Friday, October 16, 2020

Decorating for Halloween

I finally got the table decorated for Halloween!  I actually need to rearrange things but it's a start.  The centerpiece is a vintage jadeite Aladdin lamp that has come to live with us.  


I will be taking a few pieces to the beach with us.  I got this tablecloth a year or so ago and I love it.  It's got a charcoal background with stars on it and a great border of vintage Halloween images.

Our lantern sets the mood.  :-)

This lantern just glows when the sun shines on it.

There are cherubs on the lampshade.

The other side.

I set my Jadeite pumpkin in the sunshine and loved how it glows.

We hung my cute little lady skeleton on the light fixture.  

I think the jadeite goes well with all the orange.  :-)

My little ceramic trick-or-treaters in front of the dark picket fence with pumpkins in front.  

Dayle picked up a bowl of acorns for me.. all of these were on the deck which was clean the day before!!

I think acorns are so cute.

The recent rain perked up my Hot-lips Salvia!

I am in love with this flower.

In my Jadeite collection I have Jane Ray and Alice plates but did not have a Laurel dish.  But now I do!

See how it glows?  Now I need a cup and saucer to match.  :-D

We got our mail in ballots day before yesterday and we mailed them yesterday.  I am trusting the USPS to get them where they need to go.  They will email me when they receive them.  I do hope our country will have a more positive leader elected and we can begin to heal from 4 years of chaos and negativity.

Well.. I need to get ready for a Zoom board meeting for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  My first online meeting.  I hope it goes better than I feel it will.  

Have a wonderful weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Lovely, the sun shining through the jadeite is beautiful. And your skeleton is fantastic! Acorns are one of my favourites, the shape is so satisfying somehow. There is a cottage round the corner with a lovely big brass acorn door knocker, which knocks against a brass oak leaf, it's fantastic. Hope you and Dayle are well and that you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  2. Your decorations are wonderful! We have two grands coming for a sleepover tomorrow so I'm going to let them decorate! Happy weekend!

  3. Super decorations Teresa. We don't really do Halloween. It all looks fun though. Hope the result of election is what you want. Thanks for visiting my blog and I agree with you. Anne x

  4. Oh, my word!!! That skeleton is just too cute. I was just saying to The Mister that I was wondering where people got them. So many people in town have them in their yards this year doing all kinds of crazy things. Araignee

  5. LOVE all your decorations Teresa! So wonderful. I'm envious of your tablecloth - lol. And your jadite is all so pretty. And I love your bowl of acorns...I may have to steal that idea! BTW, I just found a bunch of your comments on my blog in my spam folder! What's up with that? I do appreciate your commenting and I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge them. Hope you and Dayle are doing well. Happy weekend!

  6. Always love your decorations Teresa. Mine are like halloween all year because I like bats skulls and witches. We have just been on our seaside trip and have done a couple of posts today and recently. No comments any more but oh well lol

  7. I brought acorns home from Nebraska once and put them in a nice dish on my one told me they had tiny little bugs that loved my warm house and the next day the bowl was covered with them. The squirrels were very happy to dispose of them for me

  8. Your jadeite glowing in the light is so pretty to see, along with your flowers and acorns. I hope your online meeting went well. We have some glitches in the meetings I have participated in, but I am grateful for the technology that lets us communicate in this way. 2020 has challenged me to be braver in connecting with Zoom and FaceTime! Joy to you and yours in the days ahead.❤️🤗

  9. That lantern is so pretty. Is it new to your collection or new to your Halloween table? My favorites that I see are your Jadeite pumpkin and the trick or treaters, (so cute!)
    I hope the ZOOM meeting went well. We have Bible study on Thursday nights over ZOOM and have since April. Now that we all know we have to take turns talking because only one person can talk at a time, it goes really, really well.
    I wish we were taking our little trailer to the beach with you! I'm jealous.

  10. Your Halloween decor is a delight and the jadeite just enhances the beauty of your display. Have a wonderful break away.

  11. Your decorations are so lovely! You are good at finding those jadeite treasures! How nice to the the sun shining in making your decorations sparkle. Have a nice weekend!

  12. Your Jadeite items are pretty! I was able to get some dahlia flowers at Trader Joes this afternoon. For myself and pumpkin sticks for a friend that had surgery this week. It will be good as she already has flowers from her sister. It was foggy half way through Salem today, wipers on. Weekend is good so far, even though I got up early to go to an in person event southbound. It was fun to see 3 friends. Holiday catalog event from Young Living. Their website went down and still can't get into it...hopefully soon! It's nice outdoors. Going on a walk in a bit! Have a good weekend. Yes, I am voting this weekend as well. God Bless America!!
    Becky x------x

  13. I love all the Jade. And I love miss Skeleton. Do tell us how Multonomah Falls meeting goes. As of forever, I don't think we are going back to the barn . They have been saying things like "unfortunately we have to begin to mask again due to the rule of law: What?? People are dying!!!! I cannot forgive the train of thought. Also my tailbone still bothers me after Rose the horse ran me down in Feb. I loved it there so much....but all things happen for a reason.

  14. Hi Teresa, I'm loving your Halloween table, so pretty. Glad to see you are keeping well. Stay safe, hugs xx

  15. Those three little ceramic trick-or-treaters are so sweet. Their little expressions just make me smile inside. I love acorns too. We have many huge oak trees so each autumn brings tons of them. There are lots this year, but last year we had the most I've ever seen.

  16. All your decorations are so lovely. The jadeite is particularly pretty. After everything that's happened this year, we definitely need some good news come November. Take care.

  17. Just love your Halloween décor! The lamp and plate are just splendid. I had to get a new laptop yesterday when mine finally gave up trying to turn on, so I had to re-enter all my favorite blogs and I was going nuts until I finally remembered yours! Happy Fall!


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