Friday, October 9, 2020

It's Done

.. and I lived.  Up at 4 am.  Ugh.  A bunch of eye drops, 3 sticks to get my IV in.  Argh.   My eye doctor is neat though, he calls me Terri.  He did his thing and it's now 11:40 am and we got home by 9 am.   My "new" eye is fuzzy but here I am.. like a true professional blogger.. (lol).. doing my thing.  

Our new fridge was delivered and installed yesterday.  It was fun to find that the ice-maker makes cute little cubes.  Not much bigger than dice.  

See how small they are?

I snapped a photo of the guys moving in the big fridge.

The inside.. I wish it would remain this spotless forever.

When we were clearing things off the old fridge we took down my precious spice cabinet.  Right after we got married I asked my dear stepfather if he'd make me a spice cabinet and he did and sent it to me from Oregon to Louisiana.  We married far away from home and friends and we did not get even one wedding present.  So, this is special to me.  I think I will put my collection of salt and pepper shakers in it.  I gave it a good scrubbing.

My stepfather's real name was Max but when he met my mom he gave her a fake name, Danny French.  She called him Frenchie.  Then introduced him to all of us as Danny, which remained what we kids and grandkids called him.  Turned out he was married when they met, but he fell for my mom, divorced his wife and married mom.  How's that for a story?  We all loved him.  He was handsome, a cross between John Wayne and Paul Newman.  He was great to me and my little sister, I was 15 and she was 12.  The note he wrote on the back of this cabinet brings tears to my eyes.

I got my Christmas issue of Victoria and many happy moments yesterday slowly savoring the beautiful magazine.  

Beautiful trees and homes.

This is a historic home on the San Francisco, CA peninsula.  

Look at this amazing room.

It also has extensive gardens.

They have a tea each year to raise funds to care for the estate.

I love how they set the tables and show a delightful array of goodies.

Wouldn't you love to be a guest at this sumptuous table?

Well.. time to rest my new eye.  At least now they will both work together.  It was hard when I had one new lens and one old cataract one.  Any fun plans for the weekend?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Very glad that your eye op is over and done with.Quite amazing actually that it was finished at 9am and you were back on your feet at midday! Personally I am a terrible coward and any treatment whether doctors or dentist is a big trauma for me. Glorious...just glorious to have such a plush new fridge! I love these glimpses of the inside of your house. It is fascinating.....there is something to admire in every corner of each snapshot. I was viewing the video clip of the Heron....big...isn't he...looks like he could bore his way through those panels on the pond with that vicious looking beak. Good for Mocha defender of the homestead. Take care Amanda x

  2. Glad your op went well . Hope it settles down for you very soon . Your fridge is so big ! Wowie ! :)

  3. So glad the surgery is done and has gone well. Amazing photos in your magazine, especially that room and garden. The new fridge is fabulous, I love it. I hope you have a good weekend and are able to rest up and take it a bit easy. CJ xx

  4. Happy to hear your eye surgery went well. That must be a relief. Your stepdad must be related because every one of my dad's family members had an alternate name. My dad Walter was Teeny. His brother George was Sonny, his brother Willis was Buck and his sister Sarah was Esther (?). My grandfather's name was Jeremiah but they thought he was Jerry Myers. My dad's middle name is Myers because of that mix up. We found all this out when we did the family tree on Ancestry. Weird family. Araignee

  5. Hooray your eyes are done!! I love that magazine. What a beautiful thing to treat your sore eyes to Teresa! Happy for you. Dont' over doit

  6. I saw a blue glass turkey , two piece ? butter dish today at an auction. It was kind of cool. Look what you may have started...

  7. So glad that your surgery went well and that your eyes will soon be working together again. Loved the photos from your magazine... even though I have a strict policy of no Christmas until at least Halloween is over!! Happy weekend!

  8. Very glad eye op went well but said that on fb ❤❤ Lots of pretty photos in your mag. LOVE your spice cabinet ❤❤❤❤ so special indeed. We have seen that gorgeous red head Jaylen pics in my blog ☺☺

  9. I'm glad that all went well with your eye surgery and I hope when you wake up tomorrow it will be clear and pain-free. Your doctor sounds great!
    Your new fridge is a lot like the one we had at the house after we moved in. I loved having the freezer down below. You're in the refrigerator part a lot more than the freezer so it's nice having it more at eye level. Neat little cubes too.
    Your spice cabinet is so special. I can see why you want to put it somewhere it can be seen with your salt & pepper shaker collection. The writing is perfect and I enjoyed hearing the story of your family.
    That magazine is wonderful. The photos are amazing. So beautiful. I can't believe Christmas is just 2 1/2 months away. I'm not ready for it at all. Jamie & the kids are planning to come to Spokane so we'll probably get a hotel room for them. Hello to Dayle and Mocha.
    Blessings and hugs,

  10. Hi Teresa. So glad the eye is done and you back at home. I shudder at thought of being up that early!!!!
    What beautiful photos.
    I am sad you didn't have a single wedding present but the spice rack is beautiful.
    My that fridge looks huge!
    I have to tell you that last night I dreamt of Jadeite (sp) lol think I was admiring all your lovely pieces. A much nicer dream than some I could have in the present climate! Take care. Anne x

  11. Thrilled all went well and that you are home safe and sound. What a wonderful spice cabinet made with love and filled with love and memories. Loved the magazine, all those goodies made my mouth water and ready to start putting a list together.

  12. Glad your surgery is finished. Hope you recover quickly! It is so nice out here (Illinois) so I should spend time out in the yard pulling weeds but...
    I might just go for a nice hike! (or maybe both if I am good!) Have a peaceful day, Teresa!

  13. I am so glad your eye surgery went well! Being able to see the beauty around us like in your spice rack and Victoria magazine is precious, isn't it. I am waiting to hear how a friend who had open heart surgery on Thursday is doing and how another friend who had surgery Friday is doing. Having working appliances like your new fridge is so good, too, isn't it...I am especially appreciating mine since getting the washer and dryer replaced recently! Love and ((hugs)) to you, dear Teresa

  14. So glad to hear your eye surgery went well, Teresa or is it Terri? Love your new refrigerator! Ours is 23 years old and it scares me to think that! The handmade spice cabinet is precious. I'm so glad it was signed. Such a sweet message. I haven't received my Victoria Christmas issue yet. Don't you just love that magazine? Take care and enjoy your weekend resting.

  15. Here's to speedy healing for you, Teresa! Enjoy that new fridge, and thank you for sharing the story of the spice rack. What a precious gift.

    Those homes in the magazine are beyond beautiful.


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