a wonderful day for you Teresa. I know how much that means to you.
    I hope you show us how you craft the lavender wreath. I've never seen how that's done. Of course, now I have no lavender because it has gone with the house.
    Take care my dear friend.

  6. You are blessed with a beautiful garden and it is such a joy that your Grandson helps you to maintain it. The lavender is a delight I hope you share how you make the wreath. The bouquet was a delight so nice of Dayle to surprise you. Take care.

  7. I love seeing your garden, it is so established and magical. Hang in there with the blanket. Jo x

  8. I so envy your beautiful weather. This is the time of year that I curse my ancestors for getting on that boat and leaving England. It is miserable here and will be now until October. I might as well have three feet of snow on the ground because I'm stuck inside.
    I am as angry as you are with what is happening in Portland. He did this to us here in DC in June. He needs to go. I am very happy to see Biden signs popping up everywhere even though I am convinced he will cheat to win again.

  9. The absolute horror of The Orange One and his brown shirts is beyond my comprehension. We must make him pay for his lawlessness! Love your blog, and your pictures are beautiful.

  10. It looks so peaceful at yours Teresa...but I am appalled to read what is going on in your town though, how awful! Stay safe, hugs xxx

  11. Yes, your land is a peaceful haven for you and your family, Teresa. How lucky you are! I have worried about the troops sent to Portland and I was glad to read your opinion about this. I live in a suburb of Chicago so troops may be coming our way too. I cannot believe that these things are allowed to happen again. I see the old films from the 60s when peaceful protestors were attacked by police and troops and cannot believe we haven't made progress from those sad days. I hope one day soon we will see "liberty and justice for ALL"! Stay safe, Teresa!

  12. Your home and property is so lovely, Teresa. I read about the unbelievable situation in Portland. I stand in disbelief. I'm so sad for our country--there are no words to describe these acts of aggression by our government.....

  13. Teresa, 100 days to THE Election. I have my BIDEN signs in my driveway. I will be working for the local Democratic Office's efforts this week again. You know how lost I Felt after the Barn closed to COVID, and you were so helpful with my sorting it out. Now ,i know that I was headed to work for the Election of Joe Biden to the Presidency. In whatever small ways I can help.
    I love each and every photo you share with us!

  14. It must be absolutely glorious to be able disconnect from the outside world on your extensive homestead. The gardens look so beautiful I can just imagine how relaxing it must be to sit outside and contemplate all that beauty! Totally disturbing all what the news tells me about the situation in the US! I really feel for all my blogfriends in the USA!! Gorgeous lavander and flowers but what particularly caught my eye were the candlesticks.....very nice!! Keep well Amanda :)

  15. This is a sign of a man and a administration who are losing their minds, literally. "Person. woman, man, camera, TV!" How anyone can vote for him when this is just one of the many despicable things he has done is beyond me. As for those with such religious convictions, God does not want someone who hurts men, women, and children in office. God, loves everyone, and that includes young children separated from their parents, women who have been abused by this man, women kidnapped and put in unmarked vehicles like we have seen the past few day. It is like the civil rights movement allover again, using force to gain control and making things much worse. Stay safe Teresa.

  16. It is so nice that you have a peaceful place to be while there is chaos around you. I am so sad for you and everyone who are being bullied and beaten by our president. I applaud you and your neighbors for not bowing down to his despicable tactics and I pray for your safety.

  17. Thank you for this post Teresa.
    I am in agreement with what you've said about what's happening in our country.
    It's just awful.

    Your crochet colors are so pretty. I'm sure your granddaughter will love it.


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