Monday, October 12, 2020

A Little Retail Therapy

A jadeite pumpkin has come to live at our house.  It will fit in well with my other glass pumpkins, don't you think?  I've been stressed out with Dayle's radiation, his eye surgeries and mine, so I have been keeping myself occupied with a bit of eBay and Etsy trolling.  I tell my husband that I don't buy expensive shoes or clothes, don't drink or do drugs, don't have other vices.  Right?  :-)  (okay, we won't mention yarn.. )

This Westmoreland Glass Co. piece grabbed me so.. I snatched it up.  It was listed as a candy dish.  Then a woman on Jadeite Junkies, a Facebook group, told me it was a sugar bowl and I should look for the creamer.  Those are rare as hens teeth, but in my research I found a cobalt sugar and creamer and this is not a sugar.. and looking further.. it's a butter dish!  I was concerned it would not make it in one piece but it did.  

The design is called Ring & Petal.

I have decided I need to box up my vintage set of Johnson dishes and clear more space in my china cabinet for the Jadeite.  :-)

And lest you think I have a "problem".. check out this person's collection.  :-)

I laid out my whole set of mother-of-pearl handled knives and forks.  They did not make spoons for some reason.  I need to shine these up.  Any suggestions on how to do it?

I have two different kinds of each, see the different designs on the ferrule?

Remember when I showed you this fairy light a while back?  The FB Marketplace seller found another one and so we drove and picked it up on Saturday as I thought a pair of them would be nice.  :-D 

They are pretty in the day, too.

Dayle just brought in this cute pair of acorn "twins".  Our huge Pin Oak has dropped thousands of these.

My very first grandchild, Jenna, has turned 16!!  She is such a sweet and thoughtful girl and loves animals.  I miss her so much!!  She's an artist so my daughter Amy ordered a birthday cake with artsy decorations.  :-)

Here is Paige who is 12 who is on the cheer team for her school.  She is a little doll and Facetimes with me on occasion which I love.  She's quite the fashionista and loves to play with makeup.  :-)

Well.. time to do.. something.. :-)  I'm still nursing my back but I'm sure I will be able to do our trip to the beach.. I am determined to do so.  What's new with you?  Do share!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Oh those girls have grown so much and stunning. Wow what a collection that other person has.....I seem to be buying fabric a bit lately for sewing clothes lol Always nice to visit you Teresa xoxo

  2. You have made some wonderful finds!!
    All I can think of when I see that collection is that someone has to dust it. Lol...
    Your granddaughters are lovely. I wish I could manage one. I love my grandsons but there is nothing like a granddaughter. I would love to knit something little and pink for a change. Araignee

  3. aw your grands all seem like great people who we need in this crazy world. You've been through a lot Teresa. I'm glad you are going after those amazing green works of art. That pumpkin!!!!! Oh my! I hope I have helped your hobby of green glass!!!!!! Dont tell Dayle on me

  4. Darling grand girls, Teresa. And your jadeite collection is lovely--especially the butter dish! Wow. These are such stressful times. I try to take one day at time. Stay safe and get better, my friend.

  5. Lovely to see your Grand Girls growing beautifully so fast! Ah ha, so kathy b has been helping you find green glass! The pumpkin is especially admirable to me. I still have the acorns I gathered on trips across the river with you, and I enjoy seeing the pretty ones Dayle just brought in for you. This morning when I looked out on the patio the wind had blown down the Morning Glory trellises!😯So this afternoon Elisabeth came over and helped me lift them back up and helped me with a few other things around here...I am so grateful to her! πŸƒπŸ‚❤️

  6. So much to comment on today. First of all the girls are so beautiful and grown up. The cake is perfect for an artist. My granddaughter Kyleigh loves to draw too and is 15 1/2, I'll bet they would get along well and I love Jenna's shirt too. Paige is darling in her cheer outfit. I can't believe they are that old already. We've been friends for quite awhile!!!
    I absolutely love your new jadeite pieces. The pumpkin is really cute but my favorite is the butter dish.
    The fairy lites are beautiful too. Someday when I have a "real" home again I'll have to start collecting all over again! :-)
    Would you use silver cleaner for your silverware? It's so pretty. The handles almost glow.
    When will you go to the beach. Dennis and I were just talking yesterday and hoping we can take our little trailer to the coast next year. We're missing the ocean a lot. It's been over a year since we were there. Is the air getting better over your way? We've had a couple of days of rain so it's much better here.
    Take care my dear friend and tell Dayle hi for Dennis.

  7. Your new jadeite is lovely, the pumpkin is amazing, I love the curled stalk. And it's just the right size to sit with your crocheted pumpkins. Well done on finding the matching light, it's so pretty and lovely to have a pair of them. I hope you and Dayle are on the mend now. Good to have the treatment and surgeries behind you both. CJ xx

  8. Your Grandaughters are beautiful Teresa, sending birthday wishes. Loved you new additions to your collection, a little retail therapy does you good.

  9. The jadeite pumpkin is beautiful, but so is the Ring and Petal Butter Dish. I would be afraid to use it. Your ruby fairy lights will certainly make a statement during the Christmas festivities. And Jenny end Paige are sure lovely girls. Your posts are always just full of fun stuff!!

  10. A little bit of retail therapy can go a long way to make us feel good! I love your new butter dish, very elegant. I did some shopping, too. I treated myself to two new essential oils for my oil burner. Grapefruit and geranium. I like nice scents at this time of year. Have a lovely week x

  11. Love all you china and glass. I think the jadeite will look great. The pumpkin is precious. Keep safe, Christine

  12. While hunting for things to fit a collection can be exhausting, finding the perfect piece is what keeps you coming back, yes? My husband had a set of plates we called the 'daisy plates' because of the design. We mailed what he had and did not wrap them very well...sigh. But then we started hunting in the antique stores because although they are from the mid-60's on at the time we started looking they were beginning to popup because (probably) original owners had died and kids did not want them. We hit the jackpot and got plates (of 2 sizes), 2 sizes of bowls, cups and saucers, serving bowls in 3 sizes, gravy boat, salt/pepper, butter dish, serving plates in 2 sizes and mugs. The only thing we didn't find which he really wanted were the large-ish bowls he likes for cereal. We only have 3 of those. :)

  13. Love your beautiful jadeite pumpkin! And the butter dish too. How lovely your grand daughters are and what a wonderful birthday cake for an artist. I hope your back gets better soon and that you enjoy your up coming trip. Take care dear Teresa XXX

  14. That's a lot of Jadite items. Glad you enjoy them. Nice silverware. Not sure why there's no spoons! I am going to make applesauce this afternoon. Adorable granddaughters you have. I liked make up when I was in junior high. Used πŸ’„ lipstick. All I was allowed to use back then. More in high school ..mascara. Hope your back feels better soon. Take care :') Becky

  15. You are finding lots of treasures! Your granddaughters are adorable!


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