Monday, November 16, 2020

Chicken Soup and Sourdough Bread

My sister Denise has really been enjoying the sourdough starter I gave her and has made lots of bread, crackers, biscuits, etc.  She showed me her latest bread and shared which recipe she used - from King Arthur flour website.  So, I showed Chef Dayle and he whipped up this beauty.  It's wonderful as just a few ingredients, flour, active sourdough starter, water and salt.  No added yeast.  Isn't it a beauty?

It's baked inside our big turquoise Le Creuset French oven and you line it with parchment paper so there isn't even any clean-up.

I showed my sister the inside and I thought it had too many holes and she informed me that this is the way it's supposed to look.  :-)  The taste test was positive.. it's delicious!!  Crusty exterior and toothsome inside.. yummy.

Then our chef made a big pot of chicken soup - with carrots, onion (from our garden), green beans, potatoes, peas, celery and corn.. plus noodles.. and chicken!

4 meals from this big pot of soup.. with bread and Irish butter on the side.  :-P

We decided that we needed a lamp to brighten up the lefthand corner of the living room.  So, Dayle started doing a search on FB MP (marketplace) for a vintage piece.  He showed me several and we finally agreed on one and picked it up on Sunday.

It looks just right in there and goes well with the pitcher and bowl my friend Shirley gave me for my birthday a few years back.  :-)  Oh.. and Betsy.. I got that vintage book for your granddaughter Piper, I need to send it to you, my friend Bev gave it to me to give to you!  :-)

A close-up of the hand-painted roses on the lampshade.

The Christmas Cactus aka Schlumbergera bridgessii is is bloom - this one is very special to me as I rescued it from my mother's room in her assisted living facility not long before she passed away.  It was dried up to the point of dying and I brought it home, put it in my garden window and watered it.  It rallied and put out buds and these amazing flowers bloomed.  I felt it was my mother reaching out from the beyond to say hello.  :-)

This big pot of 3 colors of the plant is right behind me.. looking over me.  Oh how I love growing things in my home.

Remember the little houses and trees I showed you the other day?  I actually thought that the little houses could be lit with tea light candles but when they arrived I was disappointed to see no hole in the back.. so I put on my thinking cap and ordered some tiny "firefly" lights and poked them into the houses while wrapping the wire around the trees.  I like the lighted effect on them.

I had to share this t-shirt design.. I can so relate to this.  LOL!

And this happened yesterday and it is so exciting!  What an amazing thing to do.  We have LIFT OFF!

That's it for me.. I have a bowl of soup and a slice of bread calling to me.  I hope your week ahead will be great and be safe!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. The bread looks brilliant, that's all I put in my bread these days as well, sourdough is amazing stuff isn't it. I love your new lamp, your living room is gorgeous, so cosy and welcoming. And nice job on the little twinkling tree lights too. CJ xx

  2. Ooh fabulous bread Teresa and that soup looks delish. Lucky you 😀😀
    Very pretty lamp and fun looking Betsy book

  3. That bread looks perfect. I have been working on my sourdough skills for the past few months. Mine don't look quite that good, but I continue to bake! lol

  4. Oh, that bread! It is perfect with all of the holes. I have read that the more holes, the better the bread is. The soup looks delicious too. Yum. I wish I could stop by and beg for a bowl. I think I may make some Split pea soup tomorrow.
    The lamp looks perfect in your living room. It matches the pitcher and bowl so well. And as for the book, how sweet is that? Piper will love it. She is a bookworm just like all of our kids. Kyleigh and Caleb always lug books around with them to!
    I'm not sure if you have my new mailing address though. Let me know. :-) Please tell Bev thank you for me. It was sweet of her to think of Piper.

  5. Such a handsome loaf Dayle made! Along with that nice soup, I'd be a happy camper. Your lamp looks great. You find the neatest things. Have a great week.

  6. Thanks for posting, Teresa! The "firefly" lights are a brilliant addition to your mantel, and please imagine I am smiling back at your dear reflection smiling at me from the mirror. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers, pretty new lamp and yummy looking bread and soup as well. Peace and love to you and yours. ((hugs))

  7. Dear me I am a little behind about replying to comments and posts! It is all the fault of that stupid blog list not editing. I missed your last post...tch!! I have spent too much time on trying to find out what was the end it is something to do with the javascript and the widget on blogger. I did want to say as I collect jugs I literally drooled when I saw your fabulous jadeite jug on your previous post! Setting up the lights behind those white china houses makes them look extra special... great idea!! Hello to you also Teresa or to your reflection in the mirror :-) beautiful new lamp just in the right setting. The bread and soup looks really delicious! I was thinking the other day I really need to learn how to make corn bread and as an extension of that thought using corn in soup or stews! keep well Amanda x

  8. LOVE the tee shirt!! LOL. Your bread and the soup look delicious. But, I will confess to being in the minority. I do not like sour dough bread!! I know it's just about sacrilegious to say that - LOL. Your Christmas cactus is so pretty too.

  9. Boy, I sure wish I had a Chef Dayle:) Everything Dayle cooks or bakes looks absolutely delicious. I really like your little houses and trees with the lights.

  10. Hello Teresa. The bread and soup look so yummy. Love the lamp and of course your little ceramic houses - look so,so pretty. My Christmas Cactus is in flower. A dear friend gave it to me from cuttings she took. Stay safe. Anne x

  11. I so want that very bread. YUM!!!! Too many carbs :( Your soup looks so delicious. And it is funny because we just bought a lamp for our dark corner,
    Yours is perfect with that other antique!!!
    I'm only having air plants indoors. I hope THEY live!

  12. The bread and soup look delicious, yummy. The lap is a real delight and the houses all lit up are stunning. You are blessed with a beautiful home.

  13. Your posts are as full of warmth, and goodness as that amazing looking soup and bread!

  14. dayle - way to go!
    teresa - i read an article about the launch and reaching the space station and i started sobbing. space travel makes me very emotional! or maybe it's just the year 2020??
    peace and love from pdx,


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