Monday, August 3, 2020

Finished Wreath and Weekend Fotos

Well, hello there.  How was your weekend?  Ours was a good one.  It cooled down on Sunday so we worked together under the gazebo to get the lavender wreath finished.  I made 2 bows, a darker purple satin one and this lighter lavender polka dot one.  I liked this best as the dark purple made the lavender itself look dull colored.  I learned to make bows like this from a kitchenware and decor shop I used to frequent.  You need to use wire edged ribbon to get this effect.

Here is what it looked like with the brighter purple.

And this is where I have it displayed, on the TV cabinet in the family room.  It's scenting the air so nicely.

Dayle making sprigs of lavender while I glued them to the wreath.  

I was offered the lavender by Ginger who grows the flowers across the road from us, she knew I did crafty things and thought I might like to make one.  Sure!  I borrowed this image from her website, Bates Lavender Farm.  Click there to order wonderful things from their site.

Dayle brought in a bouquet of Dahlias, as all of them are now in bloom.  Many were a gift from our neighbor Sue so each one that bloomed was a surprise to us!  :-)

A few closeups.

Now that is done I'm back to working on Paige's Dune blanket which I want to be able to send off to her asap.

On Saturday I made avocado toast for lunch for us and it was so good I made it again for us for dinner!  :-)  I just peeled and mashed 2 perfectly ripe avocados, added a bit of mayonnaise, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of Nunus, a Cajun seasoning.  We had it atop toasted and buttered English muffins.  YUM!

My obligatory fish foto.

This Canna lily comes back each year in the pot that sits down in the creek water.  It takes forever for it to put out a bloom, but luckily the foliage is interesting.

Another plant in the water that returns each year is this Baby Tut Papyrus behind the pagoda lantern.

Our grandson Michael got a good buy on an old truck so he and his friends pulled in to show it to us.  Just a quick hello and off they went again.  

This Gladiola opened up.. WOW.. a gorgeous bright red!

The fish food stealing bird in action.  :-)

We watched the re-entry and splashdown of the NASA-SpaceX Crew Dragon.  Very exciting and a relief to see them return safely from a 2 month stay in the International Space Station.

There he is.. it's either Bob or Doug!  :-)

So.. when I went to create this blog post I was surprised to see that Blogger had changed *everything* in the work area, kind of like a backstage.  I hope this works!  Let me know if everything is coming through ok.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Your post has come through fine to me!! Impressive lavender wreath and your room must be smelling really wonderful!! I prefer the polka dot ribbon too! Your garden... what can I say it always looks so fabulous. I imagine there is something marvallous to see which ever way you turn! Your Dune blanket is coming along really well and I do like the pretty combination of colours. Keep well Amanda x

  2. Your lavender wreath is beautiful! I love the polka dot bow, and how generous of your neighbor to share with you. And your flowers just make me smile, they are gorgeous.

  3. I want MIcheals Truck so badly!!! Let me know how it hold up. How many miles on it?
    Hugs to you and Dayle!
    lovely photos

  4. Your post seems to have come through fine. Love your lavender wreath and those dahlias are simply gorgeous. All so different and so colorful. I love avocado toast - it's good with bacon on top!!

  5. Ahhh you survived the updated Blogger format, too! I could not figure out how to sequence the photos the way I wanted. Your post is lovely! I prefer the pale purple bow on your beautiful wreath also. Well done you two! Thanks for sharing some of the highlights of your good weekend with us. love and hugs :)

  6. Thankfully I use the Blogger App on my iPad and they haven't changed it...yet. Your lavender wreath turned out beautifully. I think you made a great choice on the bow. Dayle makes a great assistant. :-) The dahlia's are gorgeous. They have become one of my favorite flowers. I hope we end up somewhere I can plant a bed of them. Paige's Dune blanket is coming right along. It looks like you're near the finish line on it. It was so sweet of Michael to come show you his "new" truck. Boys and their trucks. Dennis sure loves his too. I hope it stays cooler for you. We were 17 degrees cooler than today we were last Friday and it was still 85F! Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 90's again and then a gradual cool down to 79 by Friday. That will feel wonderful.
    Take care and tell Dayle hi for us.

  7. Love the lavender and all those dahlias were beautiful. The fish food stealing bird made me smile :) Hope the week goes well. B x

  8. One of things I miss the most about this pandemic stuff is avocado toast. We was a staple here but I can't have delivery folks picking out my avocados. I'm picky.
    Your wreath is glorious!! It must smell so wonderful. Araignee

  9. Your wreath looks great - good job! Those dahlias are really beautiful - so many different varieties but each one lovely. You had lots to share today. Thanks!

  10. Your wreath is gorgeous. I started following your blog a few months ago, don't comment much but have so been enjoying your posts, your gorgeous flowers and your stories.

  11. Your blog looks lovely as usual, Teresa. I adore your lovely lavender wreath! Lavender is a favorite of mine. I need to visit your friends site. The dahlias are wonderful. Your grandson must be proud of his new wheels. How nice he drove by to show it to you and Dayle. I'm thinking of you both this week, especially. Prayers for good outcomes.

  12. The wreath is beautiful, I can almost smell it from here.
    The toast looks yummy. Beautiful Dahlias. Hugs Anne x

  13. Beautiful Teresa and made my day happy. Have not tried new blog posting yet. So bad in Victoria here in Oz 😯😯

  14. Your lavender wreath is absolutely beautiful, Teresa! How made it look so perfect and I can just imagine the gorgeous scent. Lots of lovely pictures in your post too. XXX

  15. My blog is a mess, things printing out in blue and underlined. The photos are not the right size. I have no idea what is going on. Love your wreaths they are gorgeous.


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